[TNA] Dusty Rhodes No Longer Booker


Dusty Rhodes opted out as TNA’s head booker. He stepped down after being presented with the option to book TNA’s upcoming PPV “Hard Justice” with as part of a group. Rhodes will remain with the company and will continue to be the on air “Director of Authority.”

According to TNA sources, Rhodes’ stepping down wasn’t a big shock. TNA had been building for this moment and Rhodes, as a single booker, was replaced by guys like Jeremy Borash, Bill Banks, and Scott D’Amore, as a committee.

To fans, this comes to no shock as Rhodes has had his power cut more and more in recent weeks. Some of Dusty’s storylines and characters were dropped after Destination X. It has been said that Rhodes has been showing up to the Impact! tapings as a follower and not a leader.

Credit: PWInsider.Com