MTV Mix – Volume 8

We add another show this week to an already LOADED Thursday night. I do have one night free, though. At least for a week. So 7 shows all together on 3 nights. What does all of that add up to? Well..just another mixed bag of MTV action!


‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’

The recap for this week’s episode is here.

Derrick and Diem win another challenge. They do have the power and they are getting better. So I have no problems putting them into the “top three” teams for the finals this week.

The reason I can do that so quickly is the fact that Shane and Linette have been eliminated from the game. This shakes things up a bit! Thanks to Wes and Casey! Wes and Casey are just a weak team in challenges. They get a DQ or come last in almost every challenge. Yet..they do great in exile. You know why that is? One word…luggage. The fact that the weight of your luggage has this much effect in the outcome of exile and this game is retarded! That’s stupid. It shouldn’t be like that, but those are the rules.

Honestly, I still think Theo and Chanda and Darrell and Aviv are into the finals for sure. It can be any of the other three teams in the finals as well. Just comes down to the freakin’ baggage! Derrick and Diem have the inside track, but they hinted at a twist coming. So we will see what that is and go from there.

And before I forget..Casey needs to stop being so cocky! Wes carries her on their team! Literally! Without Wes, Casey would be nowhere! Be happy you are still in this game, but not cocky.

‘MTV Cribs’

The first house in this episode belongs to Dem Franchize Boyz. They have such hit songs as “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” and “Oh I Think They Like Me” and “White Tee”. The host is “Pimpin'”..yeah..that’s his name. Anyways they live in Atlanta, GA. They have two bedrooms, two studio rooms, and 3 bathrooms. Not that big. They have a game room a.k.a. “players room”. We get to meet another member of the group..”Parlae”. They bet on pool table games and such. Oh..there’s another member of the group..”Buddie”. He’s on this black leather wrap-around couch. They have a big flatscreen TV up on the wall, of course. They have a private chef who cooks them all of their favorite Southern dishes like chicken, grits, greens, etc. We take a look inside of their refrigerator. Not much in there, but junk food. Hot Pockets and chicken wings baby! They have a studio as well, which you probably expected. They lay down all their tracks with “Jizzal Man”! We take a look at one bedroom a.k.a. “booty room”. Really that’s the name of it. There’s a big bed with a suede headboard. Now we take a look at their cars. They have a 1987 Cutless with a unique paint job and a 1980 Chevy Monte Carlo with rims and custom everything! There was a lot of people in a small house. I guess I liked the bedroom the best. Although, the personal chef and studio are always a nice touch.

The next house belongs to comedian, Carlos Mencia, from ‘Mind of Mencia’. His house is in Los Angeles, CA. It is 5,000 sq. ft. and has 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 bathrooms, a theatre room, and a pool. He has a “family room” with a piano. He wants his son to play it to get girls later in life. Carlos LOVES his refrigerator. We look inside and he has salsa and week-old chicken. He also has cheese made back home. It doesn’t taste good at all, though. He has a HUGE couch where four family members can sleep. He has a big, open bedroom and bathroom. This includes a toilet with a skylight above it. The best part of his house is the theatre room. Actually, it’s the pool out back. That’s AWESOME! But the theatre room is sweet as well. Now lets take a look at his cars. He has a new Mercedes Benz that is all-black. And he has a bunch of motorcycles. About 5 or 6. He has a “dragon bike” with spinning rims. Another bike has hydraulics! I liked his house and stuff in it A LOT! A LOT!

The last house on this episode belongs to the all-star couple of Gabrielle Reese and Laird Hamilton. She used to do beach volleyball, while he’s a big wave surfer. Makes sense doesn’t it? Anyways..their house is in Maui, HI and it’s 4,800 sq. ft. on 10 acres. They have 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a gym. We start off with a gym that takes up half of their bottom floor. That’s a big gym! Laird warns that the gym is the “man floor”, while upstairs is the “female floor”. Gabrielle likes the kitchen a lot. We go inside their refrigerator and it has a bunch of healthy stuff. We learn that Gabby likes to eat junk food and sugar. She has an obsession with chocolate, while Laird has an obsession with vitamins and supplements. They have a dining room table that looks like something..maybe the figure of a woman or a male body part. Hmm… We go into their bathroom, where we learn that they shower together 90% of the time. That’s where they talk. Interesting. Outside they have a deck with sand in it. Their cars include a Land Rover for Gabrielle, and three trucks for Laird. He has a couple of jet-ski’s as well. Another good house. But any house in Hawaii is GREAT!


‘The Real World’

Svetlana’s boyfriend, Martin, is coming to visit her at the house for her 20th birthday party. Svetlana is nervous, since she doesn’t want everyone to talk to him and ask him about their relationship. Martin also is shy and doesn’t like to talk a lot. Svetlana doesn’t want the roommates to ask him a lot of questions when he gets there. Tyler thinks Martin may be stupid. The other roommates try to get Tyler to act out all the gay stereotypes possible as soon as Martin walks into the door.

Paula sends an e-mail to her mom. She explains that she and Keith are going to still be together. She needs to do this, so they can try and be a real couple again. It’s all part of Paula’s therapy. Paula’s mom writes her back the next day and seems okay with everything. She is supportive of whatever Paula decides to do. Paula and Keith are shocked by this, but are happy that her mom is cool with things.

Martin arrives and no one asks him any hard questions. Tyler acts all gay around him at first, but Martin really doesn’t care. Tyler also says that Martin looks nothing like Svetlana said. Paula says that Martin is just a kid. Svetlana and Martin then go out and have fun together. That lasts through dinner, but they begin to fight at the end. Why? Well..Svetlana wants to help pay for dinner, but Martin won’t let her. Yep..pretty retarded, but they are young. Svetlana says it’s no big deal, though, as they always fight. Tyler doesn’t know how Martin puts up with Svetlana. He could actually be friends with Martin. Martin says that he ignores Svetlana when she acts like this, which makes Svetlana mad. Zach and Tyler both agree that Martin is very patient with Svetlana.

Paula has her last session with Dr. Covan. I think Paula has gotten rid of that annoying “little girl” voice she had. And when I say “little girl” voice..I don’t mean the good and cute kind. It’s the annoying kind. Paula has stopped drinking as much and stopped letting food control her. She’s getting better and that’s the bottom line. John is happy for Paula’s progress as well. Paula thanks the roommates for pushing her into getting help. They saw what was wrong with her and told her about it, since they weren’t her friends in the beginning. Paula said she “found herself” in this house.

Svetlana’s birthday party goes off without any drama. And really..this episode was just there. Paula’s getting better, which is a plus. She dropped that retarded voice, which is another plus. Svetlana didn’t act retarded either, which is another plus. However, this was nothing special. Just average. Next week is the season finale..I believe!


I was free this week on this night. Now new shows to review here! But season three of ‘Laguna Beach’ starts next week!


‘Making the Band 3’

It’s the season finale of ‘Making the Band 3’. They prepare for their final performance on this show and their first LIVE performance as Danity Kane. They all get to play with boys in New York City. Yay! They make the trip to the site of their performance. It’s a park in Brooklyn, in front of the bridge. Then, all hell breaks loose! Tornado warnings! MASSIVE RAIN! FLOODS! The WORkS!

The weather is not the girl’s friend, but it does clear up and the sun shines again! They have to replace a lot of stuff for the show, but it happens. Diddy comes to congratulate them and give them free stuff like jewelry! BLING BLING baby!

It’s time for Danity Kane to perform. We see their LIVE performance of “One Shot” in front of the crowd. Not too bad at all. Along with a couple of more songs including the first single..”Showstopper”. At the end, they all thank everyone for watching them from the beginning. From audition to this moment right here with their album coming out pretty soon. Diddy does the same and that’s the end.

Worst and Best Episodes of ‘Making the Band 3’ – Season 3

#9 – “Homecoming” (Episode 1) (WORST) – The first episode, but nothing really happens. They just walk around and adjust to being celebrities.

#8 – “Taking the Stage” (Episode 2) – A little better, but it turns REALLY bad at the end when they try to sing for the first time.

#7 – “In the Studio” (Episode 5) – They start to record their album, but nothing too interesting happens.

#6 – “The Voice Within” (Episode 3) – The girls move into their new house!

#5 – “Superstar Training” (Episode 4) – Diddy puts the girls through “Hell Week”!

#4 – “An Emotional Joint” (Episode 6) – This featured A LOT of Aubrey, which is always a good thing!

#3 – “Support Me” (Episode 7) – The girls learn an important lesson when Aundrea and her boyfriend break up.

#2 – “Danity Kane Makes a Video” (Episode 8) – Lots of great shots of the girls in little clothes as they make their first music video. Some good tension and drama throughout as well.

And #1 – “Show Stopper” (Episode 9) (BEST) – We get a LIVE concert of Danity Kane for FREE! What else do you want?! Them shaking their bodies at you? OKay..we got that too!

Overall..this was a pretty good season of this show. I don’t know if I liked it more than the actual search for the group, since you got to see more girls. But Aubrey and Aundrea are enough to keep the show interesting for me. But seriously, it was fun watching the girls go through everything and get to the point of releasing their album on August 22, which is REALLY why this season was made. To promote the album! Hook me up Diddy!

‘Run’s House’

Russy has the money to buy his gameboy. You know..the one he broke earlier this season. Well..he has enough to get another one. So they go and get a new one. He promises to not break this one, since he worked so hard to buy it. At least, Justine hopes so anyways! That doesn’t last as Russy is back to banging on his gameboy soon afterwards. Run says it’s time for them to get Russy some help.

Meanwhile, Angela wants to start her own magazine. She wants it to be called “The Rundown”. She goes to her dad for help. He says he will help her, if he has to but would like for her to do it on her own. Angela eventually goes to the Founder of Word Up magazine, the magazine Run DMC came up with back in the 80’s. They are willing to work with Angela if she comes up with a firm idea for a magazine in 48 hours. She and Run go back to talk to the people behind Word Up magazine and they like her idea. They are going to create a 16-page sample magazine and give it for free with Word Up, and then once they get response from that..they will consider going full-time with it.

Run takes Russy to a therapist at first to talk about his anger. Run thinks she is too relaxed, like Snoop Dogg, to help Russy. So he finally takes him to do some karate. They goes better and Russy finally gets back his gameboy once Run decides he has earned it back.

At the end of the night, it’s time to relax. Run is in the bathtub and finishes with “How do you channel your personal strength? In putting forth the effort our daily life requires, energy plus optimism equal progress, while energy plus anger results only in frustration. Do the math and you’ll soon add up the difference between what is work and what’s wack!”

There is at least one more episode of this season left. I liked the whole karate thing for Russy’s anger. That’s a good thing for him. It also must be nice to be Run’s daughter, since she is getting a shot at doing her magazine without any experience. Not as funny as other episodes, but solid nonetheless.

‘Wild ‘N Out’

Let me explain this show, if you don’t know. It stars actor/rapper, Nick Cannon, as the host. He has various improv comedians with him. There are two teams..the red team and the black team. Nick is the captain of the red team, while a guest starring actor/comedian is the captain of the black team. The two teams then compete against each other in various games to see who is funnier basically. This is the third season of the show and to me..I always found the guest stars to be funnier than Nick Cannon. As for the regular cast of comedians, well some are really funny while others barely get a chuckle out of me. That’s the point of the show. Time for the new season to begin!

I should mention here that this show has a DJ named DJ D-Wrek. He plays the music for the comedians and during each round..he decides what is funny and what is not funny. If it’s funny, he rings the bell. If it’s wack, he gives them a buzzer. The team with the most points at the end wins. But I will be doing my own judging on how funny each team is.

Tonight’s guest is Big Boi from OutKast and his new group called the Purple Ribbon All-Stars. He leads the black team, which consists of Mikey Day, Affion Crockett, Leonard Robinson, Nyima Funk, Taran Killam, and Marques Ray. The red team is Nick Cannon, of course, along with Carlos “Spanky” Hayes, Cameron Goodman, Corey Holcomb, Katt Williams, Shawty, and Randall Park. I should tell you right now that Katt Williams is my favorite comedian on this show. It played the “micro-mini pimp” on Friday After Next. He’s funny! I also like Affion Crockett and Mickey Day..they are good too. Some of these are new, while others can be hit or miss funny. Anyways time to get this game going.

The first round is called “Plead the Fif”. Basically, Nick and Big Boi will take the witness stand and the opposite team members will ask them some embarrassing questions. If the captain, can’t come back with a witty comment then the other team gets a point. Fair enough. I won’t recap everything here, but the funniest stuff came from Big Boi as he had some great comeback. I can’t really quote him, but he was funny. Runner-up goes to Shawty from the red team. But the Black team wins this round.

The second round is called “Let Me Holla”. Basically, team members will try to pick up a “Wild N’ Out” girl. Simple enough. This was funnier than the last round, but again..I have to give it to the black team. Winner of this round goes to Leonard Robinson at the end with a FUNNY line I can’t repeat! But Katt Williams came in second.

The third round is called “Remix”. This is one of my favorite games on this show. The teams have to “remix” a classic children’s song and make it funny. This is usually crazy. The red team gets to “remix” “Yankee Doodle”, and the black team gets to “remix” the “Alphabet song”. Both were funny. Katt Williams did the best part of the red team’s song. He even threw out some real money at the end! HAHAH! The black team probably wins this round, though, with Big Boi at the end. But the others had some great stuff in the middle as well. At the end of this round, Nick brings up Lil’ Jon to judge things. He still likes the black team, though.

The final round is always called “WildStyle”. Both teams freestyle rap against each other, but use jokes as insults mostly. The winner of this round is Katt Williams. He ended things big and really I call this round even. But the black team dominated in ever other round, so they win this show! MVP award goes to Big Boi!

‘Pimp My Ride’

Xzibit helps Gerald this week. He has a 1978 Monte Carlo. doesn’t look that bad compared to other cars this season. He calls his car..“Diamond”, since the inside is a bright, neon yellow color that shines when the lights shine on it! That’s nuts! Also, he has a tape player for his music system. YES..TAPE player! Not even a CD player!

Gerald meets Xzibit and he almost has a heart attack! Gerald paid $1,000 for this car. The interior is all screwed up and falling apart. The headliner looks like crackers! HAHAHA! We also learn that Gerald tried to “pimp” his ride at Home Depot, except they don’t have an automotive section.

The GAS crew get to work. The color will be black with leopard skin flames coming down the side of it. They jack the car up to make it look like box and have these HUGE tires on it. The inside is purple velvet. Nice. They also install a privacy glass in the trunk, so other people can’t see what’s inside of his trunk. He turns frosted with a switch of a button. Since Gerald wants to be a music producer, Mad Mike installs a computer to do just that in the front. And here comes the retarded yet cool thing in this car. Remember..the old gameshows where they stick you in a box and blow money all around you and you try to grab as much as you can? Well..they do that inside of this car. The whole car acts as the box as money flies around. Where does the money come from, though? That’s what I want to know!

As an extra bonus, Xzibit gives Gerald his own microphone and keyboard and music DJ system. That’s pretty cool, however, this car was nothing special. The colors inside and out were the best thing on this car really. The whole look of the car. The stuff inside didn’t really blow me away, though.

And that ends the ninth volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next week when we mix things up a bit!

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