MTV Mix – Volume 9

We lost ‘The Real World’ and ‘Run’s House’ this week. But in return, we get the return of ‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County’. So I guess it evens out things more or less. Lets take a look at this special mix this week!!


‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’

The recap for this week’s episode is here.

I found it interesting that Derrick turned his back on Darrell and Theo. makes sense since they are the top teams, but still..they are his friends and Derrick just doesn’t seem like that kind of person. I blame it on Diem. Derrick may be blinded by her beauty and it clouded his judgement.

Darrell and Theo have an EXCELLENT shot at winning the next challenge and put another team in their place. They have extra motivation and they just need that little something more to win again. And if that happens..Tina and Kenny are likely to be put into exile, but it could be Wes and Casey. I don’t care as long as one of those teams goes home!

The only thing I don’t like about all of this is the fact that Wes and Casey and Tina and Kenny are still in the game. They are WEAK, WEAK, WEAK teams. If things stand as they are now, one of the “strong” teams will be going home and that means either Wes and Casey or Tina and Kenny will make it to the “final three”, which would suck since they are easy competition. I would rather see Wes and Casey in the end than Tina and Kenny, though. But I pray that Darrell or Theo wins the next challenge and be done with it!

‘MTV Cribs’

The first house in this episode belongs to Juelz Santana. We take a look at his refrigerator and he has some White Castle hamburgers that he is really excited about! He also tells us that we have to have granite countertops in our kitchen. No fake stuff! He has a nice-looking couch that he actually sits on. There is a big screen TV as well. Here is something unique and that is an elevator up to the third floor. His son, JuJu, has a better and bigger TV and more clothes than me! Juelz then takes us upstairs to his bedroom, where it looks like he smokes weed at. He has a cool bathroom with a BIG bathtub and shower AND a flat-screen TV in there as well. But the best part of the house is the secret room above the bedroom. It’s a little loft area that you climb a ladder up to. It is red and has a couch and ANOTHER big TV. Time for the cars now. He has a Corvette and a Bentley. That’s all.

The next house belongs to Rod Coleman from the Atlanta Falcons. His house is in Atlanta, GA, of course. It is 5,354 sq. ft. and has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a basketball court. He has a “fluffy” living room where no one sits in. It has a chess set. Rod’s favorite food is Hot Pockets. Usual stuff in the refrigerator along with some Crunk Juice. Yep..a real energy drink from Lil’ Jon. We say hello to Rod’s mom, who is rocking away in a chair. We see his many awards for football and his book collection. He has a 61″ TV in his bedroom. The best part of this house is the basement with the theatre room. He has a pool out back and a jacuzzi. Rod’s favorite area is the basketball court with the Falcons logo on it, though. His cars include a mini-motorcycle collection, a Range Rover, and a BMW convertible.

The last house on this episode belongs to the Hip Hop/R&B group, Pretty Ricky. They live in Florida. It is 5,500 sq. ft. and has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a pool, and a studio. We say hello to the group which consist of Diamond a.k.a. Baby Blue, Spectacular, Slick, and Pleasure. They have a pretty blue Bentley, of course. They have a few motorcycles as well. Their house has a Egyptian style to it. They give a plug to Paul Wall and his “grillz” collection. Their favorite food is peanut butter and jelly. We also get their recipe for a drink called “City Punch”. To make this drink, you use 2 quarts of tap water and 1 1/2 pounds of sugar! They have a gigantic TV as well with security monitors above it. We see a few bedrooms with more than one bed in it. I don’t know what’s up with that. A little weird, but whatever. They have a studio as you might expect and a pool area out back. That’s the best part of this house. They then do backflips to end the show for us. Seriously..they do!


‘The Real World’

This is the season finale of the show. And to celebrate the roommates going home..there is “Fantasy Fest” in Key West the last weekend they are there. Actually, this festival that is like “Mardi Gras” had to be rescheduled due to the hurricane that hit Key West earlier. So now it’s time to party. John builds a float for the parade. It’s a mini-“Mystic Tan” tanning booth. No one helps him except Ricky.

Janelle talks to Ricky by herself and tells him that he has inspired her to pursue her dreams of being a makeup artist. Ricky says that means a lot to him.

Tyler was supposed to help John with the float, but he was too busy dressing up in drag. There is a contest at Aqua, where everyone dresses up in drag and then strips down to next to nothing. Meanwhile, John is in another contest at a Toga Party. All the roommates are there to cheer John on to victory. But when it comes time to go support Tyler, no one wants to go except Jose. As a result, Tyler only gets second in his contest. This upsets Tyler at a little bit and he is mad at John because of it. But Zach tells Tyler that John didn’t decide anything for the roommates. Everyone was just having fun. It was their own decision. Things get smoothed over for a little bit as they don’t want to spend their last few days together..fighting!

The next night, the roommates go to an “80’s Night” party at Fat Tuesday. Everyone dresses up as different 80’s characters. Everyone except John. He was too busy building that AWESOME float for the parade. But John says he is too tired to do it anyways and he doesn’t want to fight about it. The roommates go out and win that contest and win $1,000!

The next fight comes with the parade. John is the only one ready. No one helps him again, eventhough they said they would. Zach and Jose are the first ones to get ready and come to the float with John and Ricky. Tyler, Janelle, Paula, and Svetlana are late, of course. Girls can never get ready on time! NEVER! They eventually show up and John is mad, but he doesn’t show it since he wants to have fun in the parade. That’s the last big party in Key West.

It’s now time to say goodbye to everyone. First, it’s the last day at “Mystic Tan”. Ricky says they did a great job with what they had to go through with the hurricanes. Tourism is the key to business in Key West. Hurricanes ruined that, but they still tried hard and kept the store going. Tyler says that Ricky is an inspiration to him and a friend. They were supposed to keep whatever the store made. It was only a little over $1,000. But Ricky asked his boss if he could get more money to give to the roommates since they stood behind “Mystic Tan” through everything. So he got $35,000, which is $5,000 for each of the roommates. They say goodbye to the store.

It’s the last meal together for the roommates now. They are all glad that Paula has improved her health here. They all share memories of living together. Eventhough they fight, they still all care about each other. That’s what usually happens with ‘The Real World’. There may be a one or two people every few seasons that end up HATING each other, but really they all tend to like each other in the end.

You know the drill now. They all say goodbye with tears and everything else. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” speeches and all of that. And of course, everything was “real”! Now this is where I would usually tell you the best episodes of the season. But ‘The Real World’ is one of two MTV shows that has a full season of episodes. That’s 25 episodes to this season. It would be hard for me to tell you which episodes I liked the most since the season covered 6 months! I don’t remember the first half of the season that well. However, I will say this. It turned out to be a typical season of ‘The Real World’. Drama, fights, alcohol, love, and more drama! This season didn’t have any love inside the house, though, which is something different to be sure. They are usually tons of hook-ups inside the house, but these people were too different and too crazy to hook up together. But we did get to see some hurricane action, so that evens things out. Another entertaining season and that’s what matters the most.


‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County’

It’s time for a new season of ‘Laguna Beach’. All the names have changed, but the drama is still the same. A bunch of rich kids living next to the beach..thinking they have problems. That’s pretty funny really, but the show works somehow. Lets get to it!

Lets introduce the new characters. Our host and central character Tessa. She has a best friend named Racquel a.k.a. “Rocky”. They form one clique of girls. Then, there are the guys. Chase, Cameron, and Kelan. Tessa has a thing for Chase and he may or may not have one for her too. He’s in a rock band with Kelan. They are best friends. Finally, Cameron is the hottest guy now according to the girls. But now he’s a playa! The opposite clique of girls are the “popular” girls. It’s led by Kyndra and her best friend, Cami. They are joined by Lexi and Breanna. Cami is the “Queen of Mean” according to Tessa. Lexi is the “Ice Princess” and thinks she is better than everyone else. And Breanna is the little sister of Lauren a.k.a. LC from the first two seasons of ‘Laguna Beach’ and now ‘The Hills’. Tessa says Breanna is jealous of her friendship with Rocky. So the two girl cliques battle it out with the guys rotating between them probably. That’s how they roll in ‘Laguna Beach’!

We quickly learn that Tessa and Kyndra used to be friends, but not anymore. However, Kyndra is having a big BBQ at her house. She sent a text message to Tessa inviting her to the BBQ. This shocks the other girls’ friends. Kyndra doesn’t like Racquel at all, but Tessa won’t go without her. So this should be interesting. The talk eventually goes to the boys.

But wait..we see some people we know. It’s Jessica from last season. You remember..she was with Jason, who is now with Lauren. Well..Jessica is dating Cameron now, eventhough Cameron is younger than Jessica. Jessica’s friends, Alex H., Alex M., and Taylor all meet up with Jessica for lunch. It’s a Season 2 reunion! They are all over Jason. Time to find a new jerk to go after, of course. They all think it’s lame to go to a high school party now. And that would be correct.

Cameron and Kelan play basketball. This is how they talk on this show as you might know. We learn that Kyndra wants to go out with Cameron as well, so he wonders if he can date them both. This leads to him going to dinner with Jessica and then later going to the party at Kyndra’s house. In the middle of dinner, Jessica steals Cameron’s phone and sees that Kyndra sent Cameron text messages. Jessica wonders if something is going on. She did date Jason and doesn’t want to go through that again. Good luck with that Jessica! Girls always go after the bad-boy jerks!

It’s time for the BBQ. Tessa and Racquel show up to check out the guys. The same reason Kyndra and Cami and the rest want to be there. Kyndra is pissed that Racquel came and they spend the rest of the party trash talking Tessa and Racquel until they eventually leave. Ah..gotta love these high school games and cliques! They know realize why they are not friends with them. So the line has been drawn in the sand.

There is more action at the BBQ, though. Cameron and Kyndra hook up..imagine that. Cameron slept over at Kyndra’s house. Meanwhile, Jessica says she is happy with Cameron, but she doesn’t know about the hook up. She might be a little upset about that. But Cameron hasn’t made her cry yet like Jason did, so she is blind to it now.

My thoughts on this new season. The drama is going to be there. I noticed that the language they used on the show annoyed me to no end! For instance, how many times can they say “random” on this show?! It was said like 5 times in the first two minutes! I guess that’s the “it” thing to say in high school now. I don’t know, it’s been 6 years. And where the heck is Breanna in this episode? I want to see more of her! She’s Lauren’s little sister, but she seems like a background character. But she seems to be in the “mean girl” clique, so I don’t know. We’ll see. Kyndra seems to be the new Kristin in this season. She’s the leader of the “mean girls”. There will be LOTS of “love triangles” and such coming up. I don’t know, I think I can handle this season but when it goes into that “mean girl” starts to get annoying. And really..I need someone I can get behind and root for. Early candidates are Chase and Tessa, but I don’t know if I like them enough yet. That will come in time..I suppose. Get ready for more fun in the sun and more drama in California!


‘Run’s House’

This is the season finale. This means lots of change coming. Justine is having a baby and she wants a girl, since she had two boys. She is not the mother of Vanessa and Angela, if you didn’t know. She had Russy and Diggy. Russy jokes that it’s a boy and that drives his mom crazy.

Angela wants a dog. Vanessa already has a dog. They, of course, want VERY small dogs as that is popular with girls today. One problem with the dog and that is Run doesn’t want another dog in his house. But Angela is thinking about moving out of the house, which Run doesn’t like at all. Angela is going to college and Vanessa wants to move to Los Angeles to start an acting career. Run is mostly concerned with the girls moving out and going WILD and being in the next “Girls Gone Wild” video.

Angela tries to recruit Diggy and Russy into talking to Run about getting the dog for her. Meanwhile, a company called “Marquis Jet” wants Run to get his own private jet. Justine tells him not to buy a plane, but Run does it anyways. Justine tells Run that he is buying planes to avoid the fact that his girls want to leave home. He could use that money to buy the girl’s a house or two, so that they can move out.

Run has three problems. Angela wants a dog and move out. Vanessa wants to move out as well. But Run doesn’t want them to move out. He wants to keep them young. But in the end, Run gives in and gets Angela the dog and tells them they can move away. He even finds them places to stay and stuff. It hurts him, but kids grow up. And besides, they have another baby on the way. It’s going to be a girl to replace the two girls that are leaving. At least they hope it’s a girl, but we get a cliffhanger to end this season. The doctor asks if they want to find out the sex of the baby and..that’s it.

At the end of the night, it’s time to relax. Run is in the bathtub and finishes with “How do you grow a family? Sometimes by welcoming new life into your home, other times by starting a new life away from home. Tend to your family as you would a precious garden. Find beauty in every new branch, and stand firmly rooted in the love your family shares!”

Worst and Best Episodes of ‘Run’s House’ – Season 2

#10 – “A Healthy Heart” (Episode 2) (WORST) – Not a lot happens. Run goes to the doctor and that’s about all.

#9 – “Two Down and One to Grow” (Episode 10) – Nothing happens in the finale, except the girls moving out and the new baby coming. But it has a good message, so it’s not the worst.

#8 – “All Work and No Peace” (Episode 3) – Run decides to work from home, but that’s it.

#7 – “Maximum Growth” (Episode 4) – Vanessa has a Maxim photo shoot.

#6 – “Anger Management” (Episode 9) – Not a whole happens, but the karate stuff with Russy and Run was cool.

#5 – “Baby Fever” (Episode 1) – A good way to start the second season. Shows how funny Run can be.

#4 – “Downward Facing Dawg” (Episode 8) – Funny stuff with Run and his brothers, but there have been better episodes.

#3 – “Rev Mom” (Episode 7) – Run taking care of the kids, going to the grocery store, and interacting with kids. Funny stuff!

#2 – “Rev’s Fix It List” (Episode 6) – Rev acts crazy as usual including talking to his hat!

And #1 – “Vegas Vacation” (Episode 5) (BEST) – Everyone goes to Las Vegas for the renewal of vows for Run and Justine. Run talks about Snoopy and “Joe Cool”. And a lot more. An extremely funny episode.

There will probably be another season of this show sometime, since it’s pretty funny and alway entertaining. And a new baby is coming, so they have to show that stuff..don’t they?!

‘Wild ‘N Out’

Tonight’s guest is Fat Joe. He leads the black team, which consists of Mikey Day, Randall Park, Leonard Robinson, Nyima Funk, Rob Hoffman, and Corey Holcomb. The red team is Nick Cannon along with Taran Killam, Deray Davis, Shawty, Affion Crockett, Spanky Hayes, and Katt Williams. I would say the red team is LOADED with talent this week. But Rob Hoffman is a funny white guy for the black team as well.

The first round is called “So Fly”. Each team brags about their team captains by saying that they are “so fly…” and proceed to tell you why they are fly. Got it? Okay..well I would call this round a tie as everyone was pretty funny. But the winner of the round goes to Affion Crockett. He had the funniest line.

The second round is called “Home Jeeves”. The team captains play limo drivers and the other team members will act like a celebrity in the back of the car and the captains have to guess which celebrity it is. I would say the red team wins this round. The winners have to be Affion Crockett and Deray Davis as they played Will Smith and Chris Tucker. Runner-up goes to Mikey Day for his “Super Mario” impression.

The third round is called “Remix”. They remix classic songs as you know. The black teams gets “Jack Be Nimble”, and the red team has “Here Comes the Bride”. This was close and again..I say it’s tie. But the black team would have the edge with Fat Joe, of course, if I had to decide.

The final round is “WildStyle” as you know.. Both teams freestyle rap against each other. Katt Williams came on at the end and gave the win for this round and the game to the red team! No doubt, but Mikey Day was runner-up in this round. As far as MVP for this show, well..that has to be Affion Crockett!

‘Pimp My Ride’

Xzibit helps Ellen this week. She has a 1996 Ford Contour. It’s a little muddy and broken. She likes to hike and camp, so that’s why the bumper is all messed up. She went off-roading on it. It also got attacked by a bear. Not her, but her car! The bear actually opened the door to the car and sat inside of it. Really..we see actual footage of it as it was on the news. As a result, there are numerous claw marks and bear crap as well! This car is famous! AWESOME! Except for all of the damage.

Xzibit is interested in the bear as well. Ellen say that bears only eat plants unless you mess with it and then it eats humans! Right! Xzibit finds this crazy tube that women can use to pee standing up in the woods. I’m not making this up and that’s the weirdest thing I have ever seen!

The GAS crew get to work. They are going to use the bear attack as part of the paint color with claw marks down the side of it. Mad Mike puts in a mobile computer inside the car. MP3, GPS, Internet, the works! There is also this weird “anti-bear” defense system. A bag full of fish comes flying out from underneath the car, so that the bear will chase the fish and not the human!

The best part of this car is the color on the outside and the computer on the inside. Xzibit also gives Ellen a nice kayak as a gift. This was the not the worst car to start off with, but also not the best car to end up with. It did have an unique story behind it with the bear. So that makes this episode at least interesting.

And that ends the tenth volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next week when we mix things up a bit!

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