MTV Mix – Volume 14

It’s time we switch things up a little bit this week. I still will bring you all four of the current MTV shows airing in “primetime”, but I will also be adding a few things to this column each week. Something like news and notes and the occasional “feature” a.k.a. something else to talk about. Sound good to you? GREAT! Lets get started then. First up…


Rev. Run’s Infant Daughter Dies

You may remember me covering the second season of Run’s House in this column a few months ago. At the end of this season, Run and his wife, Justine, were expecting another child, a daughter. I assumed that we would have another season of the show and it would feature this birth. My assumption was right, but unfortunately their daughter has died. Here is Run’s statement on the death:

“On Sept. 26, 2006, Victoria Anne Simmons for some unknown reason chose to come early and unfortunately did not survive. We must accept whatever is there and once you accept unconditionally, then everything is beautiful. Every pain has a purifying effect. So whatever comes your way, just be thankful. We see life in death and believe in the celebration of life in death.”

I want to send my condolences out to Run and his family. But as he has become known for, he always puts thing in perspective and this difficult situation is no different. MTV cameras where they to capture the birth, but I don’t know if they will show anything in a new season of Run’s House or not. I’m sure I will cover it if there is one, though.

MTV in Canada Launches a Worldwide Auction to Raise Money for the Fight Against HIV and AIDS

MTV in Canada has launched an online auction in support of MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation, dedicated to HIV and AIDS awareness. Bidding started on Tuesday, Sept. 26 and is open to people from around the world. Every week for four weeks, a new list of prizes will be put up on the auction block and the auction officially closes on Thursday, Oct. 26 at 8 p.m. ET. Once the auction closes, the item will become the property of the highest bidder. Interested parties should revisit the site regularly to ensure they are the leading bid. To bid on items in the Staying Alive Auction, go to Hot ticket items can be broken into four distinct categories:

a) Celebrity Autographed Vespas

– Signed during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) at the Premiere Lounge, the pair of Vespas have been signed by more than 60 celebrities including: Samuel L. Jackson, Penelope Cruz, Zack Braff, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Tim Robbins, Mark Cuban, Jennifer Lopez and more. The Vespas will be featured on MTV Live for the four weeks, with further signings to be featured by guests on-air.

b) Unheard of access to MTV LIVE

– MTV is offering up opportunities to co-host its flagship interactive talk show, MTV Live, a chance to have your band as the featured performance of the night, dates with the hosts, professional styling from MTV’s stylist, a guest spot on the Laguna Beach After Show, and more.

c) Autographed Items

– From Mariah Carey’s denim jacket, to a lap steel guitar signed by Ben Harper, to signed Braille lyrics from Andrea Bocelli, the auction features a long list of amazing contributions from a variety of big-name celebrities. Other contributors include the Beastie Boys, Dave Navarro, John Mayer, Nickelback, Johnny Knoxville, Trish Stratus, Bedouin Soundclash, Carrie Underwood, Alexisonfire and a ton more.

d) Exclusive Trips

– Exciting world class travel experiences like a trip to MTV’s Europe Music Awards in Copenhagen to a full-on encounter in New York, the city that never sleeps. Topping it off is tickets to MTV’s Total Request Live and Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart. These trips can’t be purchased anywhere else!

Around the globe, MTV has dedicated significant resources to stopping AIDS through its international non-profit charity, The Staying Alive Foundation, which empowers and enables youth to spread prevention messages and fight the stigma and discrimination that are often associated with HIV and AIDS.

“We are really proud to support MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation and extend its reach into Canada in a creative, relevant manner,” said Brad Schwartz, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, MTV. “The launch of this auction marks the beginning of MTV’s long-term commitment to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS in Canada and encourages Canadians to fight HIV and AIDS at the grassroots level.”

“The outpouring of support from MTV in Canada and its sponsors will help enormously in our quest to impart live-saving messages about HIV prevention,” said Tim Thomas, Executive Director, Staying Alive Foundation. “Plus, the scope and variety of cool stuff at the auction is going to attract new audiences to all that Staying Alive does.”

To date, MTV in Canada has generated a huge list of items for the Staying Alive Foundation auction; to view the complete list and to bid on the items visit,



Nothing again this week, so why not go visit and spend your Monday nights there! Or the weekend, whenever you may be reading this.


See Monday and see above Monday as we have nothing this week! That will change with a new episode of True Life!


Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

So it’s time for the big “Winter Formal”, dance thing for the kids at school. Everyone has to decide who they are going with. Kyndra and Cami and friends talk about shopping for dresses who they want to take to the dance. Kyndra doesn’t even know if she will take her boyfriend, Tyler, to the dance since he is older than her and all of that. Tessa and Chase discuss their options. Apparently Tessa has none, while Chase is going with some girl named Lindsay. Awkward moment right there and props to Chase for saying the words “sick”, “raging”, and “amped” all in one sentence! That’s talent my friends! If only he could have said “random” and then my life would have been complete.

The girls have to ask the guys to the dance. The girls have to think of creative ways to ask the guys. Lexie is going with Kelan. Kyndra is going with a friend named Derek and not her boyfriend! Meanwhile, Tyler talks to his sister about the dance themselves. Tyler tells his sister he doesn’t think he can trust Kyndra, since Kyndra admitted that Cameron was cute. Raquel is nervous about asking her boyfriend, Alex, to the dance but he wants to go. Scary moment of the night is Kyndra and Tyler on the beach and they look EXACTLY like Stephen and Kristen from past seasons.

Cameron picks up the “random” ball and runs with it. He says the word when Kelan mentions Cameron possibly hooking up with Kyndra tonight at the dance. Yes, that would be “random”. Yay! It’s a Hilary Duff song as the girls put on their makeup and everyone gets into the limo. The flirting ALREADY starts with Kyndra and Cameron, by the way. Another weird moment occurs later as Kyndra whispers into Cameron’s ear that she “loves him”, but she says it in a joking manner that’s only a joke if you think it is. Meaning, there probably is some truth behind it. And later, Kyndra tells Cami that she “hooked up” with Cameron. We didn’t see it on the show, though. Kyndra even tells Tyler’s sister that she didn’t hook up with anyone, especially not Cameron. Liar! Tyler’s sister tells her to just break up with someone before you cheat on them. Good advice.

Tessa and Raquel chat the next day about the dance. Tessa only danced a couple of times and then it was time to go. Raquel lost her voice screaming apparently. Raquel says she can’t scream for help if she is “kidnapped in a dark alley”. Tessa replies back that she “won’t be in a dark alley”. There are no dark alleys in Laguna Beach, you see. Cami and her friend, Candace, talk about the dance and Candace adds another “random” to the books when referring to Cameron and Kyndra. Odd moment of the night goes to Kyndra talking to Nikki, Tyler’s sister, about not hooking up with Cameron when Nikki SAW them on the dance floor doing what they were doing. What a big, fat liar!


It’s time for the playoffs for Hoover! We take a look back at the season and we see some drama we missed last week. Alex hurt his shoulder. Max hurt his back. And Repete was flirting with the other teams’ cheerleaders and gets RIPPED into because of it from the coaches! They have to face Tuscaloosa County High again. That’s the only team to beat them this year. This time they either win or go home!

Practice problems. Max’s back still hurts. He can’t punt. He has to get an X-Ray. Repete is not performing that well and Coach Propst threatens his playing time. Propst just wants Repete to keep his mouth shut and play hard. Repete goes back to his hometown to talk to all of the people he hasn’t talked to in a long time. Meanwhile, Alex’s future in football is in doubt after high school is over. Apparently he is good at baseball, so he may get a scholarship there but his football options may be limited.

Blair can’t spell, “revenge”, and neither can either of the other girls. She can’t spell, “sweet” either. That’s not to be confused with “sweat”. WOW! More practice and Propst says that everyone is talking about how Hoover can’t beat anyone. The team then all goes to Hooters for some wings, among other things.

It’s time for the game! Hoover vs. Tuscaloosa County! Hoover DOMINATES the first half. Interceptions, sacks, trick plays, etc. and they are ahead 28-0 at Halftime. More of the same in the second half. Hoover just makes it look easy. Ross has a GREAT game and Hoover BLOWS OUT Tuscaloosa County by the score of 42-8! Repete’s dad acts all crazy after the game, which is funny. More drama to come in the next few weeks!


Wild ‘N Out

This week’s guest is Ray J. He’s Brandy’s little brother and a R&B singer himself, and apparently he has his own record company as well. He leads the black team, which consists of Affion Crockett, Corey Holcomb, Mikey Day, Deray Davis, and Leonard Robinson. The red team is Nick Cannon along with Katt Williams, Randall Park, Taran Killam, Spanky Hayes, and Nyima Funk.

The first round is called “Star Sightings”. Team members find “famous” people out in the audience. Or at least people that look like “famous” people. This round wasn’t that funny overall, but I have to give it to the black team and Ray J with the Jean Claude Van Dam finding. Nick Cannon was a close second with the “three bears”.

The second round is called “Outgoing Message”. Team members have to make up an outgoing message for the answering machines of “stars”. I say red team wins this round. I have to give it to Randall Park and his Bernie Mac impression. But Mikey Day was a close second.

The third round is called “R & Beef”. The two teams make up the next hit R&B song. Of course, it has to be funny. The read team gets “Wedgies” as their topic. The black team has to sing “About being broke”. These songs were both funny and it was close, but I give it to the red team and Nick Cannon.

The final round is “WildStyle”. Both teams freestyle rap against each other as you should know by now. Yung Joc is the special guest referee. The red team wins this round and the show thanks to the final line by Katt Williams! However, I have to say that that the MVP of this show for the red team was Randall Park. He was funny in every round and helped the red team win most of those rounds.

Pimp My Ride

Xzibit helps Josh this week. He has a 1987 K-5 Blazer. This is straight Hillbilly! He bought it for $2,500. He likes to go snowboarding up in the mountains. The driver’s door can fly open at any time while you are driving. It’s also muddy all over the outside. The windows and the blinkers don’t work as well. Josh likes to race RC cars when he has the time, but he lives with 4 women so he had no time.

Xzibit agrees with the Hillbilly thing. Xzibit is a little confused about this car, so he goes and gets Josh. All of the scratches and dents are covered up by the mud. Josh shows X his snow chains for his tires and he is off to go pimping! He almost wrecks it on the way over as there is no power steering.

The GAS crew gets to work. Mad Mike is putting in a 6000 Watt amp and 6 12″ woofers. A monitor will also flip out of the back and up onto the roof. They also put in a snow machine on top of his car. The color is a neon rainbow as well. There are also monitors in his mud flaps. Yeah, pretty useless, but that’s the point. They also give him a snowboard with a 7″ monitor installed in it! In addition, 33″ mud tires.

Xzibit also gives Josh two 30 GB iPods and an iDrive for his music along with a snowboarding jacket that you are able to hook your iPods into so you can listen to music while you snowboard! That’s nuts my friends! If you are into snowboarding, then this is a pretty great car. The color of the car makes it look like a RC car, which is good if you like those as well. Some great high-tech stuff and music system in this truck, though. The monitor that flips out is awesome, by the way!

And that ends the 14th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next week when we mix things up a bit!

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