8 Films To Die For

Credit: HorrorFestOnline.com

The horror genre in the past two decades has given the movie world plenty to be scared of, plenty to think about, and plenty to be ashamed of. Remakes, teen screams, and massive edits have left horror fans longing for the days of graphic and demented gems. The great and traditional horror film still exists, but it is very rare.

That is why After Dark is presenting everyone with HorrorFest. Eight scare-a-thons full of all the stuff you usually aren’t meant to see in today’s horror flick. They are proclaiming them as “groundbreaking new horror films.”

There are a few catches though. The fest is for three days only, the weekend of November 17-19. And these movies are only being shown in 500 theatres in 35 markets, so hopefully they’ll be shown near you.

The movies, with one still yet to be named, you can see are:

~ Unrest
~ Penny Dreadful
~ The Gravedancers
~ The Hamiltons
~ Reincarnation (Rinne)
~ Dark Ride – from the director of The Grudge and The Grudge 2
~ The Abandoned

Tickets will be available for purchase on October 31 for individual movies or an all-access pass for the weekend. More info including participating theatres and movie descriptions can be found here.