MTV Mix – Volume 20

This week we only four shows to review, but this week also marked the return of The Real World. The 18th season kicked off in Denver, Colorado and it was filled with sex and sex and sex and more sex along with everything else you expect from the show. This season looks to be good and I have the first episode covered here. Along with the usual editions of Made, Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel, and Rob & Big! So sit back and enjoy this mix while you continue to digest your feast from yesterday! Oh, and for you Canadians, “Happy Friday After Happy Thursday!”




This week we had a boy named Brandin. He’s 17 and goes to a Catholic high school. Everyone thinks he’s weird. And he agrees that he acts strange to get attention. He didn’t know anyone at first at school, so he acted weird to get friends and stand out. He has a rolling backpack that he has named “Figaro”! WHAT?! It shouldn’t surprise you that he doesn’t have a girlfriend nor has he really kissed any girls either. It’s not like he’s a total dork on the outside either. He just acts weird! He does have a large film collection, but it’s mostly horror. Recently, Brandin lost a TON of weight. It’s really shocking to see him before he lost the weight. That still didn’t make him happy, though. We wants more friends that really like him and he doesn’t want to be the “class idiot” anymore. “So that’s why Brandin wants to be MADE into homecoming king!” Brandin does have a crush on his friend, Emily. He likes her, but has never told her. Brandin tells his family and his mom actually thinks he can do it. His dad doesn’t think so, though.

Brandin’s coach is Ian. He was homecoming king of his high school AND college. He was also on Survivor! The first test for Brandin involves him talking to a series of girls in a “speed dating” thing. He blows that by talking about his interests which include playing with his cat, playing with bouncy balls, and writing a horror film that features a “nerd” getting revenge by killing people. Ouch! He also wants to smell the girls’ hair for some reason. They all call him creepy. HA! Ian said he “crashed and burned” and I agree. Later, Brandin introduces us to his main competition for king. His name is Ryan and really he is nothing special. He talks a big game and makes fun of Brandin, but I think Brandin can take him.

But first he has to go through some work. He first has to ask three girls out. He gets one in Kelliann. WOW! He makes the mistake of asking Michelle, the girl sitting NEXT to Kelliann, out next! But she finally agrees for some reason. Must be the cameras. He eventually gets the nerve to ask out Emily, but it’s just a “maybe”. Ian wants Brandin to get involved in his school, but what Brandin ends up doing is pretty lame. So Ian takes away all of his movies, which Brandin doesn’t like at all.

Now to the dates. Emily surprises Brandin by calling him to “hang out”. She comes over Friday night to watch a scary movie at his house. But it was just awkward as Brandin tried to get too “touchy feely” with her. As Emily says, “he’s funny but I don’t look at him and say ‘oh my god, he’s bangin’!” Wow, that was some quote there. His next date is with Michelle. They go bowling and Ian tags along. This date is funny as Ian blows an airhorn when Brandin needs to “improve his game”. Michelle even thought Brandin was normal, so that’s something right there. He finally takes Kelliann on a date. They go to play miniature golf. Brandin is getting the hang of this “dating thing”. Brandin even tells her that she is hott and she didn’t find it awkward at all. He soon forgets all about Emily.

After all of the dating and campaigning and getting rid of “Figaro”, it’s time for nominations for homecoming king. He gets nominated, of course. Now he has to chose a date and he picks Kelliann. He feels comfortable around her. But now it’s time to ask her and she accepts! That shocks the other guys in his grade. This eventually leads to him talking to Emily. Emily wonders why he didn’t ask her and all of that. Brandin told her his true feelings and she had no idea. He knows that she doesn’t think of him any more than a friend. But they part ways as friends.

One last thing to do before homecoming and that’s to get a makeover. Ian takes him to New York City to a stylist named Tammy. He gets new clothes and a new haircut. Ah, but back to “Figaro”. Everyone liked his new look at school, except for his backpack. They demanded “Figaro”! But this is the new Brandin. He tells everyone that in a speech. Then, it came time for homecoming and he had a great time with Kelliann. And when the votes came in, Brandin won homecoming king! Everyone agrees that he has changed 100%. And I agree. I knew that he would win, but this was a fun episode and a great transformation. So bravo!


This week we have nothing to talk about here. No new episodes of True Life. Just reruns and stuff I’ve already covered, so lets move along!


The Real World: Denver

It’s time for the new season of The Real World! This is one is in Denver, Colorado. The last season in Key West was a bust in my opinion. The main reason was there was no action. All of the girls had boyfriends and/or were psycho. The guys had no choice but to find other girls to hang out with and we didn’t see much of that really. But this season will be different. MTV made sure to tell us that by announcing a “three-way” premiere here in the United States. They aired the first episode for three hours straight. In honor of the “three-way” action on the show this season. Otherwise known as my friend, and yours, the “triangle”. More on that later, though.

Lets introduce the new roommates. First we have Colie. She’s 22 and from New Jersey. But she went to school at Tulane University in New Orleans. Her class was the first to graduate in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. She’s no stranger to partying in New Orleans. Mardi Gras anyone? Colie wants to bring the spirit of New Orleans to Denver. She’s the “sorority girl” type. Next, we have Jenn. She’s 22 and from Martinez, California. She danced for the Oakland Raiders for 4 years. She is hott like Colie and the “cheerleader” type. She meets up with Tyrie, who is 23 years old and is from Omaha, Nebraska. He’s the “big black guy” type. Tyrie gives Jenn an “11” on a scale of “1-10”. Tyrie says he’s single and he’s unpacking a box of condoms to start off with. Next we have Alex. He’s 21 and is from Houston, TX, but goes to school at Arizona State University. He used to be a swimmer. He’s the “jock” type. He meets Brooke, who is 24 and is from Nashville, TN. You can’t tell right away, but she’s the “psycho” chick. Everyone is single so far and liking it! We come to Stephen now. He’s 22 and is from Sacramento, CA. He goes to school at Howard University in Washington, D.C., though. That’s historically an all-black college. He’s the “smart out-spoken” type. He’s also very religious. He meets Davis. He’s 22 and is from Marietta, GA. He’s religious as well, but he’s also the “gay” guy. He keeps it hidden to the other roommates, though. Finally, Colie joins those guys and we have our 7 strangers!

Now for the house. It’s covered in wildlife heads and stuff. It’s also very open. Extremely open spaces. There’s two levels, but there is lots of room to move and there are numerous couches and other “chill” spots for the roommates. There are Subway sandwiches waiting for the roommates. The girls take the bedroom with three beds. Tyrie and Alex share a room, while Stephen and Davis share a room. First reactions to each other. Tyrie thinks Brooke is sexy. Alex thinks Jenn is wild and hott. Stephen is happy to see another black guy in the house. Davis thinks Stephen will be a good friend of his, as long as he doesn’t have a problem when he tells him that he’s gay. Colie is just excited about everything. She is immediately attracted to Alex. It seems that Stephen has a girlfriend and Davis has a boyfriend, but everywhere else is single.

Two main storylines going on in this episode. Lets start with the sex! Colie and Alex soon start making out. Tyrie wishes he can make out with Brooke. This leads to a hot tub incident where Jenn and Brooke make out in the hot tub in front of Tyrie. Tyrie asks to join in, but they say NO! Colie says she is good at making out and she spends most of her time showing Alex just that. Colie later tells Jenn that Alex is good looking AND has a big penis. Jenn agrees with the looks thing, but not the penis. Not yet at least. Brooke is sad that she is not attracted to anyone in the house. Tyrie doesn’t have a shot it seems. Brooke later says that she is attracted to Davis, but that’s not going to happen. Or could it? Later, Jenn begins to flirt with Alex after some heavy drinking. The problem with that is that Colie and Jenn became good friends very quickly. At a club, Alex ends up kissing Colie and Jenn at the same time. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Jenn said that Colie and Alex looked great together as well. Colie goes to bed later and wants Alex to join her. He says he will be there in a little bit. This gives Jenn the chance to flirt with Alex as I said and eventually they make out! Oh man, that’s wrong! This is after some major shots, though, so who knows. They go into the guest room to “play”. Of course, they forget they were cooking a pizza in the oven. They go to “play” and the timer goes off, which wakes up Colie. And she finds them in the other room together. Dummies! Actually, Alex and Jenn pretend that they weren’t doing anything as they roll away from each other. Alex explains the situation. Making out with Jenn is fun because it’s not serious. He thinks Colie wants to be romantic with him and get attached. He tells Colie that and she says she just wants to kiss. She goes to bed alone, though, as Alex and Jenn go to bed. Quote of the night comes here. It’s further down.

Now to the religion/homosexual issue. Davis tells Colie that he is gay first. Actually she knew, because she went out with a guy who was the older brother of a girl that went to school with Davis’ best friend from high school. That made my head hurt, but Davis is gay and Colie knows first. That’s the point. Brooke really wants to live with someone that is gay and is quite sad that there is not one here yet. Davis tells his sister that he is not attracted to any guy in the house, so that’s a good thing. Davis finally tells the roommates that he is gay when Jenn asks if anyone is. This shocks Stephen, who seems to have a problem with that. Davis says he’s a Christian, but he’s gay. Stephen doesn’t think those two things go together, though. Davis is not the usual gay guy, though. He doesn’t have any gay friends, doesn’t go to gay bars, is in a fraternity, and oh yeah, he still makes out with girls. Yes, he’s confused. But Davis looks forward to the challenge of winning Stephen over. Stephen later tells Davis that him being gay is wrong. Davis tries to explain to him that it wasn’t a choice he made. He is just gay. Davis doesn’t want to change Stephen’s beliefs, though. He just wants to get along and they shake hands.

I almost forgot to the mention the alcohol and partying involved in this episode, but you should have known that already. They live on the same streets as some cool bars. And drinking is heavily involved throughout the episode and leads to most everyone kissing and hooking up. Mainly Alex and Jenn more than anything else. They are passed out and hooking up and getting caught because of it. And eventually they sleep together. Jenn has the quote of the night, as I said earlier, when she says that she was making out with Alex and stuff and then she SUDDENLY realized that “oh my god, I’m having sex!” So she stops that dead in its tracks and says that she likes Colie and doesn’t want to hurt her, since Colie likes Alex. Alex comes right back and says that he likes Jenn, though, and there we go. The Triangle has been formed!!! And we’re out!

Look for lots of crazy stuff this season. This looks to be a great year and something we will be talking about a lot next month. So stay tuned to the “Mix” and!


Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel

This week Beth stirs the pot and starts some drama, of course. Beth seems to be going after Robin. She says this to Brad and Evan and they say that she told them that. Beth seems to think that they think and she didn’t say it. Somehow this leads to Brad yelling at Svetlana and thinking she’s twisting words. Svetlana says that she doesn’t have an alliance with Beth, which is total B.S. since we saw a few episodes ago that they did. But whatever. Svetlana then goes to whine to her boyfriend on the phone about it, which is pretty retarded since Brad wasn’t really that mean to her. I bet something is going to happen to Robin, Beth, and/or Svetlana in “The Duel” tonight, though. Mark it down.

Time for the next challenge! It is called “Rafty Race”. This is a weird race. They have to run and get an inflatable raft, but there is not enough rafts for everyone so whoever doesn’t get a raft is out. This continues as they pick up random items and people will drop out after each item. We finally end up with four players, two women and two men, and the winning girl is safe, while the men gets a lot of watersports toys. Robin says she is sure she’s going into “The Duel”, so there you go.

The race begins and they have to wear flippers throughout the race. Wes is the first guy out, while Aneesa and Svetlana are the odd women out. One rule you have to follow is to pull the tag off of each item that you are using. That means you own that item. Derrick learns this when he forgets to pull the tag off of his air pump and Eric comes in to steal it away from him by pulling the tag. Derrick is out. Same thing happens to Kina when Beth steals her tag. Robin is the first in the water for the girls. Everyone seems to be getting in the water without blowing up their rafts all the way. Not Beth who makes sure she takes the time to have a fully aired up raft. She quickly passes people and Diem is the next girl out. Brad is the next guy out. CT was last, but soon passes Evan. Eric is still in first. CT grabs the last key and Evan is out. Beth and Jodi get their keys and Robin is out. CT is the first to the beach surprisingly. And CT wins for the guys and Jodi wins it for the girls! Jodi is surprised since Beth’s boat was full and all.

Time to pick now! Jodi picks CT first. CT picks Diem. Diem has Evan. Evan gets Robin. Robin goes with Derrick. Derrick picks Kina. Kina goes with Brad. Brad picks Beth, since Robin figures Beth would have picked her to go into “The Duel”. I smell what’s coming, though. Beth picks Eric making him choose who goes into “The Duel”. He picks Aneesa, of course, which puts Svetlana into “The Duel”. Svetlana ends up picking Beth, which surprises everyone!

TJ brings out the deck of cards and Svetlana picks “Push Me”. The rules of this elimination game are that they have to push this pole in the same direction and basically push their opponent backwards. You would think Beth has an advantage with her weight. But that’s why they play the game. After 35 minutes, Beth appears to push Svetlana out of the way but she doesn’t follow the rules and yanks the flag off instead of unclipping it like she should have. So Svetlana is all crying and stuff and is then told that she won by a DQ. Beth is going home! She whines and cries about a lame DQ, but she didn’t follow the rules. Svetlana cries too much anyways, so I really don’t care who went home. But Beth is gone!

Rob & Big

This episode was all about Big’s weight. Rob is worried about his health. He comes into the kitchen one morning and Big is fixing some eggs and bacon, but he is also “snacking” on a cheeseburger as a starter. Rob wants to see how much Big weighs, but they can’t find a working scale. He’s apparently over 400 lbs. since that’s as high as it goes. Eventually they have to go to the recycling place to get a scale big of to weigh Big. His official weight is 416 lbs.

Rob continues his quest to make Big healthier. He tries a lot of alternative ways to make Big stop eating. When that doesn’t work, they go to a nutritionist. She tells Big to eat smaller portions. Rob doesn’t think that will work and he does a whole “boot camp” for Big. He rides a bike and runs and everything else. However, Big doesn’t lose a single pound after all of that.

Big goes back to the nutritionist and she tells him to stay off scales. He’s feeling better about himself and that’s all that matters. Rob can’t believe it, but she’s the expert. Big eats his burgers in peace for now. Rob vows to make him lose the weight, though. We’ll see, but for now we’re out!

And that ends the 20th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next week when we mix things up a bit!

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