Hulk Hogan Match, Vince Talks, Kennedy & Punk’s Big Match & More

According to Dave Meltzer, Hulk Hogan has agreed to face Jerry Lawler on April 27 in Memphis at the Mid South Coliseum, which “would be the first time the two have wrestled each other in more than 25 years if there isn’t the dreaded blown out knee in the next few weeks.” According to Wade Keller, Hulk Hogan is the promoter of the show, not Jerry Lawler or Memphis Wrestling. In an interesting note, Lawler is advertised for an indy show for Northeast Wrestling that same date in Danbury, CT, against Coach on a card that will be headlined by Samoa Joe vs. A.J. Styles, and feature a special appearance by Chris Jericho (who has been thinking about getting back into wrestling, but isn’t sure to what extent).

In other news:

– Ken Kennedy and CM Punk have reportedly been working together on ideas for the Money in the Bank match, recognizing it’s the biggest match to date in either’s career, says Meltzer.

– Meltzer’s also reporting that “everyone in the company except Vince McMahon was in the audience” for the screening of Condemned which got a great reaction from a very pro-pro wrestling audience, although some older wrestlers fell asleep during the movie.

– Donald Trump was on Letterman this week and Wrestlemania was NOT mentioned; however on ESPN Friday night, Elijah Burke did some guest commentary during a boxing match and came across very well.

– ECW Champion Bobby Lashley did a fundraiser at a local Detroit bowling alley for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which you can read about here. Also there were Rey Mysterio, Val Venis, The Highlanders and Victoria.

– In an Ottawa Sun Q&A with Vince McMahon, the WWE Chairman says “I far more enjoy producing and directing than being the talent. If I’m out there, it’s taking away from someone else.” Go to SLAM! Wrestling for more, including his comments about the Sports Illustrated steroids/HGH story, wrestler deaths, the XFL, Bret Hart and the Hall of Fame, HHH marrying into the family and more.

– Finally (for now!), SLAM! has posted a review of the Hall of Fame ceremony, including some insight I haven’t seen reported elsewhere yet. Very good review and worth the read.

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