Welcome To My Nightmare

No column today! Busy getting ready for PITTSBURGH COMICON! I’ll get back to the game discussion next week.

Ahh…who am I kiddin’? I’ll work on getting ready for Pittsburgh next week. This week it’s all about MY NEW BABY!!

Mine actually has a black roof (and sunroof, hells yeah!) and black mirror caps and black bonnet stripes, but you get the point. Fahrvergnügen, zoom zoom, etc.

So enjoy some pics I was saving for a rainy day…oh hey, look at that, it IS raining in STL…and we’ll try to do better next time.

Baby you can drive my car…beep beep beep beep yeah!

Amanda Byrnes is hot, and I don’t care how dirty of a bastard that makes me. Don’t quite know if that’s her face or not, but I stand by my statement. Unlike, I dunno, that nappy-headed jackoff Don Imus. GO RUTGERS!!

I have something about these two coming real soon.

And finally, the reason I expect to be disappointed with whatever they’re planning on doing with Mary Marvel in 2007.

Welcome to my Mini Cooper.