News on ROH’s PPV, SNME & New SD Tag Team


Some late-night newsbits:

– The next two episodes of Saturday Night’s Main Event will be on June 2 and August 18, both taking place in the 11:30pm ET timeslot on NBC. Sky Sports in the UK will be also airing it at 9pm on June 2.

– The new Drew Hankinson/Ray Gordy tag team that was supposed to debut on this week’s Smackdown will instead debut next week due to timing issues at the SD tapings.

– Ring of Honor’s Gabe Sapolsky is editing the “Respect is Earned” PPV down in Florida, and everyone’s really happy with the way it comes across on TV, with no major edits being made (some of the Delirious vs. Roderick Strong match may be tweaked a bit for presentation purposes).

Credit: Pro Wrestling Insider

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