DC News & Views: Is No News Good News?


Not much by way of DC news this week, but I couldn’t very well not cover the solicits, now could I.


Comic Book Resources provided the solicitations and I know they’ll just be tickled pink if you head over there. Just tell ‘em Tim sent, you okay?

Countdown 39-35

I’m not sure who did this cover (is that really Shane Davis’s work), but I like it. The Zatanna is no great shakes and, yes, Mary Marvel skirt is even shorter than before. However, check that smug look on Mary’s face. Love that.

Action Comics 853-855Three issues of Action Comics in a month! And only one of them featuring the highly hyped creative team (minus artist)! Well, in comparison to past months, that one is actually an infinitely higher number of issues. REJOICE!

Also, giant green monkey! You have been warned.

The All-New Atom #14Whoa, whoa, whoa guys! No reason to be so handy!

And yes, Jason Todd is heading for a territory I call “Overexposedville”.

Amazons Attack #5-6This will really still be going on in August? Ugh…I’m done with it already.

All-New Booster Gold #1There was about 6 seconds where I seriously considered buying this book. Then I realized it was Booster Gold and I must be crazy.

Plus, the reason I was considering? Supernova’s costume. I am a sad, sad man.

52 Aftermath: The Four HorsemenBlack Adam handled them by himself. Somehow, I think Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman are going to do just fine, thanks.

Outsiders: Five of a Kind- Week 1: Boomerang/NightwingSince when does Boomerang have a troubled relationship with Batman? Have they even met, ever?

Outsiders: Five of a Kind- Week 2: Katana/ShazamAhh, who doesn’t love a cover depicting Seppuku? Good times.

Outsiders: Five of a Kind- Week 3: Thunder/Martian ManhunterWhen will you stop teasing us, J’onn and expose that sweet, sweet Martian flesh again?


Anyone else feel like this is Batman’s version of charity for Martian Manhunter? “Yeah, J’onn, really sorry about not even checking in with you about the JLA. What do you say I give you a spot on my other team? Huh? Come on, don’t pout, the Outsiders are just as good…well, maybe not just as good, but close to as good as the Justice League. Oh, don’t be like that. Look, Metamorpho’s part of the team. You like him, right? So…what’d you think?”

Outsiders: Five of a Kind- Week 4: Aquaman/Metamorpho

DC really just cannot decide how old Aquaman is. On some covers he looks in his 30’s, some in his 40’s…here, about 12.

Outsiders: Five of a Kind- Week 5: Wonder Woman/GraceMARC ANDREYKO ALERT! MARC ANDREYKO ALERT!

Batman Annual #26I should be excited about this. Milligan, Ras Al Ghul…it is like someone had me specifically in mind. But, for some reason, I’m just not. Maybe it is the past two issues of JLA Classified or maybe it’s the fact that the Demon’s Head has been dead for a few years and this tends to mean a character is coming back. I just don’t know.

Detective Comics #835This is me, checking this solicitation. “Oh, cool. Dini tackling Scarecrow. Wait…a fill-in writer. Oh…god, these fill-ins are killing me.”

Nightwing #135I think I’d like this cover if it weren’t for the red wash.

It just sort of derails the whole thing to me.

Robin #165Ahh, good.

Gleason is back on track.

All-Star Superman #9Check out this solict text: “Behold the Eisner Award-winning creative powerhouse in another fantastic exhibition of All Star bravura! Perils loom as Superman faces the strangest of adversaries.”

Could that be any more generic? Either a.) the promotions department just isn’t worried about this book anymore or b.) there’s no way this book is going to be ready for this ship date. Or, I guess, c.) someone needs to be fired.

Superman #666This…

…is disturbing. Especially Supergirl’s mouth…brrr.

Birds of Prey #109I’m not thrilled with this being a fill-in issue by Tony Bedard, but the cover almost makes up for it.

It just makes me smile. Especially Green Arrow’s face. What a goofball.

Blue Beetle #18Bad news: Lobo guests in this issue. Good news: So do the Teen Titans. Bad news: This solicit text makes me think that Blue Beetle running with the Titans is a one month only affair.

Checkmate #17Goodness…can anyone tell me what the heck this cover is all about?

Just bad.

The Brave and the Bold #6This…

…also disturbs me.

Green Arrow: Year One #3-4More nice cover work from Jock.

Black Canary #3-4

This cover strikes me as one of those photos where everyone agrees they are going to smile or stick out their tongue or something and that one jerk doesn’t do it, but you don’t realize until three weeks later when you get the pictures developed and there he is, stone faced in the center. Green Arrow is that jerk here. The theme was screaming, Ollie, couldn’t you at least play along?

Dr. Thirteen TPBYAY! This is so great and I sort of can’t believe that DC a.) did it in the first place and b.) that they put it into TPB so quick. (Meanwhile, you Suicide Squad fans can keep waiting) But I am thrilled.

Plus, what a great cover.

Love that candy colored background!

Justice Society of America #8If the spotlight turns on Liberty Belle, why is Power Girl on the cover?

JLA Classified #41I’m divided on this.

On the one hand, Kid’s costume pretty awful. On the other, there is something about it…

Like I said, I’m divided.

JSA Classified #29Fate is cruel. On the one hand, Mr. Terrific finally gets the spotlight. On the other, it is drawn by that guy who did the Doctor Midnite fights vampires arc from a few issues ago. Why must all my joy be tempered by sorrow.

I know I sound melodramatic here, but look at how he draws Terrific.

See?! Not melodramatic enough is more like it!

On the third hand, Mr. Horrific? Either that’s genius or just terrible.

Metal Men #1The jury’s out on whether or not I’ll get this but this solicit does score one in the positive column. Why? “Giant stone Golems made of Granite, Bizmuth, Onyx, and Lime.” In other words, the Metal Men are getting opposite number villains. Love that sort of thing. LOVE IT!

Shadowpact #16Doctor Gotham?!

Teen Titans #50Very excited for this! Let’s hope Beetle sticks around.

Ex Machina: Masquerade SpecialI don’t know what it is, but I am a sucker for characters with flaming pumpkin heads.

Thank you Wildstorm.

I’m also excited for this though because it sounds a lot like that two part special that featured Mitchell as a superhero back in the day in all its full length glory instead of a two page flashback. That was a lot of fun and reinvigorated my interest in the title. My interest these days remains high, but I’m still up for some Great Machine heroics.

Plus, pumpkin head. You really can’t go wrong there.

Power Girl 13 Inch Figure

Oh…this is so not going to be good. Fandom cannot be trusted with this sort of thing.

As promised, only solicits! And it still ran for five pages. Because I write far too much. Booooooo to me! Yay to solicits!

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