What's Playing 07/27/07

Wide Release

The Simpsons Movie – On the air for eighteen years, the Simpsons family finally gets their chance on the big screen and it may call for their end. Homer accidentally pollutes the river with toxic waste from the power plant causing him to lose his job. But the pollution gets so bad that it forces the residents of Springfield to evacuate their town possibly forever. D’oh!

I Know Who Killed Me – Starring Linsay Lohan, Michael Adler, Mischael Esparza, and many more in this sadistic story of kidnap and torture. A small town is shaken at its foundation when Aubrey Fleming (Lohan) is abducted and tortured by a madman. After her escape, she then awakens in a hospital and things are not as they seem. She insists that she is not who everyone thinks she is and that the real Aubrey is still in great danger.

Who’s Your Caddy? – Big Boi, Jeffrey Jones, Susan, Ward, and a whole cast of others make life on the golf course very interesting. A rap superstar from Atlanta wishes to join a very conservative country club in the Carolinas but his membership is being opposed strongly by the Club President. No matter, because the rap star and his entourage are ready for them.

No Reservations – Kate Armstrong (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is a top chef and has everything going for her. Her life gets turned upside-down when she becomes the legal guardian of her young niece, but with a little help from Nick (Aaron Eckhart), things may turn out alright.

Limited Release

Arctic Tale – Queen Latifah narrates these two stories that take place in the harsh existence of the freezing Arctic. Follow along with the life of a mother walrus and her calf; and then with that of a polar bear and her cubs to see if they can make it through with nothing more then each other. Opened in limited release on Wednesday, July 25.

Moli̩re РFollow along in the seventeenth century with the brilliant playwright and actor Moli̩re as he showcases his talents on a Paris stage in a theatre given to him by the King. But his life would take sudden tragic turns when he meets a young woman and she asks for his help.

No End In Sight – Campbell Scott narrates this documentary which is a deep look at the Bush administration in the White House and the it’s conduct of the war in Iraq and outlook on the country.

This Is England – Set in the early eighties, go along with the story of a young troubled boy growing up in England. He doesn’t have much until he meets his new friends that happen to be a gang of rowdy skinheads and he then experiences all the tragedies of life including war, racism, xenophobia, and a severe work shortage. Opened in limited release on Wednesday, July 25.

Introducing The Dwights, Sunshine, Rescue Dawn, and Talk To Me are all expanding.