MTV Mix – Volume 46

As some people like to say, business is about to pick up! I have BIG news this week on the return of another flagship show for MTV. This popular show will be coming back for a 4th season in a couple of weeks. Actually the name has changed for this show, but the attitude hasn’t changed. Find out what show is coming back, plus MUCH more, including my thoughts on the casting special of The Real World: Sydney that aired this week. MTV is just about to heat up again “after dark”, and I have you covered…


MTV Moves Up The Coast for Season Four of Laguna Beach, August 23 For MTV Canada and August 15 for MTV USA…

There is a new Cast, new Beach, and new Drama in “Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County” Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV Canada and Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV USA.

For three seasons fans have lived, loved and come of age with the teenagers of Laguna Beach. This season, MTV is moving up the coast to Newport Harbor. Join a new circle of friends as they discover first loves, face new rivalries and get hearts broken as Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County premieres on Thursday, August 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV Canada and Wednesday, August 15 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV USA.

“It has been three years since the Stephen, Lauren and Kristin love triangle drew viewers to the real life drama of Laguna Beach,” said Tony DiSanto, Executive Vice President, Series Development & Programming for MTV. “Now we are moving up the coast to a new town with new faces and a new high school, but with the same drama of dealing with relationships, cliques, family and friends. The real OC is a beautiful backdrop to this universal story and this year we go back to the heart of the drama…that wistful last year of school.”

As the cast prepares to leave their childhood behind, they will find that high school isn’t always a day at the beach. The teens talk about the challenges and excitement of their first kiss, the newest couple at school contends with an over-protective father and a girl that’s used to getting everything she wants. Meanwhile, former best friends compete for the affection of a younger beauty.

A new town means new beauty, new drama, and new faces. Meet the cast of Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County:

Chrissy has recently blossomed into a head-turning high school senior and with three top colleges to pick from, she is clearly the smartest girl in the group. Will this good girl have the nerve to go after the cutest guy in school, even if it means a head-on collision with her dad?

Allie is the girl that all the boys want and all the girls want to be. With three months left before graduation, Allie wants to shed her image as “the boyfriend-stealing bad girl.” To make things worse, she finds herself caught between her ex-boyfriend, her flirtatious best friend, and Chrissy’s new love interest. Will she go after Chrissy’s crush and risk their new friendship?

Clay could have his pick of any girl in the school, but being a shy junior, he often turns to his gregarious best friend Grant for confidence. Will Clay get the nerve to ask out the most sought after girl in school or will he end up going for the cute girl next door?

While only a junior, Grant is the life of the party. Whether it’s his luck with the ladies, his money supply or throwing the best parties he is the epicenter for entertainment. After spending a summer at military school, his parents are tying to lay down the law. Will Grant be able to change his bad-boy behavior?

No matter how many hearts Chase breaks, he still has a way with the girls. Even though he is dating Taylor, this senior is openly pursuing a reunion with his former flame. Although he is sometimes viewed as being over-confident, his persona masks a family life in turmoil after a bitter divorce between his parents. Will Chase put aside his player ways and stick with one girl?

Only a sophomore, Taylor is the youngest of the group. She has been dating Chase, but finds herself competing with one of the older girls for her boyfriend’s affections. Can she tame Chase into an honest relationship or will she finally get fed up and leave him?

So stay tuned for that as I will cover all the action of Newport Harbor right here in the “MTV Mix” every week…



Making the Band 4

The guys say hello to their new choreographer to start this episode off. His name is Jamal. Julius is worried since he is still injured and can’t learn the dance moves like the rest of the guys. Everyone else is motivated to prove Diddy wrong. They can dance. Julius gets a pep talk from his girlfriend. He is a winner in her book!

The guys then go back to hear their first single it looks like. It’s produced by Brian Cox. It’s called “Exclusive” I believe and it’s actually the theme song for the show. Who is singing it, though? We will find out VERY soon. Actually I’m thinking the finale is next week, because The Hills is coming up in two weeks. But back to this show.

Carlos is having a baby. He is excited about that. He goes back home to visit with his girlfriend, Josera. Meanwhile, DeAngelo has to get his braids cut off according to Diddy. His head is lumpy, although all the other guys say it looks good.

More singing for the guys. Robert seems to do the best, while Julius appears to be the worst. Brian Cox then picks out 5 guys to sing the entire song together. Dyshon has the first verse. Brian A. has the next part. Willie is next. Robert and Michael then compete for the final part. Everyone who didn’t get picked to sing are not that happy.

Robert tries to encourage Julius to not give up and quit. Carlos gets some bad news. His girlfriend tells him that their baby may have Down’S Syndrome. That really messes up his mind while he is trying to dance in front of Diddy. Diddy notices. Julius is in pain, while he is dancing but he does so anyways. Everyone else just tries to prove that they are better than what Diddy said they were last time.

Diddy now gets everyone together to sing the song. Carlos once again screws up, so it doesn’t look good for him. Lots of head nodding and dancing in their seats from Diddy and Michael Bivins. That changes when Julius screws up the song. Time for the cut!

But first Diddy asks the others who they would pick for a four-man group. Bivins steps up and picks Michael, Willie, Robert, and Donnie. Not bad choices. Brian Cox has the same people, but he would replace Michael with Brian A. Again can’t argue there. Slam from A&R picks Robert, Brian A., Jeremy, and Qwanell. Ankh Ra, the vocal coach, picks the exact same as Slam. Jamal picks Robert, Willie, Donnie, and Qwanell. So it looks like Robert is a lock to be in the band as all 5 people picked him. Willie, Donnie, Qwanell, and Brian A. are close seconds. So one of those four will be out, while the other three will be in with Robert. Of course, as we know this is Diddy’s band so he could pick four completely different guys.

Lets see who survives this cut, though. Diddy says that this cut will really hurt him since all of them deserves to be in the band. It’s not fair, but that’s life. Qwanell, Michael, Willie, Robert, Brian A., DeAngelo, Jeremy, Brian H., Donnie, and Dyshon all make it to the finals. That means Carlos and Julius get the axe this week. Really I would have gotten rid of DeAngelo, Brian H., and Dyshon as well this week. But there are 10 left now. Here is the big news now. Diddy sends them home for two months. When they come back, he will pick his group. So next week IS the finale!

My band predictions are Robert, Donnie, Willie, and Brian A. But Donnie is iffy. He has to step it up his singing or go home. Find who in new band next week!


Room 401

We start off with a pretty fantastic illusion. We see a pretty girl get transformed into an old lady after being dunked into the hot tub. That certainly freaked me out as a I expecting something totally different.

The next “illusion” is not one at all really. It was so predictable as well. Two guys dropped off this crate. You could tell someone would pop out of it and sure enough a guy, wearing a diaper did. Not that freaky or scary, but then again I know the show and I knew what was coming.

The third illusion was also pretty predictable, but this illusion was pretty cool and freaky. A guy gets sucked up into the engine of a jet plane. You could see that coming, but the freaky part is how they did it and then a minute later the same guy comes walking up to freak this girl out who saw it happen. Yeah, that was the best so far on this show.

The last one I think we have seen before. Actually it’s a “remix” of the illusion we saw in the first episode where the guy eats crab and actual crabs come crawling out of his stomache. This time a guy eats something and another guy puts his hand through his stomache and pulls it out. That’s a little better, but not better than the last one. Still a good second place for this week.


The Real World: Sydney

It’s time for the 19th season of MTV’s flagship reality show, The Real World. This time they are going “down under” to Sydney, Australia. I am here to give you my thoughts on the cast based on the casting special that aired this week. But we will also find out what former Real Worlders, Randy from San Diego, Colie from Denver, Wes from Austin, and Paula and Svetlana from Key West thought about them as well.

First, we have Issac. He is 20 and from Cleveland, OH. Apparently his penis is looking for trouble. Those are his words. He has lots of problems with the cops in Ohio. Just crazy drunken juvenile stuff. What did he learn from this? “You shouldn’t be high and drunk all day.” He also doesn’t wear any underwear. He says there is no need for it. That’s a little nasty. He likes big boobs. He claims he will never have a girlfriend. He says there are good things about everyone, if you take the time to get to know and get past their annoying qualities. He really looks like a big loser to me, but it’s easy to see why he was cast for the show.

Next, we have Shauvon. She is 23 and from Sacramento, CA. She is a sex columnist. Well this one is obvious. The column is called “Sexcapades”. Mother is not proud of her. She just broke up with a long-term boyfriend, because he made her pick between him and her career. She chose the career. She is competitive a.k.a. “catty” with other girls.

Colie thinks these two will like each other and “hook up”. Svetlana curses a lot. Randy thinks there could be initial attraction, but then there will be friction. So like Colie and Alex. Hmm… We see the preview of the season. They do a lot of making out and flirting. Then, they begin to fight over some alcohol. This is too easy. Pretty predictable. Paula likes seeing things getting thrown. Randy thinks Shauvon is pretty, but too agressive and intimidating. Wes feels the same way.

Next, we have Dunbar. He is 22 and from Natchez, MS. He claims to be the Southern Gentleman. Oh good lord, he has the rebel flag up. He says it’s the Mississippi state flag, but really it means you are a redneck. And I live in the South, but that flag is pretty pointless. You can be proud to be from the South and not wave that flag around. Dunbar’s girlfriend, Julie, is a hottie though. He can’t really form sentences when talking about his girlfriend. He has apparently gone through some hardships as well.

Next is Parisa. She is 21 and from New York City, NY. She is a Muslim. She has always known that she was different. She is proud to be Muslim, though. She is sensitive on the inside despite her appearing to be tough on the outside. Apparently she is starting to learn to reject guys now. That’s a good thing actually as long as it’s the wrong guys to reject like the nice guys. She doesn’t really worry about guys liking her or not now.

Colie, Paula, and Svetlana all are in LOVE with Dunbar. Wes thinks these two are “wallpaper” meaning that they were the last ones pick and are not as interesting as the other 5. I agree with Dunbar. Colie thinks that Parisa takes life too seriously to be on this show. Is everyone hooking up on this show? They like to flirt with each other as well. They have bonded it seems. Of course, that means they fight with each other later. No one thinks that they really like each other. There will be definite tension between them. Paula and Wes would both rub lotion on Dunbar. Too bad Dunbar looks to be extremely boring.

The next roommate we meet is Cohutta. He is 23 and from Blue Ridge, GA. He is the crazy guy on the show. He claims to be a “good ole boy” from Georgia and he has a THICKY THICK Georgia accent. He makes his money building log homes. The sad thing is that I know lots of people like him. At least I will enjoy copying his accent all season.

Next is Kelly Anne. She is 20 and from Georgetown, TX. She says she doesn’t like drama, so as Blair said that means she is all about drama. She loves to kiss guys. She loves attention. She hates “fatties”! Lovely. She does have a nice butt, though. But you can’t really have a conversation with her.

Everyone else seems to like Cohutta. Colie thinks he can get a taste of the 21 century on the show. Paula thinks the girls will terrify him. Wes thinks his world is about to open up and smack him in the face. Culture clashes between him and Parisa. They all make jokes about Kelly Anne being able to write on her stomache and back. Svetlana is the only one that doesn’t get that she can’t actually write on her back! Colie thinks Kelly is in for a rude awakening. Paula thinks she has a temper. Right on cue, Kelly fights with Parisa because Pairsa is jealous apparently. Parisa also says that Kelly is more “generous” with her affection than her. Kelly says her nickname in highschool was “c**k tease”. Cohutta seems to have takin’ a likin’ for her, though. Wes hates girls that are proud that there are teases. Either be a slut or be a friend according to Wes. Good words to live by. They all agree she is insecure.

Last, we meet Trisha. She is probably the best looking in the house. Kelly Anne is probably cuter, but her attitude sucks. And Shauvon looks too fake. Trisha looks more natural. She is only 19, though, and is from Fresno, CA. She has a boyfriend and “chasity ring”, but neither is probably going to stick around that long on this show. She is apparently religious, and tried to stay a virgin until she was married but couldn’t make it. Good lord she didn’t try that hard, if she is just now 19. Although, that is probably old these days. She says she lasted the longest out of all of her friends. Well good for her. Now it’s time to party! Her favorite word is “party”. However, she doesn’t forget that her body is a temple. HA! She loves her boyfriend, but yet she goes out with other guys. Another kissing slut according to her. She is confusing.

Wes likes her better than Kelly Anne. Randy thinks she will be fun to watch since she is so young. The preview suggests the girls all argue and annoy each other, especially Parisa and Kelly Anne. Parisa seems to be the “drama queen”. Kelly looks to be jealous of Trisha. And it looks like Parisa and Trisha get into a fight. AWESOME! Paula goes out on a limb and says there will be “drinking, fighting, and hooking up!” Randy actually thinks this season will be the best ever. So much sexual tension and so much culture clashes here. That is true, but sometimes it just seems like they are just trying too hard to create tension and drama when they cast for this show.

For the most part this season looks to be as sexual, if not more, than The Real World: Denver or The Real World: Las Vegas. Although, I will say that there are no “minorities” on this season except for Parisa. But it looks like she is the center of all the drama so maybe there wasn’t any room left for anyone else. Like Randy said, though, the potential is there for people to learn about different cultures. They took people from four different parts of America and threw them into Australia. Should be a fun season. I will cover it here and look for some extra special “opinions” from some special people in the near future.


Wild N’ Out

Last week’s guest was Swiss Beatz. He’s a rapper. He also leads the black team, which consists of Taran Killam, Corey Holcomb, Mikey Day, Spanky Hayes, and Rasika Mathur. The red team is Nick Cannon along with Affion Crockett, Brandon T. Jackson, Shawty, Biz Markie, and Leonard Robinson.

The first round is called “So Fly”. Team members will explain to us why their team captains are “so fly” or basically better than the other captain. Pretty even, but I give the edge to the red team with the winner being Affion Crockett

The second round is called “What Had Happened Was”. Team members are given a sticky situation regarding a celebrity. They have to come up with excuses to get that celebrity out of trouble. Another close one, but once again I have to go with the red team again and the winner is Affion Crockett again. Mikey Day almost won it for the black team, but it wasn’t enough.

The third round is called “Remix”. This is one of my favorites. Teams take a classic nursery rhyme and have to “remix” them into a rap. I have no clue what the red team’s nursery rhyme is. Something called “Camptown Races”. They don’t either until they hear the song. The black team get “Jack Be Nimble”. They go first and break out into a Beastie Boys rap. Not too bad really. This was alright, but I think I have to give it to the black team this round. The winner is probably the combo of Mikey Day and Taran Killam. It should be noted that I have gone the complete opposite as far as winners go than what DJ D-Wrek has done.

The final round is “WildStyle”. Both teams freestyle rap against each other as you should know by now. I really have to give this round to the red team and Biz Markie as the winner. So this show goes to the Red Team! The MVP goes to Affion Crockett. He was solid as usual.

This week’s guest is Pauly Shore. That’s awesome! He used to be an “infamous” actor in the early 90’s for his crazy characters in crazy movies. He was one of the original MTV VJs as well. He is a pop culture icon really. So this should be interesting. He also leads the black team, which consists of Spanky Hayes, Mikey Day, Deray Davis, Taran Killam, and Rasika Mathur. The red team is Nick Cannon along with Affion Crockett, Kevin Hart, Marques Ray, Corey Holcomb, and Leonard Robinson.

The first round is called “Questions”. Each team has to ask the other team weird questions and the other team has to provide quick answers or get the buzzer instead of the bell. This was close, but I will give this round to the black team. Deray Davis wins it for them, but Pauly Shore was a close second along with Affion Crockett.

The second round is called “I’m on the List”. Team members have to pretend to be celebrities and try to get into an exclusive club. The bouncer has to guess who they are by clues they give without saying who they are. So it’s a twist on the limo game from last week. That game was nuts. I have to give it to the black team again and the winner being Pauly Shore, because he is off his rocker!

The third round is called “Crystal Ballin'”. A member of each team plays a psychic. They try and tell the future of some audience members. Not that funny really, but I will give it to the red team and Kevin Hart as the winner.

The final round is “WildStyle”. Both teams freestyle rap against each other as you should know by now. . So this show goes to the Red Team! The MVP goes to a very solid Randall Park!

And that ends the 46th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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