Ric Flair Denies Quitting WWE


To follow up on the earlier Ric Flair story, the Nature Boy recently appeared on the “Primetime with the Packman” radio show (click here for an MP3 of the interview) to discuss college football, and was asked about rumors that he “quit” WWE.

Flair’s response: “That is not true. What would WWE do without me?”

He said he couldn’t comment on the recent WWE suspensions, talked about his finance company, and said he’d talk more about WWE when he co-hosts the show this Thursday with Mark Packer.

PWInsider is reporting that Flair and WWE are “speaking amicably towards a resolution” to his issues, and that he remains under WWE contract. PWTorch.com says that Flair “quit” WWE according to site editor Wade Keller’s multiple sources, and that since he gave notice WWE has been “diligently” trying to get him to change his mind. Of course, Keller writes, neither WWE or Flair is happy that this story got out, with both sides thinking the other is responsible for the leak. That being said, the fact Flair is denying it publicly shows Flair isn’t making this he-said/she-said in the press. We’ll have a report on Flair’s next appearance on the Packman show on WFNZ in Charlotte (also available online, from 3 to 7pm ET) later this week.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.