American Idol Countdown Week Thursday: #6 – Murtz Jaffer Interviews Phil Stacey

The American Idol Countdown Week continues as I had the chance to sit down with Phil Stacey when the Idols were in Toronto as part of their tour. Sorry for the delay with this, it has been a crazy time with V-Fest and the Fall premieres, but it’s worth it as Stacey says some interesting things, especially when he says that he enjoyed his elimination?

Murtz Jaffer: Can you describe the Idol experience for me?

Phil Stacey: Oh, it’s just absolutely surreal. And I have had a different experience than some of them. I have been a fan all five seasons before us. Just the first time you see the judges, you’re just completely star struck. You’re kind of almost out of a situation you know? The whole thing is that way. Even when you’re on stage singing, it’s so nerve-wracking, I couldn’t begin to explain it. We’re way more in our comfort zone now that we are on the tour. We’re having a blast. It’s been the best year of my life.

MJ: Was there any one moment that stood out to you? Was it a performance? I’d imagine for me, it would be watching myself on TV.

PS: I opted not to watch myself on TV.

MJ: Wow, at all?

PS: Oh yeah man. I didn’t watch a single episode this year.

MJ: You haven’t even gone back and watched it?

PS: No. I probably never will.

MJ: What’s the reason? Because if I am on TV, I have it on like Tivo everyday.

PS: I think that everytime I walked off the stage, I was disappointed in something that I had done. Knowing that 35 million people saw it, I don’t want to go back and rehash. For me, I am so much happier now that we are in front of a live audience, just having fun, that kind of thing.

MJ: Did you stay away from the message boards and the media as well during the show?

PS: I didn’t to begin with. At first, I was checking out the message boards everyday and seeing what people thought. Seeing what people were saying and everything. It was amusing seeing people talk about you and everything. After awhile, some of the negative comments would get to me. Make me feel more pressured. So I just stopped.

MJ: So if they said ‘he should sing louder,’ would you find that you were ‘now, I have to sing louder?’

PS: Yeah, totally. And all of a sudden I am screaming. Yeah, exactly.

MJ: What’s next for you after the tour is over? An album? Country?

PS: Yeah, there’s an album lined up. It probably won’t be released until next April. My first priority is just to get along with my family. Cater to my wife and cater to my kids for a little while. I am out here on the road here without them. They show up every 14-20 days, something like that.

MJ: But they didn’t make it to Toronto?

PS: No, they’re not here. They will be with me tomorrow.

MJ: Nice.

PS: But not here unfortunately.

MJ: And finally, can you tell me what the Idol experience has been like in one word?

PS: Surreal.

MJ: I think most people say that. I think the Canadian Idols said the same thing.

PS: I think anybody would say that, yeah. I didn’t answer one of your questions, but one moment that sticks out for me was my elimination.

MJ: Really?

PS: I really enjoyed my elimination. I thought it came at a perfect time. I was stressed about the next week and I was really excited about not being stressed.

MJ: You sang “Blaze of Glory” as your closing song right?

PS: Yeah.

MJ: I remember that there was a guy on Canadian Idol who sang “We Are The Champions” as his closeout song, and I was like the only one that I thought was better than that to go out on was “Blaze of Glory.”

PS: Well there you go brother.

MJ: The perfect song to go out on.

PS: Thanks man.

MJ: Thank you so much.

PS: Cool, thanks for coming.

The American Idols Live Tour hits the Huntington West Virginia Big Sandy Superstore Arena tonight. The tour wraps up on Sept. 22 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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