Fall Frenzy: Remote Destination – Journeyman Review

San Francisco journalist Dan Vasser suffers from blackouts which cause him to wake up the past on a mission to change someone’s life, all while juggling his present as a father and husband with a past that includes a fiancé destined to die. Or is she?

For Fans OfQuantum Leap, The Dead Zone, Early Edition.

What I Didn’t Like

There really wasn’t too much that I didn’t like. In fact my only qualm with the show was more a distraction; I loved Rome so hearing Kevin McKidd without an English accent took me out of the episode in the beginning. I miss Rome.

What I Liked

First off the casting is superb. Reed Diamond and Kevin McKidd are the best tv brothers I’ve seen in awhile. Plus it’s a kick to see Reed Diamond as a cop on NBC again. And since I was one of the few fans of Daybreak seeing Moon Bloodgood again is a treat.

I thought the scenes set in the past were pretty well done. The writers seem trust the views to know the past is the past without having to hit them over the head with it.

Tons of scenes rang true to me. Vasser’s anniversary, his abortive intervention. But the scene that rang the most true was probably the scene when Dan is alone with Olivia in their shared apartment. Seeing McKidd convey the torture between wanting to cherish every moment with his lost love yet not wanting to cheat on his wife in the present was so perfectly played.

I also appreciated how the writers provide enough information about why Dan is bouncing around in time, to satisfy without giving everything away.

And while Dan’s plan to prove his sanity to his wife was obvious, it was also effective.

Closing Thoughts

I’m a sucker for time travel, so I really dug the show. Being a fan of most of the principal cast I wasn’t disappointed in their work. The writers did a good job of addressing the repercussions to someone’s personal life if such a fantastic thing happened, which makes the show that much more enjoyable. I’ll be sticking around.

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