[SPOILERS] Grey's Anatomy – Episode 4-3

Episode 4.03: Let the Truth Sting
Airdate: October 11, 2007

The new interns are dazzled by the skill level of fellow intern George, while Lexie helps keep his “repeater” status a secret.

Meredith half-heartedly helps Lexie with her first emergency patient.

Sloan and Richard attempt a radical, new surgery to save a woman’s ability to speak.

George is compelled to tell Callie of his past indiscretion with Izzie.

Edward Herrmann is scrubbing in for a guest role on ABC’s hit drama Grey’s Anatomy. Details on his role are being kept under wraps, but it is understood that he will play the world’s oldest intern in at least three episodes.

A mother, Marcy, brings her 15-year-old son Henry to the hospital because she suspects his change in behavior may be due to drugs. When the test results show that Henry is not on drugs, the doctor working the case tries to reassure Marcy by telling her he is going through adolescence. But things go awry when the teen starts to speak nonsense and collapses. A patient named Connie is in for surgery to remove a cancer in her vocal chords. Before the operation, she tells two of her best friends stuff she has on her mind since it may be the last time she’ll talk. What she has to say is not pretty (your breath stinks, you look fat in those pants, etc.). When she comes back from surgery, her friends decide to return the “favor” and tell Connie that she has terrible taste in men. Not to worry, all friends will kiss and make up!

The doctor who examines Henry after he collapsed thinks that something is wrong with his brain. He asked that another doctor be paged (Derek?) but the latter is in surgery.

Guest Cast: Edward Herrmann as Norman, Caroline Aaron as Connie, Eve Gordon as Mary, Amy Hill as Joanne, Debra Christofferson as Elaine and Jack Axelrod as really old guy.

Credit: SpoilerFix.com, ABC, The Hollywood Reporter, Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide

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