MTV Mix – Volume 64

Two shows return this week with more on the way in the coming weeks. So it’s time once again to catch with that boy named Ryan and our best friends, Rob & Big. Also, we say goodbye to another season of MTV’s flagship show. Yes, it is time to leave “The Land Down Under”. Lets start mixing…



Life of Ryan

That skateboarding prodigy, Ryan Sheckler, is back to bring his family drama to us. Apparently, his dad is not happy with his mom and sues her. That prevents Ryan from moving out sooner than he would have liked, since his mom wants him to stay until all of this gets settled.

Meanwhile, Ryan has some skating to do in Orlando. His fans, friends, and family are all there. Cue screaming teenage girls! Ryan has become so popular that even his family gets autograph requests. That’s a little insane. Ryan finishes in second place on this leg of the Dew Tour, but don’t fret as Ryan got enough points to win the Dew Tour for the second straight year!

Ryan eventually decides to with the change of plans and hold off buying a house for now. He wants to make sure that his brothers will be okay when he does move out. So there you go. It’s hard being a 17-year-old professional skateboarder and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Rob & Big

Back for a third season. **Start pimping here** My review of the first two seasons on DVD is up now, so go read it, then come back to finish reading this column, then run out to stores and buy that DVD! I’ll wait…**End pimping here** On with the new season!

What a way to open this season. Rob & Big are inside of a carwash and they break out in song to an Enrique Iglesias song. Full dance and song mode. No one will ever know, except for everyone that watches this show of course.

There is crap floating in the pool. Apparently it is from a human. Nasty! Rob cleans it out of the pool using gloves. Rob & Big think Drama did it, because he is nowhere to be found. He was out running errands and swears it is not his.

Rob & Big go to a pool supply store to get supplies to drain the pool. For some reason there is a guy that works there that doesn’t wear a shirt. He is a white guy around the age of 50 and he has a superman tattoo on his shoulder. Big Black says that “his body looked like a 70 watt lightbulb!”

They eventually get a polygraph guy to come over to the house and give Drama a lie detector test. He passes it. Their next plan is to install security cameras in the backyard. Better yet, though, Rob gets some sort of net gun that shots a net at various “dumpers”. They never figure who crapped in the pool. But thanks to the “mystery dumper”, though, they do get an artist to paint a mural of their family on the bottom of the pool. Looks to be another funny season of this show!


The Real World: Sydney

This is it gang! Here is the one-hour season finale of another LONG season of The Real World. Lets start it off right with the big secret being revealed. Dunbar tells Isaac that he and Ashley had oral sex. Now their relationship is strained. Meanwhile, Kelly Anne is not ready to leave Sydney and, more importantly, leave Cohutta.

WOW! Later Kelly Anne and Ashli do some REAL dirty dancing on some random guys. That pisses Cohutta off, especially when it looks like Kelly Anne flipped him off. Cohutta is not going to put up with her crap anymore. Kelly Anne immediately knows she made a mistake, but Cohutta wants her to act like she likes him. Cohutta has another great conversation with his grandpa about Kelly Anne. Those are ALWAYS great! Cohutta fears that Kelly Anne’s personality may be “too strong for him”. Kelly Anne apologizes to Cohutta and is ashamed that she did what she did. Kelly Anne says that she probably is distancing herself from Cohutta to brace for the inevitable departure.

Back to Dunbar and his girlfriend, Julie. Dunbar keeps dropping hints to Julie that he did something in Sydney that he shouldn’t have. Isaac tells Dunbar that he has to tell Julie right after he gets home. That’s the only way to do it. Dunbar knows he is screwed. Dunbar then tells the rest of the roommates about him and Ashli. Ashli is mad that Dunbar is going around and telling everyone now about them when she was trying to cover it up. Ashli wants to talk and that means Dunbar bangs his fist on a bench and calls Ashli names and wishes she would die, etc. That sends Ashli crying. You see, Parisa is right. Ashli having sex with Dunbar had more feeling to her than him. Now he knows he screwed up and is taking it out on Ashli. Simple as that. Ashli is really disappointed in herself since now she can’t even be friends with Dunbar and she thought she had better judgement than that.

Kelly Anne really likes Cohutta. Cohutta thought Kelly Anne was just a party girl, but he found out that they want the same things out of life. Parisa has really come around. Probably because Trisha and Shauvon are no longer in the house, but Parisa says that she will miss her roommates and didn’t think she would say that in the beginning.

Oh god, here comes the overdramatic moment. Ashli announces that she is going to have this big talk with Dunbar. Honest talk! She then goes to talk but not before we take a commercial break. Back to the talk. Dunbar says that his life is going to suck in the next few days. Ashli wonders if Dunbar thinks about how she might feel. He doesn’t. Ashli thought they she was just a “piece of ass” to him. Dunbar says that was never true and will never be true. So what does that mean exactly? I suppose now they can be friends. But Dunbar wants to prove that he can sleep in the same bed with Ashli and not do anything. Ashli won’t do it, though. She has self-control and that’s a good thing.

By the way, I hate that all MTV shows have 4 commercial breaks now instead of 3 for a 30-minute show. That’s too many and makes some shows REALLY drag on and on and on. More loving and hugging from Cohutta and Kelly Anne. They will love each other forever. Now Parisa hands out presents to the roommates. She gives Isaac a rock that is cut in half for him and Noirin. She gives Cohutta a wind chime. She gives Kelly Anne a Gemini stone. She gives Ashli a “evil eye”. Finally, she gives Dunbar a necklace with a hole in it. The bad luck goes through the hole and nothing but good luck remains. The point is Parisa tries to understand everyone and they eventually understand her.

Time to leave now! Ashli is the first to go! Tear! Next is Isaac and Dunbar. Cohutta and Kelly Anne leave and Parisa is all out of air and all alone. Tearful goodbye for Kelly Anne and Cohutta. And finally Parisa is the last to leave the house. Various words of wisdom from the roommates sprinkled throughout and we are out for another season. The next one is back in Los Angeles and it’s lucky Season #20!! Look for that later this year.


Run’s House

Russell wants Run to invest in his new project called “”, which is basically a hip-hop search engine. Run debates about investing, but eventually decides to. He likes driving his Lambo.

Meanwhile, JoJo, Angela, and Diggy pick on Russy. Run was the youngest child in his family and was picked on by his older brothers and sisters. Russy is now following in his footsteps, so he feels for him. Eventually everything works out for Russy, because he simply says that “He sucks” so they don’t get the chance to.

Rev Run sits in his tub and writes. Good morning. Do you ever ask yourself, “why is everybody always picking on me?” Being the youngest sibling isn’t always easy. But teasing can only hurt as much as you let it. Because when you frown, you bring the world down. But when you smile, the whole world smiles with you. God is love, Rev Run.

Angela wants to leave for Los Angeles as soon as she can. She wants to leave as soon as Vanessa is done with her Guiding Light run. Run doesn’t want her to leave so quick. Later, the Run family get the news that they get to adopt a baby girl. Run eventually gives in and gets the girls plane tickets to Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, JoJo wants a “hit record” with a “big-name producer”. He is disappointed that the producers that Latch Key Productions wants him to work with are “unknowns”. Russell tries to tell JoJo that the reward comes from the work and not the hit record. The payoff comes from working hard and enjoying the music you make.

Zach and Reggie, JoJo’s other rap group members, attempt to talk to Run about getting a big producer for them. No luck. Run tells them to have fun and not worry about becoming “big”. Run has second thoughts and does end up making a call to a “big producer” named Rockwilder. He is best known for producing “Lady Marmalade” covered by Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink, and Christina Aguilera for the movie Moulin Rouge. Rockwilder is going to help Team Blackout.

Rev Run sits in his tub and writes. Good morning. What is the meaning of success? Depends on what you’re striving for. Don’t expect achievements alone will make you complete. Happiness comes from appreciating what you have, not what you’re searching for. Remember make your life a hit, don’t wait for the hit to make your life. God is love, Rev Run.

And that ends the 64th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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