Late-Night News EXPLOSION (including Nick Hogan update and Lashley’s first post-WWE interview)

Gregory Helms updated his MySpace blog with a few words about the “altercation” he got into recently… including this line: “…he’s lucky Velvet Sky didn’t get a hold of him, as mad as she was, I’d bet a year’s salary that she woulda beat him down.” Nice.

Helms and Joey Styles have created profile pages on the WWE Fan Nation site, with Styles posting a blog that declares his retirement from doing pro wrestling play-by-play. The site’s an interesting mix of fan and wrestler interaction…

Victoria is about to open her store…

WWE does good charity work, some of which you can read about here.

Alex Marvez’s latest wrestling column is an interview with Diamond Dallas Page and can be read here.

Bobby Lashley is interviewed here — the first time since his WWE release. He basically talks about the possibility of wrestling in TNA or doing MMA.

Nick Hogan will be entering an open plea of guilty or no contest tomorrow and can face up to five years in jail for the car accident that hospitalized his friend John Graziano.

According to Nielsen Media Research by way of, the 5/3 AM Raw did a 0.6 cable rating and TNA replay did a 0.4. recapped a pretty good interview with Bill Goldberg, who complains about TNA and WWE.

Kane & Punk challenged Miz & Morrison to a title match at Judgment Day, and reports it’s happening.

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