News on WWE Tours, Mysterio’s Return, Thor & More

WWE is planning to do a tour of China early in 2009. A number of new arenas are being built for the Olympics this year and WWE is keen to gain from the booming economy there. They currently have television coverage in two of the major media markets in China and are hoping to expand it to ten by the end of this year.

Mick Foley is going to be working the WWE’s upcoming tour of Mexico as a replacement for Randy Orton, who has requested some time off. Foley will be the special guest referee for the main events of the shows in Queretearo and Mexico City. It also emerged that Foley was at one point working with HBO for a ‘scripted-reality’ show, along the lines of Curb Your Enthusiasm, produced by an old high school friend of his named Gail Bleckman. The pilot is still in production but they are now looking for another wrestler or rock star for the lead role.

Elsewhere on the filming front, Triple H remains a genuine contender for the lead role in the upcoming Thor movie by Marvel Studios. It is due for release in 2010 and the only other leading candidate known at present is Kevin McKidd from HBO’s Rome series.

Vince McMahon made the decision to strip The Undertaker of the World Heavyweight Title on 25 April. The exact reasoning is unknown, beyond the obvious lack of fresh challengers on Smackdown and as a means of getting more heat on Edge. Meanwhile, Vince is going to be given a lifetime achievement award by Promax/BDA in June.

Rey Mysterio was originally going to make his return at One Night Stand, which is in San Diego, but now is not expected to come back until much later. His name has been removed from all June house shows.

Bobby Heenan, meanwhile, has been recovering well from his lengthy operations to create a new jawbone. His daughter is expecting Heenan’s first grandchild, which has been a terrific incentive for him to fight for a full recovery. Heenan still needs one more operation but he can now say a few words and has been responding well to physical therapy.

Rodney Begnaud, formerly Rodney Mack in WWE, makes his MMA debut on 7th June in Lafayette, LA.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 12 May 2008 (subscribe here)

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