Hitting Shelves This Week…

Things get a little weird this the second week of May as some horror, some science fiction, and even some Garfield is going to be coming to stores near you. Another of After Dark HorrorFest’s films is sure to frighten you to death as Frontier(s) is not only coming to DVD but limited theatres as well. A huge collection of old school science fiction films are sure to creep you out and also make you laugh. Garfield and Odie, the Rat Pack, the Incredible Hulk, and Indiana Jones are just a few of the other names in this random week of DVDs so grab your buggies and fill them up with lots of great new titles.

May 13, 2008

Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection 1 & 2classicscifi

This collection certainly won’t be up to date with the best technology or the ultimate special effects, but they sure are a lot of fun and guaranteed to creep you out. Experience the best frights, screams, and scares that came with the huge monster and the tiny creepy crawlies. Included: Tarantula / Mole People / Incredible Shrinking Man / Monolith Monsters / Monster on the Campus / Dr. Cyclops / Cult of the Cobra / Land Unknown / Deadly Mantis / Leech Woman

DVD Features: Trailers

Curious George – Takes a Vacation & Discovers New Thingscuriousgeorgevaca

It seems George can get into trouble wherever he goes, so when the Man with the Yellow Hat decides to take him overseas, nonstop adventure and folly follow them all the way from the airport to deep beneath the sea.

DVD Features: Includes 8 episodes, Games, interactive features, DVD-ROM features

Drawn Together – Uncensored!: Season Threedrawntogether3

The animated version of reality TV is back for its second season and the houseguests are just as dysfunctional as ever. Spoofed characters representing some of the most popular cartoon figures of all time try to live together under one roof and things are not pretty.

DVD Features: All 14 episodes from the third season

Fistful Of Dynamitefistdyna

An apolitical bandit plotting a bank job meets an explosives expert haunted by memories of his participation in the Irish Rebellion. The two unlikely allies join forces, and together they get drawn into the Mexican revolution.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, behind the scenes

Fox Western Classicsfoxwestern

Step back into the Old West and experience three of the most rip-roarin’ and gun smokin’ films to ever step this side of the Pecos. Includes: Rawhide, The Gunfighter, and Garden of Evil.

DVD Features: Trailers, still galleries, isolated music tracks, featurettes

The Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly Collectionfrankgene

Full of great songs, incredible dance numbers, and some of the best moments in cinematic history; Kelly and Sinatra are two crooners that really knew how to swing. Includes: On the Town, Anchors Aweigh, and Take Me out to the Ball Game.

DVD Features: None


After an unsuccessful heist, a group of young criminals hide out in a local hostel, but they would’ve been far better off facing the police since the place is owned by neo-Nazis who are hungry for human flesh. Make yourself ready for a night of fear and shivers while watching this film straight out of After Dark’s HorrorFest 2007.

DVD Features: None

Garfield: A Cat And His Nerdgarfieldcatnerd

Whether it is his love of lasagna, his constant napping, or even just messing with his old pal Odie; Garfield must learn to deal with everyday life with his master John. And let’s just say that John isn’t exactly Mr. Cool. Enjoy each animated episode showcasing some of the social troubles John must deal with and how Garfield puts up with it all in his life as a not so ordinary housecat.

DVD Features: Includes fifteen episodes


While most high school seniors are taking it easy, picking out colleges, and getting ready to hit the graduation parties, these teens are planning a bank robbery. When one of their friends gets into money trouble, the four friends decide they have what it takes it pull off the heist. Nevertheless, when graduation day comes, they may find themselves wearing orange jumpsuits rather than caps and gowns.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, bloopers, deleted/extended scenes, behind the scenes, alternate opening

The Incredible Hulk Collectionincredhulkcoll

This collection includes two made for television films, Incredible Hulk Returns and The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. In Returns, Dr. David Banner may have found a cure for his horrible curse, and even gets help from a partner in the mighty Thor. The Trial shows Banner on trial due to possible assault on a woman, but then ends up teaming up with lawyer turned superhero Daredevil to defeat the evil Kingpin.

DVD Features: Photo galleries, poster art, interviews, biographies

Indiana Jones – The Adventure Collectionindyadv

The whip-wielding professor is back in this complete trilogy full of his greatest adventures and tons of great special features. Enjoy all three of Indiana Jones’ first films including Raiders Of The Lost Ark, The Temple Of Doom, and The Last Crusade before embarking on his newest journey, The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull which hits theatres on May 22.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, storyboards, photo galleries, game demos, numerous featurettes

Mad Moneymadmoney

You always see those people that have more money then they know what to do with, but what about all the money that is destroyed because no-one even knows what to do with it? Well three women decide that they know what to do with it so they make up their minds to take it and make it theirs.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, behind the scenes, trailer

Mission: Impossible – The Fourth TV Seasonmi4

If you choose to accept it, you can ride along with one of the most elite and covert operations in the world as they go on missions that must be kept secret at all costs even if it means losing their lives to keep their mouths shut.

DVD Features: All 26 episodes from the fourth season, audio commentaries

The Rat Pack Ultimate Collector’s Editionratpackcoll

After all these years, the original suave crooners are still the best. Sammy, Dean, Peter, Joey and, of course, Frank define style, wit, and class. Oceans 11, Robin And The Seven Hoods, 4 For Texas, and Sergeants 3. No matter what the number in the film was, these cool guys always knew what time it was, theirs.

DVD Features: Behind the scenes photo cards, playing cards, collectible book

Saturday Night Live: Complete Third Seasonsnl3

Steve Martin, O.J. Simpson, Richard Dreyfuss, Art Garfunkel, and Madeline Kahn are just a few of the great hosts you’ll find in this third season of one of the longest running comedy series in television history.

DVD Features: All 20 episodes from the third season

Sinatra: The True Story of the Man And The Legendsinatra

The Emmy-winning telefilm about singer/actor Frank Sinatra’s remarkable life with over two-dozen Sinatra standards and a remarkable cast headed by Philip Casnoff, Olympia Dukakis and Marcia Gay Harden.

DVD Features: None

TNA Wrestling: Destination X 2008tnadestx2008

TNA showcases all of its talent but especially it’s intense and over the top X-Division in this Pay Per View event that would see some of the promotion’s biggest names risk life and limb to come out on top.

DVD Features: Backstage vignettes, extra matches


FBI agent Jennifer Marsh is tasked with hunting down a seemingly untraceable serial killer who posts live videos of his victims on the Internet. As time runs out, the cat and mouse chase becomes more personal.

DVD Features: None