Matt Hardy vs. Eric Bischoff over The Wrestler

Matt Hardy wrote a recent blog entry on The Wrestler, basically saying that it was an amazing movie, but wrestlers have evolved since the 80s and early 90s and are “more intelligent and responsible.” Eric Bischoff disagreed on his blog

Matt, you are a friggin goof. Lets set aside the fact that your brother is walking a “three strikes and you’re out” tight rope as a result of his drug abuse, and if internet “news” was accurate, suffered the loss of his home and property due to a fire because he was too irresponsible to insure it. Your recent recap of your “lifestyle” frames you as a candidate to the Jake Roberts Hall of Fame. Your suggestion that you and your generation are “smarter and more responsible” than previous generations of wrestlers makes me sick. You are a mid-card talent that should be grateful to even get a check every other week. Enjoy it while it lasts. And rather than looking down your nose at previous generations of professional wrestlers, donate a portion of your check to one of them and ask them to point out all the parallels between your current career path/lifestyle and theirs. It would be the smartest and most responsible thing you could do.

The rest of Eric’s blog is worth reading, including thoughts on whether or not WWE talent will ever be unionized and on Congress’ recently released documents on drugs in wrestling.

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