TNA Impact Taping Spoilers

Full spoilers for Thursday’s episode.

-The Main Event Mafia open the show. Angle brags about how many people they’ve taken out and how having AJ and Mick Foley involved in the main event should kill two birds with one stone. Hernandez interrupts and cashes in his world title shot.

-Hernandez defeats TNA World Champion Sting… by DQ, after the MEM run in. AJ and Homicide try to make the save and get beaten down for their trouble. Team 3D do make the save, putting Angle through a table in the process.

-3D stick around and cut a promo. Devon wants to prover himself as a singles competitor and challenges Angle. Ray one ups him and calls out Sting. Ray calls Sting the worst of the Mafia, because he just sat by and let them beat Ray down.

-Roxxi & Taylor Wilde & ODB defeated The Kongtourage.

-Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed became the number one contenders to the TNA World Tag Titles by defeating Abyss and Matt Morgan. Post match, Morgan shoves Abyss, triggering a brawl.

*TNA announces that Angle won’t be cleared to wrestle after going through the table. Scott Steiner will take his place against AJ.

*Styles defeated Steiner (with Mick Foley as the special referee) when Petey Williams returned, distracting Steiner long enough for AJ to hit the Pele. Williams, Foley, and Styles stood tall post match.

*”Governor Palin” tells the Beautiful People that they’ve passed her test and can accompany her to the inaguration next week. Taylor and Roxxi interrupt to cut a promo about how big an embarassment they are to the Knockouts Division before revealing that the whole Palin thing was a sham and dropping brown slime on them.

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