Interview Roundup: Cena Wants the Rock In The Ring! Plus Kane and Mr. Kennedy

Cena really wants to get in the ring with the Rock, in one of many interviews with the 12 Rounds star. Plus; Kane and Mr. Kennedy interviews from the UK.

PWTorch’s James Caldwell provides a link to an MTV interview with John Cena where he talks about wanting to get the Rock in the ring, while also talking about how he thinks the Rock abandoned WWE fans. Cena does concede that Rocky’s pretty busy these days. (Yeah, I’m not ready to call him Dwayne Johnson yet.)

Kane talks about his why his WWE run has worked so well, Andrew “Test” Martin’s death, and his thoughts on the first Money in the Bank match (no one involved thought it would work) and this year’s (he thinks Kofi Kingston could be this year’s breakout star).

The UK Sun has a podcast interview with Mr. Kennedy. He covers everything from the rehab from his latest injury (and why it made him stop reading dirt sheets and wrestling web sites) to the Wellness Policy and his character’s development, including the fact that Vince hates when he’s funny. It’s 45 minutes, so it’s certainly in depth.

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