Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time PPV Report: TNA Victory Road 2009

Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Victory Road Report
Written EXCLUSIVELY for Inside Pulse by Paul Marshall


We’re live from the iMPACT Zone as Mike Tenay & Don West call the shots. Our first match is for the TNA Knockout’s Championship!

TNA Knockouts Championship: Angelina Love w/The Beautiful People v. Tara© w/Poison

The bell sounds and Tara gets distracted early on, but Angelina isn’t able to capitalize. Scoop Slam by Tara and Angelina tries to roll out to the ring. The shirt comes off and she pulls Angelina back in the ring. Hangman attack by Tara is locked in, but she drops Angelina like a bad habit. Tara locks Angelina up in the ropes in the Tarauntla. She battles with Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky. This costs her as Angelina kicks her to the steel barricade. Angelina shoves Tara into the apron a couple times and the tides have turned. Low dropkick connects as the action goes back inside. Angelina picks up a two count and she she shoves Tara against the ring post. Good strategy by Love. She hoists Tara up on top and she tosses her up and over and picks up a two count. Tara fights back, but Angelina prevents that. Angelina comes back with a huge clothesline for two as Tara isn’t ready to give up. Another cover gets two as well. Frustration sets in on Angelina as Tara is taking some decent punishment tonight. To the ropes we go and both Knockouts have the same idea, KO’ing each other. Tara kips up and she takes Angelina down. Flapjack connects and Tara is building momentum. Standing moonsault connects for two and Tara glares at Velvet Sky. She gets knocked out. Angelina grabs Tara and Madison sprays Angelina instead. Tara gets a rollup for two, as the ref was worried about ejecting the Beautiful People. Moonsault from Tara and she misses! Angelina covers for the three, but Tara’s foot was on the rope.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockout’s Champion: Angelina Love
Grade: B-

Tara argues the decision with Slick Johnson and he’s staying with the call he made. He eats a superkick and Tara hits Angelina Love with the Widow’s Peak. Tara looks to put Poison on Angelina, but the Beautiful People save her. She insteads places it on Slick Johnson who freaks out.

Tara argues the decision with Slick Johnson and he’s staying with the call he made. He eats a superkick and Tara hits Angelina Love with the Widow’s Peak. Tara looks to put Poison on Angelina, but the Beautiful People save her. She insteads places it on Slick Johnson who freaks out.

Tenay & West run down the rest of the card before he sends it to JB and Kurt Angle. Kurt promises to NOT deliver a quality match and that he will beat Mick Foley as quickly as possible. He also gives an edict that if the MEM doesn’t get a clean sweep…Kurt will FIRE them on the spot!

Video for Daniels/Matt Morgan shows.

Grudge Match: Matt Morgan v. Daniels

The bell sounds and he goes toe to toe with Morgan and he gets tossed out of the ring. The fight quickly spills out to the ring and Morgan does what he can to wear Daniels down. The referee, Jaime Tucker, allows some leeway in the match before he finally becomes a hardass. Daniels crawls in the ring and he snaps Morgan’s neck off the rope. Missile dropkick sends Morgan to the corner. Morgan charges and he eats boot. Daniels tries to clothesline Morgan, but he runs into the brick wall. They brawl in the corner until Morgan gains the advantage. Daniels sends Morgan out of the ring and he hits a suicide dive, that STILL doesn’t knock Morgan off his feet. He drops Morgan’s head on the steel rail and Morgan is rocking. Split-Legged moonsault connects off the apron and Morgan is taken off his feet! Slingshot crossbody is attempted, but Morgan moves out of the way and Daniels tweaks the leg. This allows the momentum to shift to the Blueprint’s favor. Discus clothesline connects and Morgan goes after the injured leg, slamming it against the ringpost. Morgan puts the leg on the bottom rope and he he drops the leg on it. Morgan hits the elbows in the corner and follows with a side drop. It is Hellavator time, according to Morgan; but he decides to add a torque to Daniels’ leg. He hits a reverse chokeslam into the corner and follows with a non-chalant cover for two. Morgan goes airborne twice and misses both times. Daniels comes back and he hits a jawbreaker, but Morgan cuts the comeback off. Daniels goes up top, but Morgan cuts him off. Daniels shakes him off and hits a crossbody for two. Quick rollup gets two as well. Morgan looks for the Carbon Footprint, but Daniels moves away and Morgan eats turnbuckle. Bulldog connects and that gets two. Fallaway slam by Morgan connects. Daniels reverses the Hellavator into a spike DDT, but only gets two! BME attempt, but the leg gives out! Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint and it is time. Hellavator connects and Daniels is done.

Winner: Matt Morgan
Grade: B

Daffney and Dr. Stevie are with JB and he asks Stevie why he wants to step in the ring with Abyss. Why? Because Dr. Stevie has no choice to make the match no DQ. Mind over Body, says Dr. Stevie.

Dr. Stevie/Abyss video shows.

No Disqualification: Dr. Stevie v. Abyss

Abyss has new ring gear on and it looks like he is sweating bullets inside it. Abyss goes after Stevie around the ring. He pulls a baton out as he comes back in the ring and he abuses Abyss with it. Abyss comes back with a big boot to the chest and the fight goes back out of the ring. Abyss sends Stevie down on the ramp and he throws him into the guardrail. Back inside the ring we go and Stevie beats Abyss to the punch. Irish whip does not work for Abyss, so he slaps him to the chest. Abyss stares at Stevie and he hits a chop of his own, sending him down. Stevie gets thrown out of the ring and Abyss is on the chase. They go into the fans and Abyss catches up on him. Abyss decks Stevie and he orders the crew to clear the fans out. Stevie goes to whip Abyss, but he gets sent into the wall. The fans chant one more time and Abyss obliges. Stevie looks to go back in the ring, but Abyss slams his head on the steel steps. Stevie blades hard and he is bleeding like a rabid animal. Abyss repeatedly bashes Stevie on the steps. Back inside the ring and Abyss rips the shirt off. He chops the bare chest and Stevie pleads for forgiveness. No avail as Abyss chops him again. Abyss introduces a chair into the match and he wedges it in one of the corner. OH MY GOD ABYSS THROWS STEVIE INTO THAT CHAIR! Abyss hits the Shock Treatment on Stevie and he goes for the cover. Daffney comes to the ring and she has the taser. Lauren drops Daffney like a bad habit, but the taser is in the ring. Stevie looks to use the taser, but he eats a black hole slam. Abyss has the taser and he USES IT ON STEVIE! He pins him…count to 100, it’s over.

Winner: Abyss
Grade: B

Lauren and Abyss celebrate together.

Mick Foley talks with Beer Money and AJ Styles. He says that if the Mafia wins all the belts, their jobs will be on the line.

Team 3-D/British Invasion video shows.

IWGP Tag Title Match: The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams w/Rob Terry) v. Team 3-D©

D-Von and Doug Williams begin the match. They lock up and D-Von hits a drop toe hold on Williams. Williams gets a headscissors on D-Von and we get another lockup. Williams slaps D-Von in the back of the head and he eats a right hand. Tag to Magnus and he eats a scoop slam. D-Von drops the leg and gets a two count. Tag to Ray and we get a double flapjack. Ray does the flip, flop, and fly in the corner. Out goes Williams and Magnus and the Brits look to regroup. Williams gets tossed in the ring and he begs for mercy. Magnus causes a distract and Williams capitalizes. Magnus is the legal man and he chokes away at Ray in the corner. Tag back to Williams and he continues the pressure. Ray reverses a whip, but he eats an elbow. Williams goes to the turnbuckle and he eats canvas. Wassup attempt is countered with Rob Terry involving himself in the action. Ray is in trouble as Williams tags in Magnus. They tie Ray up and hit a double clothesline. Magnus chokes away on Ray and Terry gets a shot in. Williams tags in, but Ray tries to get some momentum. Williams cuts him off and Magnus extends Ray’s body in ways the human atomany can’t handle. Williams is legal and he jacks the jaw. Tag to Magnus and the hit a double big back body drop. Magnus gets two on the pin attempt. Magnus beats into Ray, but Ray fires a chop and Magnus goes off the ropes. SPEAR BY BROTHER RAY! Both men are down and we get the hot tags! D-Von takes Williams down repeatedly. Neckbreaker connects on Williams and he takes down Magnus. Two count for D-Von. Side slam attempt connects, but gets a two count. Magnus gets tossed to the outside. Williams gets hit with a Rock Bottom for two. Double team neckbreaker connects for two again. Wassup connects on Williams and it is time for the tables. Terry cuts D-Von off in the past as Ray sets the tables up. Bub-Bub Bomb attempt and Rob Terry intervenes. Magnus and Terry get tossed out and Williams hits the 3D for the title retention.

Winners and STILL IWGP Tag Champions: Team 3-D
Grade: B

Post match, Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kyoshi attack from behind and 3-D fights back. Bashir gets superbombed through the table for his troubles.

We revisit the Knockout’s Title result and Don West sucks at being a heel color guy. Lauren gets an answer from Slick Johnson in the back. Slick made a mistake and he feels terrible. Everyone makes mistakes and he was out of position. The referee’s decision is final. He will however go to Jim Cornette so Tara can get a rematch. Jimbo still has a job? I thought Tracy Brooks was Knockout Law?

Sojourner Bolt makes her way to the ring for our EPIC ENCOUNTER!

Special Challenge Match: Sharmell w/Sojourner Bolt v. Jenna Morasca w/Awesome Kong

Woah, Jenna Morasca invested a lot for Awesome Kong and she invested a lot for that change in hairstyle. Wow. The bell sounds and they strut their stuff. Sorry Sharmell, Jenna’s hotter. They lock up and Sharmell is clearly the wrestling veteran. Jenna sends Sharmell to the ropes, but Sharmell comes back at Jenna. It’s a catfight in the ring. Sharmell goes for a cover following an elbow gets two. Sharmell kicks away before she locks on a camel clutch, but Jenna won’t give up. Crossbody by Jenna gets two and Sharmell no-sells the offense. Sharmell stands on the hair and lifts Jenna up. I pity Earl Hebner for drawing the short straw. Jenna hits a jawbreaker and SoJo interferes. Kong chases away and we get a double team…but that gets two. Sharmell is pissed off. Jenna and Sharmell fight in the corner, but Sharmell hits a bitch slap. Jenna fights back with a few of her own. Spear connects and we go back to catfight mode. They roll over Earl and he pulls Jenna off Sharmell. She takes a bit of Sharmell’s hair. SoJo looks for the distract and Jenna sidesteps Sharmell, who collides with SoJo. Kong takes care of SoJo. She gives Sharmell’s hair extensions back and she deals the death blow. Jenna goes for a seductive cover for three.

Winner: Jenna Morasca
Grade: F

Post match, she and Kong have some issues and she gets squashed.

JB is with Kevin and he downplays Mick Foley’s attempt to rally the troops. If Kevin doesn’t win tonight, he will retire…but don’t worry because he will win.

AJ Styles/Kevin Nash video shows.

TNA Legend’s Championship: Kevin Nash v. AJ Styles©

The bell sounds and AJ goes for the legs. AJ charges and Kevin stops him. Single leg takedown connects and Nash gets the ropes. AJ charges and he collides with Nash. Styles goes for the hit and run and Nash is amazed. Back in the ring, Styles continues to evade Nash and they finally lock up. Big. Mistake. Nash attacks with the knees and Styles goes down. Styles gets a shot in, but Nash’s shot is better. Elbow to the jaw connects and teeth fly out. Nash gets a clothesline for two. Sidewalk slam connects and that gets two as well. Styles gets sent to the corner, but Nash EXTENDS THE LEG and AJ’s head snaps off the railing. OH MY GOD! Nash gets the action back in the ring and the straps come down. Jacknife attempt, but AJ fights him off with a pin attempt. That gets two and Styles has new life. He attacks from all directions and Nash is reeling. Diving fist attack connects and Nash goes down. Styles mounts Nash and goes for the rights. Styles attacks the legs and Nash is in pain. Styles applies the Indian Deathlock on Nash and Nash is screaming in pain. Styles rolls into a pin for two. Styles has a chinlock and Nash gets up and reverses his body weight. Both men are down. Styles hits a flying forearm and Nash barely kicks out! Both men are up and Nash blocks a kick. PELE CONNECTS! Nash kicks out at two and I’m impressed. Styles springboards over the referee (STUPID REFEREE!) and AJ lands in a chokeslam. That is all!

Winner and NEW TNA Legend’s Champion: Kevin Nash
Grade: C-

Lauren is in the women’s locker room and she hopes to get a word with Tara. Slick Johnson comes out of the shower and is followed by Madison Rayne, adjusting her top. Sexual favors, perhaps? This is TNA.

I caught a replay of the finish to the prior match. Kevin Nash shoved the referee, causing the ref to be in AJ’s way. I figured to post that here.

Beer Money/MEM video shows.

TNA World Tag Team Champions: Scott Steiner & Booker T v. Beer Money©

Booker and Storm fight around the ring as the bell rings. It’s a stalemate in the early going. Another lockup and Booker takes Storm down. To the ropes we go and Storm nails a hiptoss. Booker is back up and Storm hits a clothesline. Storm has Booker set up against the ropes. Booker reverses, but Storm is a step ahead. Neckbreaker connects and that gets two. Roode is in and we get the double team. Roode with a swinging neckbreaker for two. Booker pokes the eyes and he tags in Steiner. Roode gets posted and Steiner has his way with him in the corner. To another corner we go and Roode fights out of the corner. Steiner rakes the eyes to regain control. Steiner hits a shoulder block, but Roode is back up. Knee drop gets two. Tag to Storm and they hit a suplex on Steiner. Booker gets involved and he gets tosses out. Wait for it…


The fight goes outside. Roode has Booker and Storm has Steiner. Hebner does his best to separate the action. Storm gets sent to the rops and Booker gets involved. Belly to Belly suplex gets two for Steiner. Tag to Booker and Storm is in trouble. Elbow by Booker and Storm sandbags himself. Booker with the knee lifts and he has a word with Roode. Booker gets a chop in the corner, followed by a punch. Steiner gets involved and the referee is distracted with Roode. Tag to Steiner and he gets a chinlock on Storm. Storm gets a few shots in and eats a Belly to Belly overhead suplex for two. Tag to Booker and Booker hits the axe kick. He goes for the cover and Roode breaks it up. Roundhouse kick by Booker and he tags to Steiner. Steiner has Storm in the corner and he chops away. Corner to corner we go and Storm finds an opening. TORNADO DDT CONNECTS AND BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! Tag to Roode and he cleans house. Neckbreaker connects on Steiner and Roode hits a spinebuster on Booker! Roode gets sent to the corner and he hits a middle rope neckbreaker for two. Storm takes care of Booker. Roode gets a two count followed by a clothesline. Double team attempt is broken off by Booker and Storm gets tossed from the ring. STO by Steiner gets a close two count. Steiner Recliner gets countered and Roode gets a rollup for two. Beer spit connects on Steiner and the ref got beer in his eyes. DWI connects, but Earl is busy getting beer out of his eyes. Two count from that offense and the ref is busy with Roode. Axe Kick by Booker and Steiner gets a rollup for three.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: Main Event Mafia
Grade: B-

JB heads out to the arena and he chats with Booker T and Scott Steiner. They are the greatest team of all time. Lauren is with Samoa Joe. She asks who the mentor is, but now is not quite the time. He is here and he is ready for war. He tells Sting that it is showtime and that it will be his final scene.

Samoa Joe/Sting video shows.

Special Challenge Match: Samoa Joe v. Sting

Joe attacks before the bell and he tosses Sting out of the ring. He bashes Sting’s head off the steel steps and he chops away on the apron. The fight goes out in the crowd. Sting goes face first in the wall. Punch by Joe and he connects with the wall instead. Sting turns the tables. Sting bashes Samoa Joe against the wall and we head back ringside. Joe comes back and he hits a snap suplex on the ramp. Sting reverses a whip and sends Samoa Joe hard into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Sting bites away at Joe in the corner. Headlock applied as Sting tries to control the pace of the match. Joe gets to the ropes. Joe tosses Sting out of the ring and he hits a diving elbow. Back inside, Joe gets a two count. He decks Sting down on the canvas. He sends Sting into the corner and scores with a kick. Joe with the clubbing shots on the back of Sting’s neck. Chinlock applied and Sting comes back. Joe responds with a shoulder tackle. Headbutt by Joe and he follows with a chop. Sting backs in the corner and Joe is on the attack. Snapmare takeover and Joe has the chinlock applied. Sting gets up and he breaks out of it. He runs into a quick powerslam for two. Joe toys with Sting in the ropes. Sting comes back with a flurry of punches. Sleeper attempt, but Sting hits a side suplex. Joe comes back with the rights, but Sting hits a lariat for two. They brawl and Sting hits a roundhouse kick for a one count. Sting hits the Stinger Splash in the corner and goes for the Scorpion!



Joe and Sting are back up and they brawl in the ring. Joe misses a charge and Sting gets two off the elbow. Sting hits a clothesline off the top and he gets two again. Sting gets dropped on the turnbuckle. MUSCLE BUSTER IS BLOCKED! Joe has the clutch applied and Sting is fading away. Sting taps out!

Winner: Samoa Joe
Grade: B

Don West is having an orgasm at the commentators’ table and Mike Tenay has the “WILL YOU SHUT UP?” look on his face. We go to the clip of Bobby Lashley signing a contract with TNA.

We go to JB who is with Mick Foley. Mick has never seen the MEM so dominant as they have been tonight. He says that he respects Kurt Angle, but it seems that Kurt Angle has more wrong with him than what he is letting on. This will be interesting.

Angle/Foley video is shown.

JB is in the ring for the super-special ring announcing.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Mick Foley v. Kurt Angle©

The bell sounds and if you’re expecting a wrestling clinic, check yourself into Dr. Stevie’s office, pronto. They lock up and we get a clean break. Another lockup and Angle is the aggressor. Foley gets out of it and he nails an elbow. Angle takes a powder on the outside. Back inside and we get a third lockup. Foley clubs away and he applies a chinlock. Angle finds the ropes and he takes another break. Back inside and Foley reverses an arm wringer. We go to the corner and Foley takes Angle down. Running knee attack connects and Foley locks on an ARMBAR?! Angle gets to the ropes and he takes another break. This time, Foley says HELL NO! Foley sends Angle onto the barricade and he waits for Angle to come in the ring. LEG DROP TO THE NECK CONNECTS! Foley snaps Angle’s throat off the ropes and Angle is reeling. Foley hits another wrestling move, a suplex, back inside the ring for two! Angle is back up and he rakes the eyes. Angle decks Foley to the canvas and he chokes away. Angle applies a headlock, with Foley trying to fight it out. Foley nails a catapult and Angle goes outside the ring! Foley looks for a piledriver, but Angle hits a backdrop…and FOLEY’S LEGS CONNECT ON THE STEPS! Angle bashes Foley’s head against the steps and he rolls back in the ring. Back outside and he tosses Foley back inside the ring. Angle targets the legs and Foley is reeling in the corner. Angle continues on the attack and Foley comes back for a bit. Angle goes for an amateur takedown and continues working on the leg. Waist lock applied, but Foley gets out of it. Armbar locked in, but Angle rolls through with an anklelock! Foley takes Angle down, but he gets back up…CLOTHESLINE connects for two! Angle to the top…MOONF******SAULT MISSES! HOLY COW! Foley is back up and he hits the Double Arm DDT for two! I’m really impressed. Mr. Socko comes to play and Foley goes for the Mandible Claw. Angle sends Foley into Andrew Thomas. REF BUMP! Angle Slam connects and that only gets two! Angle drops the elbow to Thomas’ back and he leaves the ring for a steel chair. Foley gets the Mandible Claw applied! Angle gets tossed outside the ring and he DROPS THE ELBOW ON ANGLE! Angle is completely out. He goes for the cover and ANGLE KICKS OUT! Crossface Chickenwing/Mandible Claw combination submission move is applied! Wow! Angle’s arm goes limp…but on the third attempt…gets out of it. Angle piefaces Foley and he locks on the anklelock! Foley digs deep and he reaches for the ropes! Angle kicks the arm off and he locks on the ankle with the grapevine! Foley has to tap out!

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle
Grade: B

The Main Event Mafia makes their way out to the ring with all the major titles in tow.

We recap the entire show tonight.

Show Over.

The TNA Victory Road Report Card

Kurt Angle d. Mick Foley: B
Samoa Joe d. Sting: B
Scott Steiner & Booker T d. Beer Money: B-
Kevin Nash d. AJ Styles: C-
Jenna Morasca d. Sharmell: F
Team 3-D d. The British Invasion: B
Abyss d. Dr. Stevie: B
Matt Morgan d. Daniels: B
Angelina Love d. Tara: B-

The FINAL Grade for TNA Victory Road: C+/B-

Final Thoughts

The card looked good on paper and I feared for the Russonomics that usually plague TNA Pay-Per-Views. However, the Russonomics were kept to a minimum and that resulted in decent matches across the board. The only match that didn’t deliver was the Morasca/Sharmell match…but that was expected. Not the best PPV effort from TNA, but the main event wasn’t as bad as it was supposed to be. Thumbs leaning towards up for this show.

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