One Year in Memphis – September 6, 1986


Bam Bam Bigelow/Larry Sharpe over Jerry Lawler/the Killer

Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto over Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka

Tracy Smothers over the Great Kabuki by DQ

Fire/Flame over Giant Hillbilly/Cousin Junior

JT Southern over Ron Sexton

Paul Diamond over Mr. Universe

MOD Squad over Miami New Breed

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown announced that today we’d be seeing JT Southern, Fire and Flame defending the Southern Tag Team titles against mystery opponents, the Miami New Breed would debut, and Jerry Lawler would team with the Killer.

After a quick commercial, we headed back to the studio as JT Southern prepared to face the Red Demon. The Demon attacked Southern from behind before the bell rang, only for Southern to whip the Demon across the ring and clothesline him down before hitting a Samoan drop for the win at :21.

After a replay of most of the match, we headed on to match #2 – Lawler and the Killer facing the masked Scorpions. Lawler started the match against Scorpion #1. The two tied up and Lawler backed the Scorpion into the corner before hip tossing him out and following up with a dropkick. The two locked up again and the Scorpion sent Lawler into the corner, then started firing right hands. Lawler fired back and Scorpion #2 tagged in.

The two locked up and Lawler caught the Scorpion in a headlock. The Scorpion muscled out and grabbed Lawler’s hair to pull him to the mat. The Scorpion kept on an armbar as Lawler fought his way back to his feet. Lawler hip tossed the Scorpion and hit a dropkick before tagging in the Killer.

The Killer whipped the Scorpion across the ring and power slammed him down. The Killer whipped him again and gorilla pressed him down before tagging Lawler back in.

After a Lawler right hand Scorpion 1 tagged back in. A lockup found Lawler back in the corner taking tight hands. Lawler dropped the strap and hit one of his own before bringing the Killer back in. The Killer whipped the Scorpion across the ring and hit him with a shoulder block before Lawler dropped the fist from the second rope for the win.

Lance Russell then brought up the Great Kabuki. Russell mentioned that Kabuki had put Austin Idol out of action and then introduced a video of Kabuki in action, interspersed with video of what looked like a Japanese temple. We saw Kabuki super kicking down Jeff Jarrett and Pat Tanaka as quick cuts showed Kabuki removing mask after mask. We also saw footage of Kabuki hitting Idol with green mist before we headed to commercial.

We came back to see Russell backstage to talk about Wednesday night’s show. He was soon joined by Tojo Yamamoto, Sato, and Goto. Tojo asked Russell to congratulate the new champions as he reminded Russell that Japanese wrestlers were the greatest. He added that since Jarrett and Tanaka were so afraid they needed two referees, maybe the refs would keep Jarrett and Tanaka from cheating.

Larry Sharpe and Bigelow then joined Russell. Sharpe asked Lawler if he’d always been that stupid, then asked Lawler if his insurance was good, since he’d be using it.

We came back to see Eddie Marlin join Russell at the interview set to be sure that Fire and Flame were there and had the belts. Fire said that he had his lawyers working on overturning the stipulation as Marlin sent them to the ring.

Their opponents were soon revealed as the Giant Hillbilly and Cousin Junior. Cousin Junior and Fire started with Fire getting whipped into the corner and then body slammed down. Fire landed a punch, then Junior hit a mule kick.

Flame slipped into the ring without a tag and wound up whipped into the corner and back dropped for his trouble. The champions held another quick conference on the floor and Fire entered the ring. Flame tagged in and the two double-teamed Junior before Flame hit a knee lift and threw him out of the ring. Fire was waiting and cracked Junior in the head with a chair.

Fire threw Junior back into the ring and Flame kept control before tagging Fire back in. Unfortunately for the challengers, the Hillbilly tagged in but the ref missed it. The Hillbilly dropped a leg on Flame and got the win.

Wrestlers swarmed out of the back to congratulate the new champions as Marlin came out to tell Fire and Flame that they were on the way out. Fire demanded a rematch and Marlin agreed to grant it on one condition – Fire and Flame had to put their masks on the line. Fire and Flame agreed.

Giant Hillbilly got a hug from Russell as Junior talked about how excited he was to win his first title. The celebration continued as they circled the ring to head to the back.

We heard from Russell about Wednesday night’s show and then the Miami New Breed (Power and Fear) made their debut to face Jerry Garmon and Benny Traylor.

Power started the match against Garmon. Power quickly muscled Garmon down to the mat. Garmon went for a headlock and was thrown across the ring. Garmon tried again and got slammed before Fear tagged in.

Fear hip tossed Garmon and fired a couple of right hands before shoulder blocking him down. He bounced Garmon off Power’s knee and then tagged Power back in.

Power hit a back elbow to flatten Garmon again and Garmon managed to tag in Benny Traylor. Traylor tried a dropkick and shoulder block with no effect. Power whipped him and caught him with a knee to flatten him as well.

Fear tagged in and the New Breed hit a double back elbow before Fear hit a sidewalk slam. Fear chopped Traylor and tagged Power back in. Power hit a couple of backbreakers and then tagged Fear back in. Power draped Traylor over the ropes and Fear hit an elbow from the second rope before Power suplexed him over. Fear hit a shoulder breaker and then Power hit a diving clothesline for the three count.

The Miami New Breed continued to assault Garmon and Traylor after the match until they were able to escape.

We came back to see Sato and Goto set to face William “The Bear” Thompson and David Haskins. Haskins and Goto started with Goto getting a quick advantage. Goto rammed Haskins into the corner and then hit an arm wringer. Haskins reversed and arm dragged him over, still holding onto the armbar.

Thompson tagged in and wound up getting chopped down to the amt. Goto hit another chop and bounced Thompson’s head off the turnbuckle before tagging Sato in. Sato hit a body slam on the massive Thompson and began chopping and stomping him. Sato covered for a one count and brought Goto in.

Goto stomped away before pulling Thompson up and chopping him back down. Thompson dropped a knee and we saw video of a Tokyo Broadcasting System cameraman who were shooting a documentary.

Sato tagged back in and continued dominating Thompson. Sato stomped Thompson and covered for a two count.

Haskins managed to tag in and he began fighting back against Sato. A back elbow got a one count and Haskins locked in a headlock. Sato back dropped him to escape and after a stomp tagged in Goto. Goto hit a head butt and Tojo got in a shot with his kendo stick. Goto raked Haskins’s eyes and Haskins still managed to get a sunset flip for a two count.

Tojo nailed Haskins again with the kendo stick as Goto pulled Haskins up and power slammed him down for a two count.

Sato tagged in and dropped a knee to his back before rolling him over and locking in a Boston crab. Sato stomped him one more time and brought Goto back in.

Goto whipped Haskins and Haskins hit a body press for a one count. Haskins whipped him again and hit a dropkick for a one count. Thompson tagged in and started throwing punches, but Goto soon managed to land a knee in his midsection.

Sato tagged in and both of them hit a double chop to put Thompson down for a two count. Thompson whipped Sato into a corner but a super kick stopped a possible splash. Goto tagged back in and hit a head butt before covering for the three at 6:54.

We came back from commercial for Russell to discuss Wednesday night’s show again. He was soon joined by Jeff Jarrett and Pat Tanaka. Jarrett said that they’d only lost because of outside interference and they’d get the titles back. Giant Hillbilly and Cousin Junior then joined the fun to promise that they’d be taking Fire and Flame’s masks.

Jerry Lawler then came in to talk about his match against Bigelow. Lawler told Bigelow that he didn’t believe everything Sharpe was saying, and then promised to show Bigelow why he was the King. Lawler ran down the rules for the Texas death match, and again promised to regain his title.

We returned to the studio for Lance Russell to show a new videotape – Madmen, Maniacs, and Lunatics. He advised it contained Stan Hansen, the match between Lawler and Andy Kaufman, Man Mountain Link, the Fabulous Ones, and Kamala.

Russell then rang the bell to usher out Jeff Jarrett and Pat Tanaka, who’d be facing Keith Roberson and Juicy Johnny. Johnny and Jarrett started off. The two locked up and Johnny wound up in the ropes to break the hold. Jarrett arm dragged Johnny down, then hip tossed Roberson and dropkicked both opponents out of the ring.

Johnny slowly reentered the ring and held a quick conference with Roberson before locking up with Jarrett again. Jarrett locked an armbar and tagged in Tanaka. Johnny whipped Tanaka across the ropes and shoulder blocked Johnny before locking in an armbar.

Jarrett tagged back in and hit came off the second rope onto Johnny’s arm. Johnny whipped Jarrett and Jarrett hit a shoulder block, then flipped and hip tossed Johnny down twice before returning to the arm.

Johnny slammed Jarrett to try and escape only for Jarrett to keep the hold locked in. Tanaka tagged in and Tanaka chopped his arm before starting to wring it.

Johnny escaped and brought in Roberson, who began trading blows with Tanaka. Finally Tanaka back dropped Roberson and planted him with a super kick. Tanaka covered and Johnny quickly broke up the pinfall.

Johnny tagged back in and locked up with Tanaka, then Tanaka hit a chop that leveled Johnny. Jarrett tagged back in and hit a Lou Thesz press for the win at 4:36.

We came back to find Russell at the interview set, where he asked Jerry Lawler to apprise Bam Bam Bigelow. Lawler started by congratulating Junior and the Hillbilly on their title win before Russell showed off Lawler’s Donald Duck shirt.

Lawler admitted that Bigelow was different from any big guy he’d ever wrestled because of Bigelow’s extraordinary agility. Lawler then admitted that he hadn’t found Bigelow’s weakness yet, but he affirmed that he would. Russell advised that he’d told fans that the difference between Lawler and Bigelow was Lawler’s intelligence.

We then headed back to commentary where Brown gave a rundown on the day’s events. After that, Russell bid us farewell for another week.


Southern Heavyweight title
Texas Death match
Bam Bam Bigelow © vs. Jerry Lawler

Southern Tag Team titles
Titles vs. Masks
Giant Hillbilly/Cousin Junior © vs. Fire and Flame

International Tag Team titles
2 referees will officiate the match
Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto © vs. Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka

Mid-America title
Tracy Smothers © vs. Spike

Basher vs. Paul Diamond

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