Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Bragging Rights Report

Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Bragging Rights Report
Live from Pittsburgh, PA
Announcers: Todd Grisham, Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

JR is out sick still, so we have a 3-man broadcast team. They then show us that Bragging Rights Cup, and whatever brand wins the most matches takes the cup home. Also, the left side of the ring has blue ringposts & ropes and the right side has red ringposts & ropes. The stage is half & half as well, however it is the same stage they always use, with 2 entrances.

Highlights of Miz & Morrison tag team, and the split, then the lead to tonight.

The Miz vs. John Morrison – Battle for Brand Supremacy
Morrison takes control of the match early. Grisham asks when Miz stopped wearing capri’s, I found that funny. Morrison with a big time shoulderblock, then a standing SSP for 2. Miz fires up a bit, and sends Morrison to the corner and hits a high knee for 2. They then exchange some kicks to the gut, where Morrison comes out on top. Morrison tries his running knee to Miz’s face, but Miz ducks it and rolls up Morrison for 2. Miz then whips Morrison to the ropes, but Morrison springboards into a savant kick for 2. Morrison goes for Starship Pain, but Miz rolls out of the ring, only for Morrison to hit a corkscrew plancha on Miz on the floor. Back in the ring, Morrison puts Miz up for a Superplex, but Miz shoves him off, and then hits a double axe handle. Miz then goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Morrison turns it into a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Morrison goes for Starship Pain again, but Miz is back up, and he takes out one of Morrison’s legs, and he hits the mat hard, and Miz scores the pinfall.
Winner – The Miz

Recap of Team SmackDown changing on Friday Night.

Rhodes is gloating to the trainer that Raw will have a clean sweep. R-Truth chimes in and says that they won’t. Big Show comes in and chases Truth away.

Beth Phoenix, Natalya, & Michelle McCool vs. Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, & Melina – Battle for Brand Supremacy
Cole with a fun fact: Beth is called the Glamazon because she was Prom Queen the same year she was the first woman on her HS wrestling team. Beth picks up the win over Melina with that Angel’s Wings move.
Winners – SD Diva’s

DX gearing up the Raw team. Swagger says that he is on the team, so Team Raw is instantly better. HBK then says that he has no respect. DX then runs down all the things they’ve done to each other. Make fun of Mark Henry for almost having a kid with Mae Young, beating Cody so bad, he had to be stretcherd out, shoving Vince McMahon’s head up Big Show’s ass, and outing Kofi as a fake Jamaican. But HHH says they all have respect for each other, and they need to stay on the same page all night.

Recap of UT’s promo leading to the PPV.

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio – World Heavyweight Championship
At the bell, Punk mows over Mysterio right away, and is chased around the ring by Batista, but Punk leads him right into a clothesline from UT. Punk then mauls UT, only to have UT toss him over the top rope. Lots of action right away. Mysterio goes for a hurracanranna on UT, but UT catches him, and goes for a Last Ride, only for Batista to come in and spear UT while he has Mysterio up in the air. Mysterio then hits the 619 on UT, and UT walks into Batista, who gives him a spinebuster. Punk breaks up the pin, and hits Mysterio with a GTS, but Batista breaks that pin up. Punk fights with UT in the corner, but UT gets him up for, and then hits a Last Ride. Batista breaks up the pin. UT then hits Batista with a Choke Slam, but Punk breaks up the pin. UT sends Punk to the floor, but walks right into a Demon Bomb, but when Batista went for the pin, Mysterio shoves him off and tries to get a pin on UT. Batista then snaps, and shoves Mysterio to the floor, but then turns into another Choke Slam. UT & Batista then double clotheslines each other. Punk slides in and tries to steal a pin, but Batista tosses him to the floor. Mysterio tries to go off the top on Batista, but Batista catches him, and tosses him on Punk on the floor. Batista then turns right into a Tombstone, and UT scores the pin.
Winner and Still Champion – The Undertaker

Josh Matthews gets in the ring and tries to interview both Mysterio & Batista. Mysterio said they were close, but they are still standing, and they will each get another shot. Batista says that they were not close, only he was close, and that he was tired of being close, and he was tired of having his friend stab in him in the back. Batista then says that he is going to take Mysterio’s head off, and the he hits a big clothesline. Batista tosses Mysterio to the floor, picks him up by his neck, and then throws him back first into the retaining wall, very very hard. Batista then finishes the job with a straight kick to Mysterio’s face.

Team Raw (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes) vs. Team SmackDown (Chris Jericho, Kane, Matt Hardy, R-Truth, Finlay, DH Smith & Tyson Kidd)
Truth & Rhodes start. They come to punches right away. Truth has a strong showing, but Show tags in. He stares down Truth, so Truth tags in Kane. They go toe to toe, with Show coming out on top, and hitting a big leg drop. Swagger is tagged in, and Kane tags in Matt Hardy. Hardy sends Swagger to the floor, then hits a clothesline. Rhodes comes off the apron and distracts Hardy enough that Swagger shoves Hardy to the ringpost. Swagger tags in Mark Henry, who misses an elbow drop, but is able to tag in HBK. Hardy hits a desperation Side Effect, and tags in Finlay. Finlay & HBK knock heads, but when Finlay bounces off the ropes, HBK hits a Superkick, but DH Smith made the tag, and he quickly, with the help Kidd, hits the springboard version of the Hart Attack. DH tags in Jericho, who picks apart HBK. The announce team is a wreck. Cole & King are all over Grisham, and not letting him get a word in. Cole is his usual bad self as well, Grisham should be the lead man. Kidd is tagged in, and he tries his springboard elbow drop, but misses. HBK gets the hot tag to HHH, who cleans house, taking out both members of the Dynasty. He then hits a spinebuster on DH, then Finlay, then Kidd, all on top of each other. Kane slides in and hits a choke slam on HHH, and Kidd almost gets the 3 count. Kidd tags in Jericho, who hits a bulldog then goes for the Asai, but misses. HH gets the tag to Kofi, who is his usual controlled frenzy. He goes for the Boom Boom Drop, but Jericho grabs his leg and tries a Walls, but Kofi rolls him in for 2. Kofi then hits Trouble in Paradise, but the Dynasty breaks it up. Henry takes out the Dynasty, but then Truth & Hardy take Henry out on the floor. Rhodes comes in and gets a Rolling Bomb from Finlay. Swagger in, Doctor Bomb on Finlay. Kane in, Big Boot to Swagger, Show in, spear to Kane. Jericho slides back in, and Kofi is on the top turnbuckle, but Show grabs Kofi by the neck and Choke Slams him off the turnbuckle! HHH sees this, and tries to get back in the ring, but Show knocks him out with a big right hand. Jericho then scores the pin on Kofi.
Winners – Team SD

Team SD celebrates in the ring with the Bragging Rights Cup.

They show Cena backstage.

Recap of Orton/Cena.

Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena – 60 Minute Anything Goes Iron Man Match – WWE Championship
Lots of back and forth to start. Lots of reverses. Cole & Grisham keep asking King what the strategy would be. Cena then locks on a quick STFU, and Orton quickly tags out to avoid suffering the majority of the pain, at the 4 minute mark.

1-0 Cena

After a 30 second rest period, Orton attacks Cena. Orton keeps a choke hold on Cena for quite some time, but Cena fights out, and hits the Throwback. Cena then hits the top rope Famasser. He then goes for the You Can’t See Me, but Orton pops up and nails Cena with a RKO for a pin at the 9 minute mark.


After the 30 seconds, Cena is not quite at his feet, and Orton tosses him to the floor. Orton clears off the announce table, and takes the monitor and drills Cena with it, but only gets a 2 count on the floor. Back in the ring, Orton takes a live mic, and cracks it over Cena’s head. Cena’s head seems to be bleeding pretty bad…oh those poor little kids watching this! The ref stops the clock to get Cena’s head checked out, but Cena snaps and has a quick fury. Cena makes them both fall to the floor, but Orton reverses a whip and sends Cena to the steps. King says that if the ref has to stop the match again to have Cena’s head checked out, it would be a fall in Orton’s favor. Orton is stalking Cena, looking for a RKO, but Cena shoves out, and knocks out Orton. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for a FU, but as Orton is falling, he holds on to Cena’s head and hits a RKO! Both men are out, and arms are draped over each other, and the ref counts a double pin at the 18 minute mark.


After the 30 seconds, Orton charges Cena, but Cena misses and Orton is caught up in the turnbuckle. Cena puts Orton on top of the turnbuckle, and hits a FU off the top! Cena gets the pin at the 20 minute mark.

3-2 Cena

During the 30 seconds, Legacy comes out and beats down Cena. Rhodes hits Dream Street, and Orton slides over and scores a pinfall at the 21 minute mark.


During the 30 seconds, Kofi Kingston chases Legacy away with a chair. Cena jumps Orton, and they both fall to the floor. They fight to the area to the side of the ramp, infront of the stage. They are in the area of pyrotechnics controls, and Orton slams Cena face first on the board, and pyro goes off on the stage, haha. Orton tosses Cena through the lightboard across the back of the stage, and he gets a pin at the 26 minute mark.

4-3 Orton.

During the 30 seconds, Orton goes back to the pyro control board, and he looks like he has an idea. He lays Cena in the middle of the stage, and then goes back to the pyro control board, but the pyro tech won’t allow him to use it. When Orton finally overpowers the tech, and hits some of the buttons, Cena finally moved out of the way, and did not get touched by the pyro. Orton drags Cena back to ringside, and as they cross over the 30 minute mark, Orton tosses the ringsteps at his head. In the ring, Orton lays over Cena, and lurks over him. Cena pops up quickly, and rolls up Orton for a quick pin at the 33 minute mark.


Orton throws a fit on the floor during the 30 seconds, but after the time starts again, he pulls Cena’s still lifeless body under the bottom rope, and hits a DDT, with Cena’s feet still on the apron, and scores a pin at the 35 minute mark.

5-4 Orton

After the 30 seconds, for several minutes, we get Orton beating down Cena, with Cena getting a lucky shot in, but Orton retreating and wasting time. We cross over the 40 minute mark, and Cena seems to get another wind, goes for a FU, but Orton slithers out, and climbs the wall into the crowd. Cena follows, and they fight through the crowd. We get to the 45 minute mark, and Cena tosses Orton back over the wall, and starts slamming Orton off the wall, steps and post. Cena then tosses Orton through the retaining wall by the time keepers. Cena then slides the lower part of the ringsteps next to the announce table, then hits Orton with the top half of the steps. He then puts the top half back on the bottom half. Cena walks over to Orton, dead lifts him to his shoulders, walks up the steps and launches Orton with a FU through the announce table! Cena gets the pin at the 51 minute mark.


After the 30 seconds, Cena tries another pin, but Orton kicks out. Cena goes under the ring, and pulls out a table, and slides it in the ring. Cena sets the table up, and drags Orton from the floor into the ring, and then lays him on the table. Cena goes to the top rope, and goes for a top rope leg drop through the table, but Orton rolls out of the way, and Cena goes ass-first through the table, and we are at the 55 minute mark. Both men are up at the same time, and they are now going punch for punch. Cena hits the ropes, goes for a shoulderblock, but Orton dodges it and Cena flies into the ref. Cena tries to get the ref up, but he turns right into Orton, and a RKO. Another ref comes in, but Cena kicks out at 2. Orton shoves the new ref to the floor. He then sees Cena slowly getting up, and he backs up, and looks to punt Cena, but Cena dodges it, takes down Orton, and locks on the STFU! There is only 30 seconds to go, and Orton can see the scoreboard on the Tron clearly, and he starts to panic. Cena tightens his grip, and Orton finally taps with 5 seconds to go on the clock.

6-5 Cena

Winner & NEW Champion – John Cena

Show Over.

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