DVD to Blu-ray Exchange Programs

Ready for the turn of the new age and trying to figure out how awkward your Blu-rays are going to look mixed in with your big DVD cases in your collection?

Then you need to take part in the DVD to Blu-ray exchange programs that both Warner Bros. and Disney are running right now with more studios sure to follow.

It’s simple enough. Go to these sites and follow the instructions: Warner Bros. and Disney.

Once going through all that you need to, there are a number of titles available that you can do a swap for your DVDs and get discounts on the Blu-ray equivalents. More titles are sure to be added over time. Pay attention to all the instructions please as you will see that the two sites do things a tad differently.

Warner Bros. requests that you end up trading in your old DVD discs to get your Blu-ray copies. Disney merely will have you print out an order form where you attach the UPC codes from your DVDs yet you still get to keep them.

Not a bad deal from either if you ask me. Some costs do apply, but you’ll end up saving in the long run.

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