Teaser For Marmaduke Pounces Online

June 4, 2010 will be the release of another film that sees a huge dog cause trouble no matter where he goes. This dog though is a bit more well-known as he has had his adventures read by millions every single day.

Marmaduke, the giant Great Dane gets into trouble of all kinds just as he has in his comic strip since 1954. Owen Wilson will step into the shoes…err, paws of the four-legged star as the voice of Marmaduke. William H. Macy, Judy Greer, and Jeremy Piven also star along with many more.

Things are always bigger in California and that proves to be the case for Phil and Debbie Winslow as they pack up and move their life from Kansas to Orange County. They do everything they can to adjust to this hectic new life with work, home, and raising a teenage Great Dane named Marmaduke.

Credit: Yahoo Movies

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