Dana White to Meet With James Toney About UFC Fight


James Toney grew tired of chasing the Klitschko Brothers for a fight in the boxing world, so he set his sights on a slower, older white guy for a fight: UFC President Dana White.

Toney has been following Dana White to each of his events from Boston to Memphis to Las Vegas. White finally granted Toney the opportunity to talk about a possible fight in the UFC. Toney is never one to lack confidence and proceeded to call out the entire UFC heavyweight division. The only person he mentioned by name however, was Kimbo Slice, whom he referred to as Simba.

Dana White is the first person to bash “freak show” matches but he seems to have a genuine interest in James Toney. It will be interesting to see where things go from here, if anywhere, but I for one see no harm in a James Toney vs. Kimbo Slice fight.