WWE News on Guest Hosts, Jeff Hardy, HBK & Punk

The current plan is to end the Raw Guest Host gimmick around about WrestleMania 26. Steve Austin is already booked in to host the 15th March episode, despite previously turning down the offer, and WWE is trying to get The Rock to host in March as well.

Jeff Hardy told people that he came to TNA because of the easier schedule, since the deal they offered him means he does not have to work any house shows. AAA had made a similar offer but no firm money was offered and he would have difficulties in flying to Mexico on a regular basis. WWE contacted him on the 5th January trying to convince him to return there instead, despite knowing about his indictment by then.

The idea of doing a Hair vs Mask match with Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 26 was pitched by C.M. Punk a few months ago. It is the current plan for them both now that Jeff Hardy is out of the picture.

The 25 matches on the upcoming Shawn Michaels DVD were all picked by Michaels himself.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 18th January 2010 (subscribe here)

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