Glee News: Idina Menzel and Matthew Morrison Makeout

When news of Broadway star Idina Menzel appearing on Glee started surfacing, everyone was convinced she would play Rachel’s mother. But, it seems she will be playing the director of main competitor “Vocal Adrenaline.” Either way, it seems she and Matthew Morrison have a full-on makeout session in her first episode. According to co-creator Brad Falchuk, she and Morrison had a ton of chemistry.

“Her first scene — literally it was ‘Welcome aboard,’ and they had a big makeout scene.” Falchuk said. “So it was interesting for her. It was like, welcome to the show.” He continued to praise Medzel for her abilities. “I already directed her in the first episode,” he said. “She did two small scenes with Matt [Morrison], so we’ve started kind of easing her into it. She was great. I don’t come from a musical background so I wasn’t that familiar with her. … She was fun to work with, fun to direct.”

What do you Gleeks think about Idina Menzel’s character making out with Mr. Schu! What about Emma and his wife!?

Credit: Perez Hilton