Rory Markham News: UFC 111 Fight, Nate Diaz Trash Talking

At UFC 111 on Saturday, Nate Diaz will take on Rory Markham in a welterweight bout. In an interview with, Markham talked extensively about his career and upcoming fight.

on Nate Diaz moving to welterweight
My thoughts on Nate moving up are just that I think he needs a little more time to put on the right amount of muscle mass. He just fought Gray Maynard not too long ago, and he still appeared as he always does in those fights, that strength isn’t always Nate’s strong suit. That’s just something that I think. It’s going to take time for Nate to put on muscle, the right amount of size in an orderly fashion, instead of this rush up to welterweight.

on Diaz’s trash talking
If he wants to start trash-talking in there, I know he’s just doing that to get himself motivated. If that’s what it’s going to take to get himself motivated, then he’s not fighting with the right fuel. If anything takes me out of my game, it won’t be that.

on what to expect in the fight at UFC 111
The fans are definitely going to see a great fight. That’s something that both me and Nate bring, so that’s something I think I can guarantee. Certainly won’t see a nice, slow, methodical fight. We’re going to be going after each other, and I think there’s a reason it’s on the Spike live card. I think the fans are truly going to get their money’s worth in this one.

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