10 Thoughts on WWE NXT – June 8, 2010, Husky Harris, Percy Watson

1. I guess Cody-Husky is going to be the “pro who doesn’t like his rookie” storyline for this season and it will probably fail miserably. At least Punk had the Straight Edge Society thing working in his favor.

2. Just five minutes into the show and its clear that Percy Watson has the best non-verbals of anyone in the group. I have a feeling that this guy is going to get over like hot cakes.

3. Good idea to position the pros out there for every match. The reactions when certain guys are in the ring will be fun to watch.

4. How can we evaluate if the tag match entertained us when we only got to see 3-4 minutes of it because of the commercial break?

5. What is wrong with Michael Cole tonight? After one season the Miz is already the Vince Lombardi, John Wooden, or Bill Parcells of NXT? Last time I checked his rookie lost because he quit the show in a promo.

6. Maybe the WWE wants Husky Harris to loose weight. His physique doesn’t look imposing at all. The senton splash off the ropes was cool, though.

7. Does anyone else get a Blank Man vibe from Percy Watson?

8. Who is this imposter called McGuillicuddy who claims to defend the Hennig family legacy? This is why these names make no sense.

9. Quote of the night: “If your going to win, make it a win”

10. Predictable closing segment but it continues the storyline well. It’s like a pre-emptive strike by the pros against the rookies but it’ll be interesting to see how that impacts each rookies relationship with his pro.

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