NCAA News: Big Ten Realignment Causes Scheduling Problems


The best laid plans…

The confrence already had its football schedule set up for the next 3 years before Nebraska joined the confrence and now they have to start all over.

The first challenge will be setting up divisions. Sounds simple, but months ago when re-alignment talk was just getting started we were talking about what the divisions would be after alignment and it gets tricky.

The most obvious choice would be East/West, the problem comes in that scenario is a loaded East division with Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State all in the east due to location and rivalries. Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin would be the “powers” of the west. That could lead to a “balance of power” set up the divisions.

The confrence also has to figure out where to play the football championship game and figure out how to set up the divisions for the other sports which won’t all work with the football division set up.