Lots of WWE DVD News – 50 Superstars Update, Three More DVDs in the Works

It seems we can’t go a week without hearing about the projects currently in development from WWE Home Video.

While it was rumored that the Chris Jericho DVD set was going to be called The Best at What I Do, it looks like it will be named after Jericho’s interview segment called The Highlight Reel. Amazon.com has updated its information on the release and includes The Highlight Reel as the subtitle.

As for what matches will be included on the Jericho release, the information we posted last week has been squashed as a rumor. It seems that when a listing was posted at Amazon.com too many people took it as fact. Just wishful thinking by one overeager Jericho fan. Once we know the official details we’ll let the Pulse Wrestling community know.

Around the same time the Chris Jericho DVD news broke, Joey Styles was tweeting that WWE employees were voting on the 50 greatest superstars of all time for a new WWE DVD. There is no official word on what it will be called; a release date is also unknown. However, a WWE DVD News report suggest that there’s already controversy surrounding the project. A lot of employees are voting but even after the votes are tallied Vince McMahon will look at the final list and rearrange it the way he wants. So maybe it could be titled Top 50 Superstars (In No Particular Order).

Another rumor surrounding the 50 Superstars is that it will contain wrestlers from all over the world, not just North America. So could that mean the likes of Antonio Inoki, Mil Mascaras, Jumbo Tsuruta, and Kenta Kobashi among others? We’ve already seen WWE release the Greatest Wrestling stars of the ’80s, and of the ’90s and even WrestleMania, but we’ve never seen something akin to the Greatest Superstars of All Time. It will be quite the wait and see regarding Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair’s placement (or if they will be included) on the DVD. (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter).

Finally, the latest Special Edition WWE Magazine (“Best of WWE”) has a list of upcoming DVD releases. Among the DVDs we’ve already mentioned and detailed (Raw: The Beginning, Satan’s Prison: The Elimination Chamber Anthology), there are four other new DVD titles planed for release from October to December.

Aaron has given you the release date for John Cena’s third DVD release – which ties him with the individual releases for Triple H and Shawn Michaels (that is, if you don’t count the D-X compilations). But Cena is still lagging behind The Rock who has four DVDs (five if you count the CE release of Just Bring It!) and Stone Cold’s six DVDs.

The other titles mentioned in the magazine include:

SmackDown!: 2010 Season (10/26/2010)
100 Craziest Moments in WWE History (12/14/2010)
Bobby Heenan (12/28/2010)

I’m sure the 100 Craziest Moments in WWE History will omit stuff like Owen Hart and Chris Benoit, and you can be sure that the Montreal Screwjob will be rehashed once again. They could just take the segment from The Best of WWE Confidential, Vol. 1. That SmackDown! release may be bumped up a week or two so WWE can heavily promote it once SmackDown! begins airing on Syfy beginning October 1, 2010. And what can you say about “The Brain”? One of the best personalities in wrestling history. From his work on the mike as a manager to his color commentary to being literally scared shitless by Brian Pillman, Bobby Heenan was one of a kind. He was featured in The World’s Greatest Managers release back in 2006, but he has enough material to warrant his own release. Just imagine how many interviews could be included, as well as montage of his greatest quotes on commentary.

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