Reviewing the All Stars: AL Picks

Here’s a look at the AL All Stars, and my pick for the snubs.

C – Joe Mauer, Twins
There was no doubt here, as he’s the best player in the game at this position.

1B – Justin Morneau, Twins
Morneau would be a solid reserve, since Miguel Cabrera was more deserving to start. He’s only hitting .338 with 20 homers and 68 RBIs.

2B – Robinson Cano, Yankees
Cano was the right choice here as well. He’s leading the majors in batting average. Add on his improved defense, and it’s a no brainer.

3B – Evan Longoria, Rays
This one is a toss up between Longoria and Adrian Beltre. Both are having solid seasons. In the end, I go with Longoria.

SS – Derek Jeter, Yankees
Jeter wins this start because he’s Derek Jeter and part of the Yankees. I would have liked to see Elvis Andrus starting; he’s showing better speed and is hitting almost as well as Jeter. Plus Andrus has the edge in defense. Jeter would still be a reserve.

OF – Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners), Josh Hamilton (Rangers), Carl Crawford (Rays)
Truthfully, I think Hamilton is the only sure bet here. I’d lean to Vernon Wells over Ichiro for starting; Ichiro would then be on the reserves. Jose Bautista is having a great season, and an arguement for him starting could be made. Instead, I’ll take Brett Gardner; he’s getting on base, scoring runs, and stealing bases. Sorry Crawford, you’d be dropped.

DH – Vladimir Guerrero, Rangers
Guerrero has been spectacular this year; many saw this coming though based off the ball park he calls home. He’s owned the Rangers Ballpark. There really isn’t a close second here.

Reserves – John Buck (Blue Jays), Victor Martinez (Red Sox), Miguel Cabrera (Tigers), Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox), Ian Kinsler (Rangers), Ty Wigginton (Orioles), Elvis Andrus (Rangers), Adrian Beltre (Red Sox), Alex Rodriguez (Yankees), Jose Bautista (Blue Jays), Torii Hunter (Angels), Vernon Wells (Blue Jays), David Ortiz (Red Sox).
Doesn’t Paul Konerko deserves some love? He’s tied for second in the AL with 20 homers; he’d bump David Ortiz from the DH position…I think I’d go with David DeJesus at this point over Hunter, but it’s not the end of the world. Hunter is also the lone Angel representitive, so he’d end up staying…

SP – Clay Buchholz (Red Sox), Trevor Cahill (Athletics), Fausto Carmona (Indians), Phil Hughes (Yankees), Cliff Lee (Mariners), Jon Lester (Red Sox), David Price (Rays), C.C. Sabathia (Yankees).
I really have no problem with the pitchers. Andy Pettitte could be a possibility, as could Jeff Niemann.

RP – Neftali Feliz (Rangers), Joakim Soria (Royals), Matt Thornton (White Sox), Jose Valverde (Tigers)
If you add Konerko, you wouldn’t need Thronton (who’s been good). Instead, I’d add Rafael Soriano, who has 21 saves…


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