10 Thoughts on the Miz: Future WWE Champion?

I missed last week due to things beyond my control. I did hint about doing something special in regards to 10 Thoughts this week. I was hoping to go VS. style with myself against another writer and have the readers debate which writer had the better 10 Thoughts. But it won’t fully work like that. I’m going to select the topic and give 10 Thoughts on it and our esteemed senior-columnist/regular news contributor, Pulse Glazer, will give me his thoughts that are opposite to my thoughts as part of his weekly Tuesday Morning Backlash.

So, what are my thoughts about?

Paul Marshall is giving 10 Thoughts on Why the Miz Will Win the WWE Title (when he cashes in Money in the Bank).

Pulse Glazer will counterthought my thoughts with 10 Thoughts on Why the Miz Will NOT Win the WWE Title (when he cashes in Money in the Bank).

Here’s my thoughts.

1. Money in the Bank has always MADE careers (see Edge, CM Punk, Jack Swagger). Edge won his first World Title this way. Would anyone ever guess Edge being a multi-time champion without Money in the Bank? The same question also goes to CM Punk.

2. The Miz is already great on the microphone, has the “WWE Main Event Style” down (not mastered, but enough that he can carry his own weight and/or other superstars).

3. There needs to be a cocky champion once again. Sheamus just isn’t cocky enough and the Miz’s attitude rivals Chris Jericho of all people.

4. The Miz: WWE & U.S. Champion (at the same time). That’s never been done before. You know that the company always like to make history and the Miz is just the man capable of doing it.

5. The Miz would be a change to the “WWE Main Event Scene” and it would be awesome for someone not named Randy Orton, John Cena, Triple H to hold the gold. It worked very well for Swagger.

6. The Miz has a rocket strapped to his ass and has been branded by Vince McMahon as the future of this company. What happened to the last guy that Vince branded (and we’re not talking Drew McIntyre)? He had nine World title reigns among other accolades and he’s not done yet.

7. Does the paying customer want to spend $45 each month on pay-per-view main events that are wash, rinse, & repeat. It doesn’t matter who is face or heel, but the combinations of Cena/Sheamus; Orton/Sheamus; Cena/Orton; Triple H/Orton; Triple H/Cena and so on have outlived its usefulness right now. With the Miz as WWE Champion, there’s a new series of matches ready to be seen. Come on – The Miz vs. Chris Jericho? I think the IWC would soil their pants with this one.

8. The Miz winning a World Title would prove that the holy grail is there for the taking and would show the up and comers that if they want to be taken seriously that they must toe the company line and get involved as much as possible. It worked for many superstars past and present, most notably Sheamus, who is Triple H’s workout partner.

9. No one has ever became unsuccessful in cashing in Money in the Bank. Why waste the streak right now when the person holding it is on fire? No one has ever beat the Undertaker, so what if the man holding the case has a 100% chance of winning? It creates new storylines and keeps WWE TV watchable.

10. Finally, if the Miz does lose the cash-in, then his rocket runs out of gas and he goes back wallowing in midcard hell. The company NEEDS more main eventers because who will replace the greats once they retire?

There you are. Next Tuesday, catch Pulse Glazer for his rebuttal, which I’m sure will be worth the price of admission. Catch you next Wednesday/Thursday for my reaction and another 10 Thoughts topic!

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