Guest Stars Galore In Smallville's Final Season

We already know about quite a few familiar DC faces showing up in Smallville for the final season. I mean, one of the teasers showed us Hawkman, we had an announcement confirming Supergirl, another for Jonathan Kent, we know the villain is Darkseid, Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle are set to show up, and we also have Hawkgirl and Deadshot. It’s over the top, right? But I guess it’s the last season so why not.

“Season 10, I think, is gonna be the perfect finale for the whole series, because we’re really kinda looking at where Clark’s been to kinda help platform where he’s going,” Executive Producer Brian Peterson says in the clip.

The clip that reveals a few more characters set to return.

Brainiac and Bizarro…..

And did they just say the bad guy is Lionel Luthor?

Does this up the chances of the return of….Lex Luthor?

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