Bruce Willis Discusses Red and the next Die Hard

Would you be willing to pay money to go see a 55-year old actor play a cop that we’ve come to grow and love but was last seen in a watered down sequel?

Yippee-ki-yay mother f…you know the rest.

I know I would even though Live Free or Die Hard really was quite underwhelming, but Bruce Willis sys that a fifth film in the franchise is in the works.

There’s a script that I think is going to be turned in this Friday,” Willis said during a visit to Chicago. “I hear good things about it.

He was then asked just how many Die Hard films he would be willing to star in.

One at a time,” Willis replied.

He is enjoying the action genre roles though and is far from ready to give them up. Willis’ next release is the comic book adaptation of Red. Willis plays Frank Moses, a retired black ops agent that is now on the run thanks to younger assassins trying to take him out. The film also stars Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Karl Urban, Richard Dreyfuss, and John Malkovich. It hits theatres on October 15.

Speaking of action though, Willis recalls a fight scene he was filming with Urban that got a little too close for comfort.

Contact was made. It was written to include elements of mixed martial arts and UFC. It was meant to be more brutal than most fights. But we both made it through and were able to work the next day.

Willis is going to take a little time off to relax for now, but he’ll soon be back in front the camera and not slowing down on bit.

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