TNA Impact Spoilers – September 2: No Surrender PPV Card; New EV2.0 Member

– Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out. Hogan praises the semi-finalists in the world title tournament, calls them the fatal four, and reminds them that whoever wins has to raise the bar again. Abyss turns up in the crowd with Janice. He says that ‘they’ are not Fortune or EV2.0 but he will reveal who ‘they’ are on 10-10-10. ‘They’ will take over TNA, starting with Dixie Carter, then Hogan, then the semi-finalists.

– Madison Rayne & Biker Chick beat Angelina Love & Velvet Sky when Rayne pins Sky after using the motorcycle helmet on her. Rayne now wears all black to match the biker chick, who revealed herself to be Tara after the match.

– Stevie Richards beats Abyss after a superkick. Referee Brian Hebner grabs a chair to stop Abyss using it at the finish. Brian Kendrick then saves Richards from a post-match beating.

– Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Rhino and Mick Foley come to the ring and call out Fortune. A number of No Surrender matches were agreed upon – Sabu vs Douglas Williams for the X title; Rhino vs Abyss in Falls Count Anywhere; Tommy Dreamer vs A.J. Styles in an I Quit match. Dreamer says EV2.0 is taking over Fortune’s house and it is Fortune’s own fault.

– Jeff Jarrett tries to get Samoa Joe to listen to him but Joe blows him off.

– Sting pins Jeff Jarrett. Kevin Nash continually interferes by tripping Jarrett, who has new entrance music. Sting and Nash attack Jarrett after the match. Hogan’s music plays but it is Joe who comes out to save Jarrett. Nash and Sting run away through the crowd.

– Desmond Wolfe & Brutus Magnus declare themselves the new number one contenders for the tag team titles. Motor City Machine Guns confront them and they go back and forth until the inevitable brawl.

– Fortune beat EV2.0 in an eight-man elimination tag. Kendrick eliminates Kazarian; Kendrick gets DQ’d for hitting the referee; Rhino gets counted out after Abyss distracts him; Dreamer eliminates Robert Roode; Dreamer eliminates James Storm; A.J. Styles eliminates Dreamer.

– Pope & Anderson beat Kurt Angle & Jeff Hardy when Pope pins Angle after Anderson hit him with the Mic Check.

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