Portland Wrestling Legend Tony “Borne” Osborne Dies At Age 84


Inside Pulse Wrestling is sad to learn that Tony Osborne, who wrestled under the name “Tough Tony Borne” passed away today at age 84.

Tony Borne was one of the biggest stars to ever compete in the Northwest.  In the golden age of wrestling, he was typically the Portland’s main challenger when the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, be it Lou Thesz or Pat O’Connor would come to town.  He was a nine time Northwestern Heavyweight Champion.

His son Matt wrestled in the WWE as the original Doink the Clown.   And Tony had a profound effect on the careers of Portland mainstays like Roddy Piper.  Inside Pulse extends it’s sincere condolences to the entire Osborne family.

In a related story, the dead wrestler Trifecta is now in play.  Inside Pulse has not yet received word on if Jake Roberts has been moved to a secure, blow-free bunker.  Scott Hall is presumed safe in a WWE sponsored rehab center.

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