Shaquille O’Neal challenges Hong Man Choi

NBA superstar and recent Boston Celtics signing Shaquille O’Neal would like to follow the example of NFL star Herschel Walker and boxing champion James Toney in trying his hand at mixed martial arts. In his many appearances in the media and the fanexpo this weekend, O’Neal challenged Korean kickboxer and mixed martial artist Hong Man Choi to a fight, largely due to Hong Man Choi being one of the few men who measures up to O’Neal’s stature. O’Neal believes he could turn the fight into a television special. O’Neal appeared as a secret character in the UFC Undisputed 2010 and currently hosts with the UFC’s Mike Goldberg the ‘Shaq versus’ program which has sees him take on other competitors in their field of excellence. Watch O’Neal explain his plans to Ariel Helwani

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