Actress Rumored to play Renesmee in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Revealed

There has been many rumors as to who would be playing the role of Bella and Edward’s daughter Renesemee in the upcoming final chapter of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, but now there is a bit of a clearer picture.

A Facebook page owned by Model Management Group USA & Canada made a post recently with a picture of a young girl by the name of Kayla D. Underneath the picture was this caption.

Attached is a photo of Kayla and Daniel D. … Kayla is the little girl up for the role of Bella’s daughter in the new film in the Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn. Kayla is pictured with her adorable brother Daniel who has already had two castings since signing with us this month! Daniel will be submitting a video audition for another role in the Twilight film! Good Luck guys!!!!

This is a serious rumored suggestion that Kayla is in line to play Renesmee and there is no word yet on what part her brother Daniel will be after.

Again, this is simply a rumor and could end up not being true at all, but it’s the first thing we’ve even heard of anyone playing Renesmee in any age range for Breaking Dawn.

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