Darren Aronofsky to Finally Work with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

Years ago, Darren Aronofsky and Pitt and Jolie were this close to doing The Fountain. Delays led to Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz filling those roles instead. Now The Playlist has uncovered some details in an interview screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga (“Babel,” “Amores Perros”) gave Quien. Apparently, star/producer Brad Pitt is set to begin location scouting later in the year for Aronofsky’s The Tiger, based on a non-fiction book by John Vaillant. Both Aronofsky and Pitt have been developing the project on the QT for almost a year now.

Inside Pulse Movies brought it to light in May.

Arriaga adds in interview:

“These days I’m traveling to New York to lend clarity to the last detail, in November would be doing a tour of Siberia to check locations.”

But the best tidbit is the reveal that the film will shoot next year and Angelina Jolie will co-star with her partner, Brad Pitt.

The project, which will be Arriaga’s first time writing a screenplay based on someone else’s work, takes place in 1997 and follows an animal activist who must protect the small Siberian town he is in when a tiger begins attacking its inhabitants. “I decided to adapt this story because it is a great privilege to work with dedicated film like Darren Aronofsky and Brad Pitt,” he said.

Until there’s actually a report from the set, this is all circumstantial. Aronofsky, who is in contention for the Wolverine sequel, also has his own projects percolating (including the adaptation of the 2008 Ron Rash novel Serena with Jolie, and the Jackie Kennedy picture with his fiance, Rachel Weisz).

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Source: The Playlist