Shoot Many Robots Announces for PS3 PSN & XBox 360 Live

Demiurge Studios as announced that their first original project, Shoot Many Robots, will be released on PSN & XBox Live Arcade in the Spring of 2011.

“We’ve worked on a ton of amazing projects over the last few years, but we knew it was finally time to bring our own original creation to life,” said Albert Reed, co-founder and studio director at Demiurge Studios. “Our team is proud to be pouring every ounce of sweat, smoke, shrapnel, chainsaw grease and raw manpower we have into this project. Get ready – robots are the new zombies, and we can’t wait to show you why. For now, you’ll just have to eke what you can from the teaser!”

Launching next year, Shoot Many Robots will deliver an onslaught of innovative cross-genre action that will have multiple players working together to fight through an intense and chaotic robot uprising.

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