Linkin Park DLC Coming To Guitar Hero & DJ Hero 2

Guitar Hero will be adding 6 more Linkin Park songs this week, as you can get the Linkin Park Track Pack on October 19.

Linkin Park Track Pack
-“Burning In The Skies”
-“The Catalyst”
-“The Messenger”
-“Waiting For The End”
-“Wretches And Kings”

The whole track pack will be available for $12 (960 XBL points, 1200 Nintendo Points, $11.99 on PSN), with each track being made available individually for $2 (160 XBL points, 200 Nintendo Points, $1.99 on PSN).

Also, Linkin Park will have 3 songs remixed by Z-Trip for DJ Hero, and that DLC will be made available after the new year.

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