DC Universe Classics Wave 17 a Geoff Johns’ Blackest Night set? More Blue Lantern Flash & friends?

Our friends at Action Figure Pics are reporting some rumours circling the ‘net about DC Universe Classic Wave 17 action figures.

One pervasive rumor is that wave 17 will consist of the “Rainbow Lanterns”… popular characters who were deputized-for-a-day by the various Lantern Corps during DC Comics’ recent mega-popular Blackest Night event. I found threads talking about the rumored lineup at a lot of the toy sites – Action Figure Insider, Critical Mess, the Fwoosh, and even Mattel’s forums on MattyCollector.com. The line-up that seems to be sticking is:

– Blue Lantern Flash
– Orange Lantern Lex Luthor
– Yellow Lantern Scarecrow
– Indigo Lantern Atom
– Sapphire Lantern Wonder Woman
– Black Lantern Hal Jordan
– White Lantern Hal Jordan (variant)
– Collect & Connect Anti-Monitor

Of course, if wave 17 really will be a deputy Lantern wave, then it’d be more satisfying to swap out Hal Jordan for Red Lantern Mera, and to give her a green costumed non-angry variant. After all, I already have four versions of DC Universe Classics Hal Jordan – wave 3, 2-pack with classic suit, All-Star modern metallic, and the graying temples version from the Green Lantern 5-pack.

So, is the rumored line-up true?

I have no idea, but all the right indicators are there….

I’m not sure this will be the plan. While Brightest Day is doing ok sales wise, Blackest Night is over, and it seems to be that the folks behind DC Universe Classics haven’t done a “theme” release yet beyond the exclusive LOSH 12-pack series. And that is kinda inaccessible as its a block of 12 figures that must be purchased as a box.

Another nail in this rumour’s coffin would be that DC has already started soliciting these characters through their DC Direct Blackest Night line.

And some are even on stands today. Others to hit shelves in December 2010 and January 2011.

In addition, with the exception of the mega Black Lantern Anti-Monitor, even the Black Lantern Hal Jordan (Wonder Con 2010 exclusive) and White Lantern Hal Jordan (NYCC 2010 exclusive) have already been done by DC Direct.

The others rolled as per the below:

Series 6 had Violet Lantern Wonder Woman and Blue Lantern Flash.

Series 7 has Red Lantern Mera.

Series 8 will have Orange Lantern Lex Luthor, Yellow Lantern Scarecrow, and Indigo Lantern Atom.

So, I think its more likely that DC Direct would do a box set of these characters a la their Hal Jordan box (San Diego Comic Con 2009 exclusive) set as almost every Lantern than it is that DCUC will do some theme compilation. The question would be whether DC Direct’s would be some kind of exclusive (more likely) or mass market (unlikely) release as well “when” it would be released. During 2011 convention season? Christmas 2011 (next year)?

Seems too soon for DCUC to even touch these figures let alone do a theme collection with them. But that’s one person’s take. We’ll find out whenever DCUC Wave 17 is announced likely around January 2011.

So, what do you think about the DCUC Wave 17 rumour?


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Source: Action Figure Pics

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