Counterfeit Pennies Year-End Wrestling Special: WWE and TNA BEST and WORST of 2010

Counterfeit Pennies Year-End Wrestling Special: BEST and WORST of 2010

2010’s BEST:

1. Best Raw Performance: Tie: Shawn Michaels and Wade Barrett – The void left by Shawn Michaels’ retirement following WrestleMania XXVI will likely never be filled. After all, there is only one HBK, and Michaels truly went out on top:

Shawn Michaels Retirement Clips:

With that said, Wade Barrett has been absolutely stellar in his role as the leader of Nexus. It’s not easy being one of the primary antagonists on Raw, and the fact that Barrett has feuded with John Cena and Randy Orton in his first year on the roster is a testament to both Barrett himself and WWE’s investment in his character and Nexus as a whole:

Wade Barrett talks to John Cena about “No More WrestleManias” – subtle but brilliant:

2. Best SmackDown! Performance: Tie: Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio – Alberto Del Rio is already a standout star in the making on SmackDown!, and he has the always-reliable Rey Mysterio to thank for making his debut seem important and substantive. Moreover, from having his own personal ring announcer to that super-villainous wink as well as a great submission finisher, Del Rio really seems to have what it takes to make his mark on the main event scene very quickly. I look forward to seeing how these two interact as we move towards 2011:

Alberto Del Rio – Rey Mysterio In-Ring Promo:

Alberto Del Rio Debut Match vs. Rey Mysterio:

3. Best TNA Performance: Tie: Motor City Machineguns and Beer Money – TNA’s biggest strength in 2010 was unquestionably their tag team division, and the Best of 5 Series between MCMG and Beer Money was easily one of the hottest, most electrifying feuds in TNA history:

MCMG vs. Beer Money, Best of 5 Series, End of Match 5:

4. Best NXT Performance: Alex Riley – While Daniel Bryan and Kaval received tons of attention in the IWC during NXT Seasons 1 and 2, Alex Riley came seemingly out of nowhere to make me genuinely interested in his character. His Elimination Speech from NXT says it all:

Alex Riley’s Elimination Speech on NXT:

5. Best WWE Promo: Piper’s Pit on Old School Raw, 11/15/10 – This one simply speaks for itself, as it was the perfect final pitch for Survivor Series on Old School Raw:

6. Best TNA Promos: Jay Lethal and Ric Flair on TNA iMPACT – Jay Lethal as Ric Flair, really? Yes, really:

Jay Lethal as Ric Flair:

Ric Flair Announces Fortune, with Jay Lethal as Ric Flair Again:

7. Best WWE Moment: NXT invades Raw and Nexus is formed, 6/7/10 – Where it all began for the Nexus:

8. Best Use of a Legend in a Match: Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. The Miz on Raw, 11/29/10 – Even if this wasn’t the best match of the year, it was my personal favorite. Jerry Lawler, thank you for showing the new generation how it’s done:

9. Best WWE Guilty Pleasure Moment: Jack Swagger’s Life’s Work Gets Destroyed by the Big Show, SmackDown! 5/14/10 – I still wish Big Show actually took a bite out of “The Swaggie”, but this was an instant classic nonetheless:

10. Best Match of the Year: Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker, WrestleMania XXVI, 3/29/10 – What can I say that hasn’t already been said? In other words, thank you Shawn:

WrestleMania XXVI Runnin’ Up That Hill Promo:

WrestleMania XXVI Ain’t No Grave Promo:

WrestleMania XXVI Match Highlights:

Honorable Mentions / other things I liked:
–“Dashing” Cody Rhodes’ Grooming Tips
–Love Triangle between Kaitlyn, Dolph Ziggler, and Vicki Guerrero on NXT
–Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz on NXT/Raw
–Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler
–Justin Gabriel’s 450 Splash as Nexus’ Trademark Finisher
–Natalya’s performances as Hart Dynasty manager and Divas champion
–C.M. Punk on commentary
–Mickie James vs. Tara
–Sarita’s recent emergence in the TNA Knockouts Division
–Generation Me as heels, working effectively with MCMG
–Mr. Anderson and Anderson’s Assholes
–Mr. Anderson T-Shirt: “Pro Wrestling is Real / People are Fake”
–The Fortune faction – SO MUCH BETTER than Immortal
–Matt Morgan concussion angle / strong face turn

Randomly Selected Cody Rhodes Grooming Tip – Eyebrows:


Counterfeit Pennies Year-End Wrestling Special: BEST and WORST of 2010

2010’s WORST:

1. Worst Raw Performance: Tie: The Anonymous GM and Michael Cole – They are inextricably linked and equally annoying. They also don’t add anything of value to their respective duties:

Edge vs. Anonymous GM:

Jim Ross Schools Michael Cole on Announcing on Old School Raw:

2. Worst SmackDown! Performance: Hornswoggle – This gimmick ran its course a long, LONG time ago:

One of many extraneous, horribly unfunny Hornswoggle / Teddy Long clips:

3. Worst TNA Performance: Tie: Orlando Jordan and Rob Terry – Welcome to the O Zone. Only in TNA:

Orlando Jordan and Rob Terry on the O Zone:

4. Worst NXT Performance: Tie: Aksana and Titus O’Neil – Say what you want about NXT, but it has truly been a goldmine for train wrecks:

Titus O’Neil: “Make It A Win”:

Aksana: “I love Double Double E” and “I will entertainment you”:

5. Worst Waste of Money: TNA Brings in Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff – Immortal my a**:

Hulk Hogan gives Abyss his Hall of Fame Ring, UGH:

Eric Bischoff Plays Guitar, Seriously:

6. Worst TNA Moment: Samoa Joe Gets Abducted – As bad as the introduction to this angle was, even worse was that there was NEVER any follow-up:

7. Worst Wasted Opportunity in WWE: Ted DiBiase gets wrongly pushed as “The Fortunate Son” – I want Ted DiBiase to do well in WWE, but since Legacy disbanded he simply hasn’t found himself and WWE Creative hasn’t helped by trying to package him as “The Fortunate Son”. I hope he’s finally turned a corner by giving up the Million Dollar Belt, but Ted has a very long road ahead in terms of rebuilding his persona into something more believable and relevant. But hey, at least we got this ***** classic to keep in our memory banks:

Ted DiBiase and Virgil vs. Big Show and Mark Feuerstein:

8. Worst Theme Song Change: R-Truth’s “Get Crunk” – Knuckle Up? No thanks:

R-Truth and Eve: “Get Crunk” Titantron Entrance:

9. Worst WWE Management Decision: Dismantling the Tag Team Division Again – I will say one thing about TNA: They’re biggest strength is WWE’s biggest weakness. While TNA has managed to have a very solid year with its tag teams, WWE chooses to continue to build up and then break up its tag teams way too quickly. I don’t know exactly why WWE chooses to dismantle its tag division so rapidly, and the fact that this is their conscious decision is even more puzzling and disturbing:

“The Dashing Ones” break up:

10. Worst Meltdown of the Year: Matt Hardy goes rogue to get his WWE release – It just occurred to me that this could be what R-Truth means when he says “Get Crunk”:

The Infamous Matt Hardy Video, one last time:

Dishonorable Mentions / other things I didn’t like:
–“And I Quote…”
–The misuse / underutilization of William Regal in WWE
–The misuse / underutilization of Gail Kim in WWE
–The rushed breakup/dismantling of the Straight Edge Society
–Knucklehead promos/commercials
–Hart Dynasty’s unceremonious breakup after a huge buildup
–Eli Cottonwood’s Mustache Promo, though it was unintentionally hilarious
–All Raw Guest Hosts, except Pee-wee Herman
–Santino’s Cobra Finisher
–The entire EV2.0 angle
–The entire Immortal faction, except for Jeff Hardy
–The complete mismanagement of the TNA Knockouts division
–Tara as TNA Knockouts Champion laying down for Madison Rayne, in a “Finger Poke of Doom” Redux
–Team 3D breakup leading to way too much TV time for a singles feud between Bubba Ray and Devon
–Too much TNA TV time devoted to non-wrestlers, especially Gunner and Murphy as TNA Security, and Dixie’s husband Serg too for that matter
–Dixie Carter’s introduction to the TNA TV audience and almost all of her on-screen performances

The Aforementioned Eli Cottonwood Mustache Promo:



See below for previous installments of Counterfeit Pennies Year-End Wrestling Specials:

BEST and WORST of 2006:

Best Performances:
Raw: Edge and John Cena
SmackDown!: JBL on color commentary
ECW: Big Show
TNA: Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle

Worst Performances:
Raw: Kevin Federline
SmackDown!: Vickie Guerrero
TNA: Larry Zbyszko and Kevin Nash

BEST and WORST of 2004:

Best Performances:
Raw: Chris Benoit
SmackDown!: Eddie Guerrero

Worst Performances:
Raw: Maven
SmackDown!: JBL

BEST and WORST of 2003:

Best Performances:
Raw: Shawn Michaels
SmackDown!: Chris Benoit

Worst Performances:
Raw: Maven
SmackDown!: Roddy Piper and Mr. America

BEST and WORST of 2002:

Best Performances:
Raw: Booker T and Goldust
SmackDown!: Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

Worst Performances:
Raw: Eric Bischoff
SmackDown!: Al Wilson and Dawn Marie


That’s all for this week.

See you next year and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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