Director Tommy Wiseau talks Blu-Ray and 3-D for The Room.

For decades film fans have been obsessed with “bad movies” but few films have grabbed camp fans the way Tommy Wiseau’s cult sensation The Room has: a film so unbelievably bad on every level it manages sell out midnight screenings all around the country.

Now Wiseau has told Entertainment Weekly that he plans to release a 3-D version his train wreck of a film towards the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012.

“The process is very detail-oriented,” said the auteur. “But we want to do it because I’m obsessed about 3-D right now, if you ask me.”

Wiseau has stated that there will be no re-edits for the 3-D transition, so fans can breath a sigh of release that all the nude scenes will remain in tact. “My bottom will have to be in 3-D because I’m not changing anything,” Wiseau explained. “So you’ll be very close.”

As well as this venture into the third dimension, Wiseau also has plans to release a Blu-ray edition of the film. “We want a Blu-ray release before Christmas 2011,” he said. “I have hundreds of emails from people saying, ‘We want to see the behind-the-scenes footage.’ I say, ‘Yes you can, as soon as we release the Blu-ray.'”

Included among the legions of devoted fans are comedians such as Paul Rudd, David Wain, Jonah Hill, and Tim & Eric.

As if Wiseau weren’t busy enough with this and constantly touring the country with the film, he is also continuing working on his sitcom The Neighbors as well as a sophomore feature film effort about the economy. He has yet to publicly announce the title. “It relates to homes and foreclosures,” he said. “You’ll be shocked!”

The self made jack of all trades has also revealed he intends to start his own clothing line next year. “I’ll be designing underwear, as well as jackets, as well as sportswear,” he said. “I have the skills. I know how to design. Of course, it will be my face on some of the clothes; it’ll be my name on it. It will be ‘Designed by Tommy Wiseau.'”

Sound Off: I have to be frankly honest in saying my life changed the first time I saw The Room. I never would have believed a film capable of being so atrociously bad and so utterly hilarious at the same time if I hadn’t seen it myself. I’ve shared the film with as many people as I can and brightened their lives as well.

The idea of a Blu-Ray with tons of extra special features sounds kind of amazing. All the bad cinematography and green screen should look pretty awesome in Hi-Def. And while I’m completely over the 3-D gimmick, the idea of this film in 3-D also strikes me as hilarious as there is literally nothing in this film that even remotely lends itself to the process. I mean, the rooftop scene with Chris-R in 3-D? C’mon! Though seeing Wiseau’s wrinkly butt in 3-D seems like a frightening prospect.

What do you think? Are you willing to support Tommy Wiseau in his attempt to squeeze every ounce of money out of this stinker of a film because it amuses you so or do you think he should leave well enough alone?

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