Inside Pulse Wrestling WWE RAW Report – 01.03.2011: A Viper Is Coming for the Miz

Welcome to Inside Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of WWE Monday Night RAW!

Recap of John Cena being destroyed by the Nexus & CM Punk is shown.

Michael Cole brings us up to speed saying that John Cena was injured at the hands of Wade Barrett at a WWE house show and won’t be on RAW tonight. He also says that the WWE Championship will be decided…NEXT!

Cue the RAW opening.

WWE Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: John Morrison v. The Miz

The Miz comes out first and we go back to last week where he took out Jerry Lawler. Seems that Michael Cole is commentating solo tonight. Guess not. We got Josh Mathews helping out. The bell rings as the Miz and Alex Riley attack the Miz. The Miz decks Riley accidentally and it’s quickly one on one. The Miz gets sent to the set and we get a two count. Riley wants some more and he goes down. Morrison gets on top of the W and he lands on both Miz and Riley. Cover on the Miz and we get two. The Miz crawls away and the fight goes back in the ring. The Miz connects with a forearm and we get a two count and takes back control. Morrison gets shoved into the corner and we are thinking superplex. Morrison blocks it and the Miz gets knocked down. Missile dropkick gets two and Morrison looks to be favoring the knee. Pillar to post we go and we get a rollup for two. Miz misses a right and gets kicked in the jaw before getting the running knee for two, broken up by Riley. Morrison goes off on Riley and he is earning his paycheck from the Miz tonight. Running knee to the head and Riley is most likely finished for the night. The Miz is concerned as the referees call the medics for Alex Riley as we take a break.


We’re back and the fight spills back out to the floor. The Miz looks for a suplex on the bike rick (aka barricade). Morrison blocks it, but eventually sends Morrison into it anyway. Kickout at two. The Miz slams Morrison’s chest and ribs against the stage before connecting with a knee, but we get two. The Miz is pissed off. Morrison gets tossed onto the steel ramp but another kickout ensues. Milk crate shot to the head still won’t keep John Morrison down and we go back to the ring. The Miz toys around with Morrison and Morrison has a right hand for a response. Back and forth action and Morrison gets the offense going. Heel kick gets two for Morrison. Russian leg sweep connects and Starship Pain attempt misses. The Miz gets the Reality Check, but Morrison KICKS OUT! Miz stalks away and he looks for the Skull Crushing Finale…COUNTERED! The Miz charges and Morrison sidesteps him into the ring post. Starship Pain connects! Pin. Cover. KICKOUT! Morrison misses the running kick and Miz rolls him up for two. MORRISON HITS THE MIZ WITH THE PELE KICK! That sends the Miz out of the ring and Morrison places Miz on the table. STARSHIP PAIN ON THE TABLE, BUT MIZ MOVES OFF THE TABLE! CRASH AND BURN! Miz covers Morrison….KICKOUT! The Miz picks Morrison up and connects with Skull Crushing Finale and the match finally ends.

Winner: The Miz
Grade: A+

Call me out as you will, but I expected a bait-and-switch at first. When that didn’t happen, I expected a bogus ending. That didn’t happen either. We got an exciting twenty minute WWE Championship match on free TV, so I got no problem giving the full credit where it is due. I want a rematch!

We will have a #1 Contender’s Steel Cage Match later tonight and John Morrison will be involved.


Some new broadcast partner interviews the Miz and he brags that he is still the champion and he is still awesome.

We discuss the feud between Melina and Natalya.

Melina, Maryse, & Alicia Fox v. …

We go to break without knowing their opponents.

Melina, Maryse, & Alicia Fox v. Eve Torres, Brie Bella, & Natalya

Match starts and Brie Bella gets in trouble as Maryse goes to school with her. She connects with the knee behind the neck and Brie Bella falls out of the ring. Twin Magic occurs and Nikki Bella gets brought in the match. X-Factor connects and Alicia Fox breaks it up. Natalya comes in as does Alicia Fox. Scoop slam for Natalya and Melina prevents the sharpshooter. Fox gets suplexed and Melina snaps Natalya off the ring ropes. Tag to Melina and Natalya gets some payback. Eve Torres tags in and connects with the neckbreaker for three.

Winners: Eve Torres, Brie (Nikki) Bella, & Natalya
Grade: D


Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov (w/Tamina) v. Jimmy & Jey Uso

Bell rings and Koslov and Jimmy Uso start things off in this non-title match. Jey Uso tags in as does Santino and they lockup. Santino has learned some new moves, but the Usos get control as Jimmy comes back in. Koslov comes in and Jimmy eats some Russian offense. Jimmy gets off of Koslov and Jey comes in off the top and covers Vladimir for two. Back drop to Jey and Jimmy comes in preventing Koslov…or trying to, from reaching Santino. Santino comes in and he is in the zone. Headbutt connects and Jey breals the fall. The Usos can’t get Koslov over the top. Santino takes care of one of the Usos, but the legal Uso counters the Cobra into the Samoan Drop for the win.

Winners: The Usos
Grade: D+

Post match, Tamina and Santino gives one of the Usos a double Cobra. Cute.

Backstage, CM Punk makes his way towards the ring.


CM Punk makes his way towards the ring in the typical “Cena slot”. Punk tells the fans that he loves being in Phoenix and that he went looking for John Cena, but he can’t see him. He takes credit for Cena not being here tonight. He tells us that he is always a man of his word and that he is a three time World Champion, which is one reason that the Nexus “begged” him to be their new leader. He says that he lives by Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, but to Cena it is just a phony catchphrase. He expects this out of himself and Nexus. He tells Cena to stay home and that he cannot win this fight.

Here comes Wade Barrett and it seems that we’re going to have a leadership scuffle. He corrects Punk that he is responsible for taking Cena out and that HE is the leader of Nexus. He calls Punk a hyprocrite and that he is not a leader – but a liar. He calls Punk out for NOT living straight-edge. Ooooh, this is fun. Punk calls on Wade to call out the Nexus to decide who is the better leader. They come out and Otunga tells both of them they make good points. The RAW GMail chimes in, ruining a good moment, to reveal the main event. The three particiants will be either Wade Barrett or CM Punk versus King Sheamus versus Randy Orton. Wait, I thought they announced John Morrison earlier tonight. So, Wade wants to be the man to take the final spot. CM Punk says he’s fine with that. If Wade can win the match then Punk is willing to listen to him. However, if he can’t win, then he’s out of Nexus. Wade agrees to the stipulations.


Here comes Alberto Del Rio for a special match on RAW. He brags about being rich and how he will beat everyone on SmackDown and be in everyone’s mind on RAW. What’s Up? The Truth comes out.

Alberto Del Rio v. R-Truth

Bell rings and Truth gets the first move. Pillar to post reversed, but Del Rio hits the ring post. Truth connects with a dropkick and Alberto gets taken out of the ring. Plancha over the top and we go to break.


We’re back and Truth is still in control. We get ten punches in the corner and Del Rio runs into a powerslam for two. Slap by Truth and here is the opening. Single-arm DDT connects and Truth kicks out at two. He mounts Truth and he firmly takes control. He works on the arm a bit. Cover and two. Truth tries a comeback, but Del Rio counters a whip. Truth leaps up but the arm gives out. Del Rio takes contro again and he puts the knees to the arm. Truth’s arm gets locked up, but Truth tries to get back up and he breaks out of the hold. Del Rio keeps the pressure up and he misses Truth in the ropes and falls out of the ring. Back inside and Truth builds momentum. Arm drag by Truth gets a two count. Lie Detector attempt, but Del Rio moves out. He sends Truth’s arm into the ring post. Cross-arm breaker gets locked in and Truth has to tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Grade: C+


Wade tries to rally the Nexus to be on his side and he claims that CM Punk is in this for himself. Seems that Punk heard him. Wade leaves and it seems that the Nexus shakes CM Punk’s hands.

Randy Orton is interviewed and he says that he left his guard down and was too nice. He is resolved to the fact that nice guys finish last.

The main event is up next.


We recap The Miz v. John Morrison from earlier tonight.

Steel Cage #1 Contender’s Match: Wade Barrett v. Randy Orton v. King Sheamus

Breaking News: John Cena MIGHT return next week on RAW.

The bell rings and there is little movement. Barrett tries to leave first but Sheamus and Orton double team him. Sheamus tries to sneak out, but Orton has eyes behind his head. Orton clotheslines Sheamus and Barrett connects with a big boot. Wasteland attempt, butOrton slides off and tries to escape. Sheamus and Barrett now work together for a moment. Orton battles out of the corner, but the numbers game works against him. Sheamus loses sight of Barrett and it nearly costs him. Kidney shot by Sheamus keeps Barrett in and he tries to leave the ring. Orton comes back and he gets a kidney shot for his trouble. Orton blocks a cage shot and he heads towards the door. Both men get up and Orton coils up for a RKO attempt. Commercial time.


We’re back and Orton is up and over the top of the cage, but Sheamus tries to keep Orton back in. Barrett comes up to help and I’m shocked that neither one of them tried to leave. Orton dropkicks Sheamus into the steel mesh. Hangman DDT attempt is cut short as Barrett tried to sneak out. For his troubles, he gets sent into the cage. Orton tries a double Hangman DDT, but they both stagger a bit. Sheamus counters and sends Orton back first into the cage. Sheamus goes to leave, but he is blocked again. Barrett attacks Orton and they work together again. Double suplex connects on Orton and the alliance falters. Sheamus gets sent hard into the corner and Barrett makes his move. Orton slips up but Barrett gets caught up so no harm is done. Sheamus is close to the door, but it doesn’t stop Orton from superplexing Barret back in the ring. Sheamus is back up and Orton goes for the RKO, but gets countered via the Irish Curse. Sheamus sends Barrett into the steel a few times before hitting a powerslam. He goes to the door and Orton stops it. Sheamus stomps on Orton and he tries to exit…but Sheamus slips up on the top rope. Sheamus gets sent into three panels of the cage and Barrett slams him down. Orton is back up…BLACK HOLE SLAM BY BARRETT! Barrett climbs and Sheamus is back up. They fight on the cage corner and Sheamus gets taken down. Barrett decides his next move…FIST DROP TO SHEAMUS’ KNEES! Ouch that has to hurt. Sheamus looks for the Brogue Kick, but Orton cuts Sheamus off in the past. The Apex Predator has come to life. Angle Slam to Sheamus! Hangman DDT to Barrett! Orton runs into a boot and Sheamus climbs up. Orton catches up to him and they trade off headbutts. Barrett kicks the rope and both men fall into the rope with Orton getting his finger caught. Barrett makes his climb and here comes CM Punk scaling the cage in a couple seconds. Punk “helps” Barrett, but he rips off the armband and he leaves the cage. The door is open and Sheamus connects with the Brogue Kick on Barrett. He looks for the door and Orton hits Sheamus with the RKO and he calmly leaves the cage.

Winner: Randy Orton
Grade: A

Show Over.

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